SOOEW Chapter 242- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XIX

When Yu Wenhong was born, he had many things to do. He may not remember the details of the previous life clearly, but the general events could let him plan ahead, one step faster than others, and do better at the same time. Over time, not only did the Emperor praise him, but the important officials of the court also thought he was worthy of being the successor of the great task. His followers only felt that they had followed a clear lord and could not help doing things more diligently.

Everything seemed to be heading in a good direction.

But over time, he often felt physically and mentally tired. At this time, his eyes involuntarily fell on Wen Ying.

There were too many people’s eyes in Chu Xiu palace, and he was not eye-catching being included in the lot.

At first, he even made people explore Wu Yuzhen. He was betrayed many times so it left a sequelae. Even Wu Yuzhen couldn’t really relax. The result can not be said to satisfy him, but it was also impeccable. She was dignified, confident, generous, kind and gracious. She has an outstanding family background and looked no worse than Wen Ying. Even if it was confirmed that the drug was manipulated by her behind the scenes, it could not be denied that she was the most suitable candidate to be his imperial concubine.

Because of the end of her last life, he felt guilty and compensated for her. Indeed, as she said, he would still let her be the Crown Princess in the end.


But he suddenly couldn’t control himself and frequently went to learn about Wen Ying’s information.

The words spoken on that day seemed to have left a mark on his heart and he would always think about it.

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After the check, the ladies were busy preparing for the final selection. The last selection was the most important, but their skills, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, needlework, etc. would be tested by the Empress on the day of the selection.

Every time he asked, the people he arranged in Chu Xiu palace would tell him: Miss Wen’s piano skills are extraordinary and she plays the pipa best. She just always wants to learn from the ladies in the murals. She bounced the Pipa and broke several, and the other ladies doesn’t dare to laugh at her. They have to hold her up and say that she’s good. She also said that Miss Wen’s painting skills are excellent and she can draw creatures vividly. However, some of the animals she painted are like people. The tiger is like master Wen, and the spider is like Miss Wu. This sheep was like your Highness……

Seeing that he didn’t look right, the attendant turned and said: Miss Wen’s needlework was flat. After a while, her fingers were punctured several times! The senior maid servants who were watching were all anxious and wanted to go attend the final selection for her.

He was either angry or laughing. After hearing it, there was always less haze in his heart. Over time, he formed a habit. He would stop writing and remember if he didn’t listen to her information for a day.

This was a clear day. The people he sent came back after a long time. With a sad face, they said, “Miss Wen was playing in the garden and suddenly disappeared.”

Wen Ying didn’t suddenly disappear. She was still in the garden. She was just pulled into the rockery by Yu Wenluo, the sixth prince, and threw away the people that were following.

She looked out quietly. When she saw that the attendant who secretly followed her hurriedly left, she took a breath and retracted into the rockery. The space in the dark hole was narrow, but it was warmer than outside. After a while, she took off her hand warmers and stuffed them into his arms. “Why are you here today? Aren’t you busy?”

Yu Wenluo just warmed his hands like this and his movements were very natural.

They have been going back and forth for a while, and most of the time, they were not in front of people, but some of the beauties also knew about it and gave them cover. If it was others, they were not guaranteed to do bad things, but the Sixth Prince’s mother’s family was weak and his ability was not obvious. He has neither talent and reputation in front of others nor the grace of His Majesty. The Crown Prince often cared about him, but he has gradually alienated him in recent days. The undertaker has a keen sense of smell. If he offends the prince, ambitious people will naturally remove him from the list. He was likely a chicken rib in the royal family. It’s useless to eat, but it’s a pity to abandon. Although they would envy her, they don’t have much competition.

“After class, I will work in the court in the coming year. I’m very free.” He leaned against the stone wall and hung his eyes slightly. His mind was a little heavier than before.

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