WFILTU Chapter 313 – Accident VIII

Trigger Warning // Mentions of suicide

When Liu Jiaxue returned to the Cheng house, her eyes were red and swollen.

At this time, Xue Jiao was sending messages to Lin Zhihua. He was understanding about the current development.

[I think Jiaxue may have to go back. She came in and her father followed her in.]

Lin Zhihua replied very soon——

[Even if she goes back this time, she still can’t solve the problem. Even if her father protects her, with her parents fighting, it won’t make her feel at ease. Liu Jiaxue’s mental endurance is not good, and the pressure in the second half of the semester is too great. Qian Yu who does not correct herself, will only increase the pressure of her parents’ quarrel for her on the original basis. At that time, the result may be more terrible.]

Xue Jiao frowned and understood that this was true.

[Lin Zhihua: Ask her father what her mother’s attitude is like now? If she doesn’t realize her mistake, don’t let her go back today and use heavier material.]

Xue Jiao put away her phone and walked over——

“Jiaxue, you, this……”

Liu Jiaxue hugged her and spoke in a low voice, “Jiao Jiao, I only know today how much pain my mother has suffered. I’m ready to go back and……let her more in the future.”

Xue Jiao frowned slightly and looked at Liu Jun.

“Uncle, what’s the attitude of Jiaxue’s mother now? Does she know her wrongdoings? “

Liu Jun smiled awkwardly. When he went out in the morning, Qian Yu was still angry although she didn’t stop him.

Didn’t Liu Jiaxue like other people’s homes? Then don’t come back!

When Xue Jiao took a glance, what else did she not understand?

She looked at Jiaxue, frowned and said, “I don’t agree with you to go back. At least not today. Your mother has suffered a lot in the past. You can care about her more in the future, but you shouldn’t tolerate her big problem. You still have to go through the most critical semester. Jiaxue, stay and we’ll think again. “

Liu Jiaxue looked at the concerned eyes in front of her, and her eyes gradually reddened.


Qian Yu was really angry. She doesn’t understand how she raised Jiaxue to such a big age. Why does she join others to teach her?

Was there anything wrong with her as a mother?

The others, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong really don’t scold Gu Xuejiao, but the other was ranked first, and she can choose any good university in the country.

What does Liu Jiaxue have? If she can’t get into a good university, what will she do in the future?

Her grades have fallen so low, yet she couldn’t scold?

What’s this reasoning.

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Qian Yu was so angry that she turned to Liu Jun, who didn’t speak but smoked, and scolded him.

“Smoke, smoke, smoke, that’s all you know. Your daughter almost belongs to someone else’s family! I tell you, Liu Jun, I, Qian Yu, don’t care about this daughter, even if she doesn’t come back! I told you not to smoke! Are you deaf?! Don’t you know you cough at night? Do you want to die, smoking so much! ” Qian Yu was quite angry.

Liu Jun put out his cigarette. He really shouldn’t smoke so much, but.…..he was a little worried.

“Liu Jiaxue, this dead woman, is still living in someone else’s house today on the thirtieth of the year! I have never given birth to such a thing! “

She was scolding hard when her phone rang.

“Who is it! What is this for? !”

After a moment, her face turned white.


“Plop——” her phone fell to the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Jun picked up the car key and asked.

“Hospital!! Go to the hospital! Jiaxue! Something happened to Jiaxue! ” Qian Yu’s face was white, and she was obviously flustered.

Liu Jun helped her out quickly, stepped on the car and rushed to the hospital.

Qian Yu, wearing her high heels and with softened legs, rushed to the emergency room in a panic.

Just then, the emergency room door opened and a doctor came out.


Xue Jiao, who stood to the side, rushed in and cried out——

“Jiaxue! !”

Qian Yu’s legs softened and she completely collapsed on the ground.

After a long time, she seemed to have regained her consciousness. Her face was frightening white. She stumbled and rushed over to the person covered on the hospital bed.

“Jiaxue! Jiaxue! Mother is coming. Don’t scare me! “

“Jiaxue! ! !” Qian Yu wailed and nearly fainted.

“Mother was wrong!! Jiaxue! Open your eyes! Jiaxue——”

She hugged the person on the bed and cried spazzingly.

“Jiaxue! Mom was wrong. Open your eyes. Mom can change everything! Mom was worried about you.…… was just angry.…..”

“Jiaxue!!! Open your eyes! ! I was wrong! I’m really wrong! I didn’t know it would force you like this. Even if you don’t study well, it’s ok, mom was wrong! “


Xue Jiao said calmly, “Auntie, you really were wrong. You don’t know how long Jiaxue hasn’t laughed. You don’t know how much pressure she has. There are nearly a thousand people in a grade level, and there is only one first. Why do you force her to become the first? Her grades fell, she was stressed, she was worried, but you beat her and scolded her. Auntie, you can’t always feel that what you don’t understand is very relaxing. I also feel that year three is very tiring and no one feels relaxed. “

Qian Yu was shocked and shouted——


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