WFILTU Chapter 315 – Crazy II

At five o’clock in the afternoon, they went to the old house by car together, Li Sitong looked at Xue Jiao who’s in a low mood and sighed slightly.

“Jiao Jiao.”

“Hmm?” Xue Jiao wondered.

“Your second uncle’s house……” Li Sitong started and looked at Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo nodded and sighed, “tell Jiaojiao, it’s nothing you can’t say.”

Xuejiao looked puzzled, this is……what’s the matter?

Li Sitong turned back and looked at Xuejiao and Cheng Mingze.

“Your second aunt and Cheng Mingjiao are in a bad situation. After Mingjiao changed school, she was found to be in a bad mental state. Your second aunt tried her best to keep Cheng Mingjiao in that school and didn’t send her to the mental hospital. But rumors in school spread all over. Cheng Mingjiao is often ridiculed and afraid, and her state is getting worse and worse. Now your grandparents don’t like their mother and daughter, and your second uncle……doesn’t like to go home. Last time I saw your second aunt, she was so thin that she was almost out of shape… “

Li Sitong sighed, and Xuejiao opened her eyes in surprise.

She didn’t expect that there should be such things.

Xue Jiao has been busy studying for the past year. She didn’t inquire about the situation of Mingjiao in the process, and didn’t care.


Xue Jiao sighed slightly.

No matter how true it is from another person’s mouth, it is far from the surprise of the moment when Xue Jiao steps into the door of the Cheng home.

Liu Yazhen pulled Cheng Mingjiao to sit on the sofa. They were very quiet. The second uncle and Cheng Mingyu were talking with the two elders.

The mother and daughter sat quietly in the corner, no one spoke to them, and they didn’t take the initiative to speak.

Just Liu Yazhen held Mingjiao tightly. The gap between their performance with previous years is unbelievably large…..

Even the Xue Jiao that made Cheng Mingjiao crazily jealous didn’t bring much stimulation to them.

Still sitting numbly in the corner, Liu Yazhen held Cheng Mingjiao’s hand tightly, and Cheng Mingjiao stared into a direction.

Both of them are frighteningly thin. Cheng Mingjiao and her original charming appearance are simply not the same person. Her face is so thin that her cheeks are sunken and extremely pale. Her clothes are neat, but her eyes are numb.

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Liu Yazhen, too, is at least ten years older than the last time Xuejiao saw her. Her eyes are sunken, the crow’s feet are clear in the corners of her eyes, and her face is waxy yellow and pale.

The most important thing is that they just sit there and reveal a breath of despair.

These two people…… have really suffered too much this year.

“Aiya, the boss is back!” Bai Xiumei greeted with a smile

Then she pulled Cheng Mingze: “Mingze, grandma’s good grandson, come and let me have a look!”

She still doesn’t like Xue Jiao. Now, she doesn’t even like her own granddaughter Cheng Mingjiao.

But Bai Xiumei smiled lovingly at Cheng Mingze, the most outstanding grandson.

Even the grandpa smiled lovingly.

“Dad Mom.” Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong greets.

“Grandpa and grandma.” Cheng Mingze and Xuejiao also greets.

Although Grandpa Cheng and Bai Xiumei don’t like Xue Jiao, their posture is OK and they don’t show it.

And it’s probably the word Cheng Mingze called Li Sitong – Mom, which surprised Grandpa Cheng and Bai Xiumei, and then became a little enthusiastic about Li Sitong and Xuejiao.

“Good, good, good!”

Unlike before, Li Sitong and Xue Jiao were ignored. Now, Liu Yazhen and Cheng Mingjiao are the ones ignored.

Li Sitong said in the car that Liu Yazhen was too noisy in the first half of the year, which led to the disgust of both elders.

In the first half of the year, they still loved Cheng Mingjiao and helped find many doctors, but Cheng Mingjiao always made a lot of noise, and Liu Yazhen was unwilling to send her to a mental hospital for treatment.

Cheng Kai is annoyed, Cheng Mingjiao makes trouble again, and Liu Yazhen comes to beg the two elders.

Once or twice, slowly, the two elders were also very tired of the mother and daughter.

Now they don’t make trouble, but it’s obvious that Master Cheng and Bai Xiumei still don’t like them.

Xue Jiao didn’t speak, just recited her book silently. Anyway, her task here is to eat a meal calmly.

After dinner, the Cheng family sat together and talked with the old man and Bai Xiumei.

After all.…..their ages were not young anymore.

Cheng Shuo and Cheng Kai were very filial. Cheng Mingze and Cheng Mingyu were pulled in front of them to talk.

Xue Jiao sat on the side and no one noticed her.

The other granddaughter, Cheng Mingjiao, has long since disappeared.

She sat for a long time, stood up and went to the bathroom.

The bathroom on the first floor was closer to the back, and required passing by the small garden.

When she came out of the bathroom, Xue Jiao looked up and paused in her steps. She was a little confused. She saw a man sitting on the railing of the balcony on the second floor.

Xue Jiao’s heart jumped.

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