WFILTU Chapter 309 – Accident IV

The other party saw her, walked up quickly, and then held Xue Jiao in her arms——

“Jiaojiao, mom will never let you get hurt!”

Xue Jiao was stunned.

Cheng Shuo took Li Sitong’s arm and said with a smile, “Your mom had a nightmare. Sitong, let’s go to the kitchen to help bring the dishes and eat first.”

Li Sitong smiled, but there was still a little discomfort in her smile.

Liu Jiaxue’s craftsmanship is really great. She definitely deserves her dream of opening the store to the north and south of the Yangtze River.

Xue Jiao and her family praised desperately as they were eating.

They are almost always telling the truth.

Their breakfast is always bread and milk. This time they eat Chinese steamed stuffed bun dishes and porridge. They just feel very delicious.

Cheng Shuo ate a little. As the head of the family, he wiped his mouth and said, “Today everyone is on holiday. The arrangement for our family is to go to Happy Valley. What’s your opinion?”

Li Sitong nodded, Cheng Mingze nodded, and Xuejiao nodded.

Finally, everyone’s attention was on Liu Jiaxue. She looked at Xue Jiao blankly and was given a pair of encouraging eyes.

So she summoned up her courage and nodded gently, “OK……”

“Then that’s it. Let’s start packing up!” Cheng Shuo stood up and said with a smile.

When she was about to go out, Yi Tianyu sent her a message——

【Yi Tianyu: How’s it going?】

Xue Jiao replied——

【It’s OK. We’re counseling. Let’s not talk about it first. We’re ready to go out】

【Yi Tianyu: Hey, where are you guys going!】

Xue Jiao replied——

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【Happy Valley.】

Then she closed her cell phone and followed Cheng Shuo and them with Liu Jiaxue.

Yi Tianyu at the other end of the phone suddenly jumped up and washed up.

“Son, what are you doing?” Yi’s mother looked at him with her sleepy eyes.

Yi Tianyu put his mobile phone in his pocket and ran out directly——

“Mom, I’m going out to play!!”

Yi’s mother suddenly woke up and muttered, “Where are you going to play on this cold day?”

It’s really fascinating to go to Happy Valley in winter, but they have a newly built indoor Happy Valley. The projects are less than the outdoor ones, but the safety has been improved. The temperature inside is not low and it’s not too cold to play.

Tickets are really a little expensive, but you can’t go outside on such a cold day.

When the party just bought tickets, Yi Tianyu suddenly rushed out.

“Nerd! Liu Jiaxue! What a coincidence! ” His eyes were excited and he ran straight over.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Li Sitong: “……”

Cheng Mingze: “……”

Liu Jiaxue: “……”

Xue Jiao: “……” what a coincidence, ha ha.

The faces of Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong are not very good-looking. After all, this is someone who likes their daughter.

Cheng Mingze was also unhappy, but he suddenly smiled and said, “It’s Yi Tianyu classmate. Have you come to Happy Valley, too? Alone? “

“Yes, I will……”

“Then you can play with us.” Cheng Mingze smiles slightly.

Yi Tianyu didn’t expect Cheng Mingze to invite him. His eyes brightened and he said excitedly, “OK, OK!”

Cheng Shuo looked at Cheng Mingze suspiciously, confused.

Cheng Mingze’s face was expressionless. Can he say that there are people around Xuejiao who are more terrible than Yi Tianyu? That’s the real wolf. Compared with Lin Zhihua, Yi Tianyu is at best a dog. Dogs are much safer than wolves.

So, a party of five people, plus a Yi Tianyu, became six people.

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