WFILTU Chapter 316 – Crazy III

After a careful look, she found that it was Cheng Mingjiao.

She was just sitting on the railing and it was unknown what she was doing.

Probably because of Liu Jiaxue, Xue Jiao was a little sensitive, but she didn’t go upstairs by herself.

Walking quickly to the living room, she said to Cheng Kai and the others: “I seem to see Cheng Mingjiao on the railing on the second floor. Will she……”

“Don’t worry, she’s not quite right in the mind right now. She’s crazy and often sits on the railing.” Cheng Kai replied with a calm face.

Cheng Mingjiao has done this too many times. She had done this at school from time to time before, and then her teacher invited her parents over to have a talk.

Cheng Kai felt extremely humiliated and also a little worried.

He wanted to send Cheng Mingjiao to treatment, but Liu Yazhen was unwilling under life or death.

Cheng Kai had no choice. His relationship with Liu Yazhen was getting worse and worse.

Towards Cheng Mingjiao’s behavior, he has changed from worry at the beginning to the current indifference.

Even now he felt a little impatient listening to this on the New Year.

“Ah Kai, what should we do with that child?” Elder Cheng frowned. “It’s not correct to continue on like this.”

Cheng Kai said, “She is my daughter. I can’t just give her up. No matter what Liu Yazhen’s attitude is, I will take the child to treatment after the New Year!”

Xue Jiao saw that he didn’t care about Cheng Mingjiao sitting on the railing and sat back with a frown.

After a moment, she was still a little uneasy.

This was the first time she has seen this situation, and it was because Cheng Mingjiao was mentally abnormal that she has to worry even more!

What if she jumps when she’s standing on it?

She frowned. Although Cheng Mingjiao was annoying, Xue Jiao couldn’t just leave her to the probability that she would die.

Her conscience would not let it pass.

Whether in her previous life or this life, Cheng Mingjiao was just jealous, and what she did was not some kind of earth shattering harmful affar.

In fact, Cheng Mingjiao’s fate in her previous life was also bad. After Gu Shiyun entered the Cheng family, Cheng Mingjiao often troubled her.

How could she be more intelligent than Gu Shiyun?

She was not crazy in her last life, but she had become disliked by everyone. Finally, her life or death was unknown when she went abroad.

There were so many people in the world who were not good enough, but Xue Jiao always remembers those who have helped her.

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At that time, she told herself to be an honest person and keep her heart.

Cheng Mingjiao was in the wrong. She doesn’t like her.

But she couldn’t just watch her die.

Hence, Xue Jiao stood up and hurried upstairs.

Cheng Mingjiao sat on the railing of the balcony and didn’t speak, and just sat blankly.

When Xue Jiao approached, she whispered, “Cheng Mingjiao, what are you doing sitting there? It’s dangerous. Come down quickly.”

Cheng Mingjiao didn’t speak and looked straight ahead.

Xue Jiao was curious and looked at the past along her line of sight. There was only darkness and nothing there.

“What are you looking at?” Xue Jiao wondered.


Xue Jiao was stunned. She thought Cheng Mingjiao still wouldn’t answer her. Unexpectedly, she answered……

“Qizhong school is on holiday. There is no one in it. Do you want to go back to study?” Xue Jiao was curious.

Cheng Mingjiao didn’t speak again. Xue Jiao dragged a chair and put it behind the railing.

“Sit here to watch the school.”

Cheng Mingjiao still doesn’t speak.

Xue Jiao sighed and said to herself: I’ll help you this time. So this will be worthy of my own conscience.

So she stretched out her hand and held Cheng Mingjiao.

The other party was now so thin that she thought she should be able to hold her up.

The moment her hand had just touched Cheng Mingjiao, she found that the other party was wearing very thin clothes!

It’s fine to not wear a down jacket in the house, but on such a cold balcony, she must catch a cold when she goes back!

“You must hate me.” Cheng Mingjiao said again.

Xue Jiao was a little surprised, her hand paused, and then she shook her head: “I don’t hate.”

Cheng Mingjiao finally turned her head and looked at Xue Jiao. Her eyesight was terrible, “You are lying to me!”

Xue Jiao laughed: “Cheng Mingjiao, you really look up to yourself. I really don’t hate you. I haven’t remembered you at all this year. It used to be the same. If you don’t get in the way of me, I won’t think of you at all. I’m so busy every day. There are so many interesting things and people. Why should I remember you? Then I hate you? Isn’t it a waste of time?”

Xue Jiao spoke the truth. In the past year, she almost forgot Cheng Mingjiao existed.

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  2. It’s sad that he care more about his face then his own daughter.

  3. damn, XueJiao you just dished an even worse burn. I cant hate you because i dont care enough about you. that apathy is sharper than any insult

  4. Extremely humiliated & a little worried? Wrong priorities my man.

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