WFILTU Chapter 314 – Crazy I

Trigger Warning // Mentions of suicide

She’s wrong, she was really wrong.

In fact, when Cheng Shuo spoke to her, she vaguely knew that she seemed to be in the wrong.

But Liu Jiaxue’s failure to go home made her angry and burned herself. She didn’t think about her own mistakes at all.

With only an instinctive anger, she didn’t think about what she said and did.

She didn’t expect that she would really force Jiaxue to.…..commit suicide.

She really committed suicide.

Her Jiaxue was gone, her only daughter, the spiritual pillar of her life.

At this moment, Qian Yu knew how wrong she was.

But her Jiaxue, her child, was forced to the edge by her.

“I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. Come back, Jiaxue! Mom won’t force you anymore! Mom will change.… will change everything.…..”

Qian Yu wailed. At this moment, she even thought, she should just follow her daughter.

She’ll go underground to repent and apologize to her.

She shouldn’t have forced her!

“Mom, would you really change?” From underneath the quilt held by Qian Yu, a crying female voice sounded.

She had a hoarse voice, carrying some pain and some sadness.

Qian Yu was surprised, then opened the quilt and looked at the crying but fresh and alive face.

Then she looked around and found that everyone was not surprised. Even Liu Jun knew about it.

Qian Yu was stunned for a moment and raised her hand at Liu Jiaxue.

“You, this dead girl——”

Liu Jiaxue closed her eyes, would she hit her again?

At the moment when Qian Yu waved, she opened her hand wrong and hit the bed nearby. Then she hugged Liu Jiaxue and cried——

“You scared the hell out of me!!! Wuuu ahhh——”

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Liu Jiaxue also stretched out her hand and gently hugged her.

If there was no Xue Jiao, she would probably die that day. Then, even if she died, she would not know that her parents loved her.

Even if their expression was wrong, even if their behavior still has many places which hurt her.

But they do truly love her.


Liu Jiaxue went back with Qian Yu on New Year’s Eve.

Probably because Qian Yu was too frightened, she kept holding onto Liu Jiaxue tightly and refused to loosen her hold.

When they left, Liu Jiaxue and Liu Jun thanked the Cheng family, but Qian Yu never spoke.

She was really resentful that these people used such a crooked idea to scare her like this.

Of course, Xue Jiao and Cheng Shuo don’t need her thanks.

They just hope that Liu Jiaxue could live on properly.

They also hope Qian Yu took this as a warning. Children are independent individuals and have independent ideas. They were the closest people to their parents, but they were not their parents’ vassals.

Respecting your child was more important than giving him anything.

But too many parents don’t understand this truth.

“Jiao Jiao, you’re finally relieved right.” Cheng Shuo smiled and looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao nodded heavily and said, “It’s hard for mom, dad and brother these days.”

Thanks to Lin Zhihua.…..although this move was cruel, it was the most effective.

Only at the moment of real loss could people understand a lot of things they usually don’t understand.

Cheng Shuo rubbed her head: “What did the family say?”

After a moment, Cheng Shuo smiled and said, “You’ve just breathed a sigh of relief, but now I’ll be telling you another news.”

“What?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

“Today is New Year’s Eve. We’re going to have dinner with my grandparents.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

They really don’t let her relax!

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  2. I really like this book, it’s very nicely written and it explores and analyzes family dynamics well.
    I also appreciate how this showed us more of the FL in terms of her inner compassion and more casual life.

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