WFILTU Chapter 312 – Accident VII

They played two more normal rides. Around lunch time, the party left Happy Valley.

Cheng Shuo took them to have a French meal. After that, Yi Tianyu reluctantly left.

Cheng Shuo drove the car, brought them to the supermarket, bought everything, and then went home.

Today was the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. It was the time to prepare many things for the New Year.

They stopped the car and brought out the items. The five people walked to the gate with laughter.

However, when they arrived at the door, they suddenly stopped. There was a man sitting at their gate. Looking at his tired appearance, it was obvious that he had been sitting there for a long time.

He also saw the five people who came back. He was slightly stunned, and then he stood up and rubbed his hands together——

“Hello, I came to see Jiaxue.”

“Dad——” Liu Jiaxue shouted softly, and then suddenly began to cry again.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Shuo looked at each other, then carried the items into the house, giving them a place to talk.

“Jiaxue.…..” Liu Jun smiled.

He had just sat here. This father, who has always been very silent, made her feel angry and distressed.

“Why are you here?” Liu Jiaxue questioned.

Liu Jun rubbed his hands and smiled again: “I came to see you, you.…..don’t be angry.…..”

He paused and said, “If you don’t want to study, then forget about it. Dad will go to tell your mother, don’t hurt your body.”

Liu Jiaxue has been waiting for this sentence for a long time, but every time she waited, her mother’s sentence came——why did you do so badly on the exam? If you can’t study well, then what else can you do!

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This sentence was now spoken from her silent father. Liu Jiaxue doesn’t feel relaxed. She just felt like crying. Her tears flowed down and she sobbed:

“Dad, do you guys really love me?”

This made the silent man who would only work hard a little embarrassed, and he spit out a sentence awkwardly——

“No parents don’t love their children.…..”

“Do you love my mother? Why don’t you get divorced even if she scolds you so much? Dad, I can’t feel my mother loving me. ” Liu Jiaxue squatted down, covered her face and cried.

Was it true that someone’s love was like this? This love makes her uncomfortable, makes her painful, and makes her want to leave the world.

She buried her head in her arms and wailed.

Such a Liu Jiaxue made Liu Jun very uncomfortable. He never expressed his feelings, so he walked back and forth and couldn’t do anything.

Finally, he squatted down next to Liu Jiaxue, shook his hands, lit a cigarette for himself, took a sudden breath, and choked.

“Jiaxue.…..Dad won’t divorce your mother.…’s not that she doesn’t love.…..she just can’t express it. You always see her scolding me with her teeth and claws. I know, you think she’s like a tyrant.”

Liu Jiaxue stopped crying slightly, sobbed and looked up at Liu Jun.

“She has a lot of bad places, but she also has a lot of good places. Not everyone is born with teeth and claws. Your mother.…..also suffered. Before you were born, I worked hard jobs, and your mother helped with the restaurant work. At that time, we were poor and couldn’t afford meat. Your mother won’t eat her working meal at noon so I can eat a piece of meat. She eats the cold steamed bread she brought, and then brings the food back. That was our dinner. ” Liu Jun seemed to think of something and his eyes were red.

“It wasn’t very good when you were born. There was no one hiring on my construction site. Your mother scolded every day. It was really difficult at that time. Your mother couldn’t keep up with her nutrition and couldn’t feed you. Seeing that you were starving, your mother tried to be a seller, bought a cart with all the money, and then we went out to set up a stall together. It was unknown if you could survive without your mother gritting her teeth to work hard. “

When Liu Jun finished speaking, Liu Jiaxue was stunned. She never knew there was such a past. None of them.…..told her.

“At that time, your mother had not completed her month, so she was ill, and we couldn’t have any other children anymore. Every time your mother is in her physiological period, she is very grumpy and likes to beat people. I suffer because I know she is hurting.”

When the smoke burned to his fingertips, Liu Jun hurriedly put it out.

“Later, your mother’s temper became worse. There was no way. If it weren’t for her temper and courage, how many stalls had become big restaurants like us in those years?”

Liu Jun looked at her and said, “You asked me if I love your mother. I don’t know. I remember that she beat me and scolded me. I also remember that when I was frustrated as a waiter, your mother offered double wages to the cook, asking for me to learn the craft, learn to be a chef and become an indispensable person in this restaurant.”

Liu Jun looked up slightly and said after a long time, “I don’t know whether I love your mother or not. Who can tell whether I love or not after living for decades. But Jiaxue, I will never leave your mother in my life. So would your mother. She scolds me, but she never wanted to leave me.”

“You say you don’t know whether she loves you or not. She does love you, it’s just that sometimes she.…..really makes people angry. Sorry, Jiaxue, Dad ignored your discomfort. I never knew you were so stressed, and we continue to put more pressure on you. After your Uncle Cheng talked to us, I figured out that I shouldn’t just focus on your material life and ignore your spirit. Later on, when your mother will place pressure on you, your father will help you scold her. ” Liu Jun touched Jiaxue’s head.

Liu Jiaxue burst into tears and smiled: “Dad, do you even dare?”

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  1. Her mother suffered from postpartum depression and now from depression. Ouch.

    Unfortunately they probably won’t go get some psychological help. 😞

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  3. I really like these cannonfodder pairing story, it isnt the crazy passion love but a promise held that they will walk together this entire life and only death can part them. T-T the mom is hard with words but her actions are sweet

  4. I can understand that the mother thinks being able to go to school to study is a wonderful thing based on her own life experience — but I can’t understand that she couldn’t see that her daughter was suffering. I mean she’s been crying in class for a while now and I don’t think she’d act any happier at home.

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