SOOEW Chapter 240- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XVII

Ruan Linger naturally eliminated the number of beauties. Needless to say, what she did would not be concealed and retained, but will spread outside the palace. With the reputation of hating beauties and secretly using means, her marriage may be difficult. Even her sisters at home will be harmed. It probably won’t be easy in the future.

Because she trusted Wu Yuzhen, or, it should be said, there was no other way but to trust the Wu family, Ruan Linger had to recognize it.

Wu Yuzhen, who she “trusted”, stood up and looked at Wen Ying again.

What she ordered Ruan Linger to do was based on the news that “Wen Ying had a night tour with the Crown Prince”. Standing around and pointing at people behind her was also easy. She could get rid of a potential enemy without effort. Why not? It doesn’t matter if the goal was not achieved.

【Even if she guessed that it was me, she still couldn’t grasp me. I would still be the crown princess.】

The corners of her mouth were slightly curved, and at the Empress’s request, she spoke.

The confident her didn’t find that Yu Wenhong’s face suddenly changed when this clear idea came out in her heart. His eyes darkened, and for a moment it was like a hurricane.

When Wen Ying came out, Yu Wenhong also spoke his farewells to the Empress. They walked in the corridor one behind the other. Wen Ying was still a little ahead.

She had to stop and wait for him.

【Why didn’t he speak to the Empress with Wu Yuzhen? If he was inside, she wouldn’t have to wait for him to come to the front.】

He heard her say.

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She was the same as the last life, but different. She still looked so good, but her attitude towards him has changed a lot. Perhaps she is no longer his side imperial concubine. Without the idea of being charming and flattering, she has nothing to ask for, and her attitude is very neutral and peaceful. There is curiosity on the face, but also curiosity in the heart.

There is only one way here. He walked slowly in front, and she could only walk it in the back.

After a quiet walk, her voice sounded again.

【It’s so tiring. My mother said that men always have three wives and four concubines, not to mention the prince. There were so many troubles before they married. They framed, stumbled and drugged them. If they were married, she couldn’t imagine what kind of life they would have in the future. Well, no wonder the old man always said that the best days for women were before they came out of the cabinet. It would be better if they didn’t get married. If they wanted to marry, they couldn’t marry the royal family. Here, one is pretty after the next and they can’t be fooled by beauty tricks……】

It can be imagined that she had a wild imagination. When Yu Wenhong heard it, he couldn’t help laughing, but he soon realized something.

Since she doesn’t like such fights, why does she help Yu Wenluo? Was it for power, fame and wealth, or just because she liked Yu Wenluo and was willing to give everything for him……

Such an idea came out and made him feel uncomfortable.

Unconsciously, his steps stopped.

Followed by Wen Ying, because she was thinking about her wild future blueprint, she didn’t pay attention, so she bumped into him.

Yu Wenhong suddenly felt a warm and soft body bump into him. He quickly backed away without waiting for her to react. After he turned around, she had hastily taken many steps back and knelt far away from him.

“Your Highness, forgive me! I didn’t look carefully just now. I didn’t do it on purpose……”

Her expression was very uneasy, as if waiting for a terrible thing to come.

[Will you kick me again?]

Her thoughts, as they wished, reached his ears.


Small theater:

Wen Ying: [(Heartache until I can’t breathe) Why does he just refuse to let me go! Let me go, can’t I just stay far away from him!]

Yu Wenhong: (Mourning) I heard it all. It’s not your fault, it’s my fault. I can’t judge people clearly. It’s good for you to beat and scold me, but don’t leave me!

Wen Ying: [How could he hear it? How could he hear it? No, I don’t want him to hear it! What can be done even if he heard it? It’s hard to recover after all……missed connections……]

Yu Wenhong: (can’t help crying)

Sixth Prince: (Seeing Yu Wenhong yelling alone with overwhelming pain) ? ? ? ? ? What did I miss?

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