SOOEW Chapter 238- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XV

When Yu Wenhong saw them, he subconsciously looked at Wen Ying first.

During this period of time, he has found out the effectiveness of mind reading. He can’t read it every time. If the other party’s thoughts are many and miscellaneous, it will be vague, specious, or have no thoughts in his ears, so naturally, there was none.

At the beginning, he only listened to her quiet heart without any sound. Instead, the woman around her admitted that she had framed Wen Ying in the Taiyin lake and repeatedly made harsh and anxious screams, which made him want to cover his ears——it was useless to cover them.

When Wen Ying stepped into the hall, she suddenly sighed [worthy of being the Empress’s palace, resplendent and dazzling], followed by another sentence [ah, is that annoying prince also here?]

Yu Wenhong: “……”

In fact, this was a very normal idea for her. There was not much intersection between them because of his alienation, except the negative impression she left because of the kick he gave. If she was also framed in her previous life, at least they didn’t have any plans for their first encounter. He actually did kick the wrong person.

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But seeing her reminds him of her from his last life……

Not wanting to think further, he turned his eyes and looked at Wu Yuzhen. She seemed to have a lot on her mind. Her voice was quite disordered, and he didn’t hear it clearly.

In the procession, when the female administrator came in, she saw that the prince was also there. She hesitated for a moment. She heard the queen say, “don’t worry about him. Just talk about the situation.” Before this, her close maid had told her about the situation. There was almost a human life case in Chu Xiu palace. Unless they had a small fight and small troubles, they had to involve the Court Affairs. It wouldn’t hurt to let the prince listen in.

The female head officer was ordered to say “yes”, so she explained what happened at the banquet to the queen one by one.

There were four people kneeling in the lower column. Only Ruan Linger was trembling. When the palace man presented the wine glass and said, “It has been tested by the imperial doctor. It is not a fatal poison. The drinker will have allergic symptoms on their face”, she was stunned first, and then, she suddenly looked at Wu Yuzhen.

It’s actually not a poison to kill people?

Her movements were obvious, and the others only thought she was looking at the palace man with a tray standing next to Wu Yuzhen. Only those who originally paid attention to her, Yu Wenhong had heard the voice in Wu Yuzhen’s heart for the first time.

[Poison to kill people? Shh, how can you kill a chicken with an ox knife? Only she was so stupid that she can mistake it.]

What does she mean?

Yu Wenhong frowned and still stared at her, but he didn’t hear anything anymore, but she didn’t “talk”, but someone spoke on her behalf——

The Empress asked Ruan Linger, “Even if it’s just allergy medicine and placed it into the xiunv cup for no reason, they should still have ulterior motives. Ruan Shi, what do you say?”

Ruan Linger’s eyes have long since brightened.

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