SOOEW Chapter 241- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XVIII

Just after the snow fell in the afternoon, it spread a layer on the ground. She knelt in the snow because of her inner fear and abnormal posture.

When Yu Wenhong took a step forward, he heard what she said in her heart and suddenly stopped.

Standing where he was, he was in a dilemma for a moment. It wasn’t until her cold hand on the ground trembled, that he returned to his mind, raised his hand and made a virtual helping movement and said, “Rise.”

“.… the prince all right?” Wen Ying confirmed to him and raised her eyes quietly, “Aren’t you going to punish me?”

She always has an enormous temper. She always makes a lot of publicity in front of the beautiful girl. At present, such careful questions were a little cute, but there was a thorn in it, which made him unbearable. He said, “I didn’t hurt you last time on purpose.…..”

But in the middle of his words, he suddenly lost his voice.

How could he explain this? Tell her that you did something shameless in your last life, so I hated your proximity and kicked without thinking?

Besides, why should he explain to her?

“.…..if you want to kneel, kneel and I’ll go.”

He said, then seriously took a step, walked out a few feet, and then stopped to look back.

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She still knelt there, saw him turn back, showed a determined expression, and he could vaguely hear what she said in her heart [I knew it wasn’t that simple. This man is uncertain. If I really stood up. I’m afraid he still had something to say, hng, don’t try to deceive me!]

[It’s nothing to kneel a little longer. It’s better than being scolded by him and him accusing her of trying to seduce him.…..]

[It would be better if the snow were not so cold.…..]

Her kneeling knees moved, obviously frozen to the point that she couldn’t kneel anymore.

Yu Wenhong almost was completely maddened by her. Why didn’t he see that she had such a stubborn temper before? Since it’s better to kneel a little longer than to be accused by him, it would depend on how long she could kneel here.

Although he spoke like this, before long, Wen Ying saw a pair of boots appear in front of her.

“Get up.” His tone was gloomy. “If you can’t get up now, then don’t think about getting up. I’ll punish you until your legs become paralyzed.”

She forced herself to restrain herself for a while, to stop herself from laughing in her heart. She immediately reminded herself of her current role, and then pretended to be in a hurry and panic and was about to stand up. However, after kneeling for so long, her legs have long become stiff. Before she could stand straight, she fell to the side.

His body’s reaction was faster than his consciousness. Before he reacted, he had caught the person in his arms.

Before she could speak, he had laughed sarcastically and said, “What, you collided with me again and has to kneel for another night?”

Wen Ying stared at him quietly, but was caught in place. She soon looked away, but she didn’t answer his words.

She ignored him, but Yu Wenhong was not angry. He helped her stand for a while and waited for her to relax. All the way until they had reached the fork of the road, they didn’t say anything, but after they turned around, he couldn’t help turning back.

[This person didn’t seem so bad as she thought.]

Just now, he seemed to hear her say such a sentence.

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