SOOEW Chapter 239- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XVI

[Wu Yuzhen never told me what medicine it was, so I mistook it for poison. I wouldn’t have forgotten myself if Wen Ying wasn’t so annoying! But there’s no other way……allergy medicine. It shouldn’t be difficult to protect me with the power of the Wu family.]

Yu Wenhong learned from the beginning that Wu Yuzhen was only brought here as a witness, but when he heard this, he was vaguely aware of something, but he refused to believe it.

When Ruan Linger breathed a sigh of relief, she received Wu Yuzhen’s secretly warning line of sight, and she was inspired.

【No, I must not involve her when I answer, otherwise I’m afraid it would be unknown how I would die.】

When he first received this sentence, Yu Wenhong listened again. Sure enough, she only ignored others when she answered. She only said that she was jealous of Wen Ying and wanted to tease her to vent her anger at once.

His heart sank.

How terrible should it be to let a woman who frequently frames others say “I’m afraid it’s unknown how she died” of a person?

He looked at Wu Yuzhen, who was still kneeling down steadily and bowing her head respectfully and calmly.

He couldn’t help thinking of the previous life. The moment before she hung on the beam, she was as calm as now. People couldn’t guess what she was thinking in her heart.

The Empress came to the conclusion that it was just another small fight. It only needed to be reported from the start. Why should she be interrogated? She held her forehead and asked Wen Ying with some blame: “You said it was poison, but it was found that it was just allergic medicine. How do you explain this?”

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Wen Ying replied, “If I didn’t drink the wine, how could I know whether it was poison or an allergy-inducing medicine?” She didn’t know what medicine it was, so of course, she would exaggerate it as whatever is more powerful, otherwise she wouldn’t have the opportunity to confront it in court. She was also lucky. She knew about the time when Yu Wenhong greeted the Empress, but not every time can she be so accurate. It happened that he was here today.

Mind reading can see through people’s hearts, but it just had one bad thing. It has timeliness. She can’t expect time to pass. Wu Yuzhen will think about these pickled things in front of Yu Wenhong for no reason, so she has to do it when it happens.

In his last life, he wandered in the palace for some time after his death. Knowing that Wu Yuzhen died with him, she’s afraid he had long given her up as the white lotus in his heart, which undoubtedly added difficulty to the task.

Wu Yuzhen was not a simple woman at all. He resented the original owner’s act of wearing a green hat on him in his previous life, but he doesn’t know what role Wu Yuzhen played in it.

Thinking of this, Wen Ying had some sympathy for the prince.

The Empress spoke again, “What was said is true. Since you didn’t drink, how do you know she put in medicine?”

“Niang Niang, please help me clarify, I had a quarrel with her for a long time. She suddenly toasted me, so I was naturally reserved……”

Ruan Linger heard this and recalled her toast.

[Wu Yuzhen had guessed that according to Wen Ying’s temper, she would pour the glass of wine I raise in respect, so she asked me to pretend to drink it, to reduce her vigilance, and make her mistakenly think that the glass of wine was harmless. Unexpectedly, this was a bad chess move. It was already to this extent, yet Wen Ying still didn’t believe me. She placed this doubt on the table, and actually proposed to change the glass……]

Wen Ying spoke again, “The talk about the poison is just deceiving her, but it’s strange. I don’t know what’s in her wine. It’s understandable, but she also doesn’t seem to know. As soon as I say she wants to poison me, she kneels on the ground and cries bitterly. If she knows it’s an allergy causing drug, she just needs to speak about it. Wouldn’t she know how to refute……”

Ruan Linger “Shua” and immediately burst into a cold sweat. Soon, the Empress seemed to have an exploratory vision.

At this time, Wu Yuzhen said: “Niang Niang, I think she is afraid of hurting the prestige of her family when she sees her deeds exposed.”

This reason can hold the heel. The Empress’s expression warmed and she nodded.

It’s enough to have an explanation, whether it’s poison or allergy. If there’s nothing wrong with the young lady, there’s no need to investigate too much.

Up to here, the interrogation was over.

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