WFILTU Chapter 317 – Crazy IV

Her studies were so busy that she had to work hard for the college entrance examination and her dreams. She also has friends such as Lin Zhihua, Yi Tianyu and Liu Jiaxue, and a good father such as Cheng Shuo. Now she also has a mother and a brother who are very good to her. How could she have the energy to remember Cheng Mingjiao.

Their lives were so busy that their position in the hearts of others was really not as important as others think.

But Gu Shiyun……she’s afraid she’ll be hard to forget.

She will avenge Gu Xuejiao. Gu Shiyun was the one she can’t forget.

Cheng Mingjiao listened to her words and suddenly her eyes burst into anger.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you! I’ll push you down!”

Xue Jiao frowned, “En?”

Cheng Mingjiao suddenly had a strange smile on her mouth. Her whole face looked a little scary, but her eyes were full of despair and pain. She looked at Xue Jiao and raised her voice——

“I’m a psychopath! I won’t go to jail for killing others!”

“But you’re not crazy.” Xue Jiao looked at her and was very serious.

Cheng Mingjiao was stunned, and the strange smile on her face froze.

Xue Jiao looked at her and said word by word: “The Cheng family not only doesn’t have a family genetic history, but even I think the Cheng family’s genes are quite excellent. Although your mother’s genes are poor, you don’t have a genetic history. You look very similar to Cheng Mingze. It can be seen that you have inherited some excellent genes. Although your mother’s IQ makes you not too smart, it has absolutely nothing to do with mental illness.”

Xue Jiao patted her on the shoulder: “Say you’re crazy because you’re jealous of me. I think it’s depression at best.”

Suddenly, Xue Jiao’s eyes expressed slight dislikes: “The same genes, my brother is so smart and powerful, yet you look like this. It can be seen that your mother’s gene is really a little too bad.”

Cheng Mingjiao propped up on the railing foolishly. Seeing that she might fall at any time, Xue Jiao simply pulled the person down with force.

She was too light, and Xue Jiao was not kind at all. Cheng Mingjiao half fell to the ground immediately.

Cheng Mingjiao didn’t move, and just looked at a place rigidly.

“They all say I’m crazy……”

“If they say you’re crazy, you’re crazy? I also say you’re stupid.” Xue Jiao rolled her eyes.

Then she squatted down and looked at her——

“Cheng Mingjiao, you have no problems. You have some psychological problems. Why do you envy me? Because I’m better than you? But a long time ago, you were better than me, and I envied you, but I didn’t become like you. I know you’re suffering now. Others despise you, despise you and avoid you. Everything you suffer now is what Gu Xuejiao encountered before.”

Cheng Mingjiao looked up blankly and looked at her.

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Xue Jiao continued: “But I’m getting better now. People only remember the current me now. The world is so big that you don’t have so much time to stare at others. If you stare at others less and more at yourself, others won’t stare at you every day. There are gossipers and good people, but their studies and lives are so busy, they won’t stare at you every day. Even if they stare at you, what can you do? After a few years of gossip and cold violence, people may not remember you at all. “

Xue Jiao stood up and was ready to leave.

“Cheng Mingjiao, you have given up on yourself. Who cares about you except your painful mother.”

She just came to pull her down. It was an accident for her to speak so much.

Now that she was finished, the person didn’t look like she was going to commit suicide. Xue Jiao turned and left, ready to go downstairs.

“Gu Xuejiao.” From the back, Cheng Mingjiao called her.

Xue Jiao looked back, wondering and surprised, “What’s the matter now?”

Cheng Mingjiao suddenly cried, tears streaming, then wiped hard and said——

“Gu Xuejiao, my mother’s genes……are also very good.”

Xue Jiao: “……” Is that what you say?

Cheng Mingjiao smiled again and cried, but her expression was very ugly. She had a runny nose and tears, but she was still trying to laugh, which was very ugly.

Xue Jiao: “……it’s better if you stop laughing.”

Cheng Mingjiao was slightly stiff: “Gu Xuejiao, I still don’t like you.”

Xue Jiao smiled and blinked: “What a coincidence. I don’t like you either.”

With that, Xue Jiao left with big steps, leaving Cheng Mingjiao alone on the balcony.

When she returned to the bedroom, a woman knelt on the ground, covering her face and crying silently.

It was Liu Yazhen.

Xue Jiao bypassed her and left directly.

“Gu Xuejiao……thank you……” Liu Yazhen’s voice was hoarse.

She never believed that Cheng Mingjiao was mentally ill. She was just a little depressed, so she absolutely didn’t agree to let Cheng Mingjiao receive psychiatric treatment or go to a psychiatric hospital.

But no matter what she did or how she stressed to Cheng Mingjiao that she was not mentally ill, there was no result.

No one believed her, neither did Cheng Mingjiao.

Finally, it was Gu Xuejiao, who was the most jealous and hated person by Cheng Mingjiao, and also her “source of disease”.

Xue Jiao just paused, and then walked away.

When they went downstairs, Cheng Shuo, Cheng Mingze and the Cheng family all looked up at her, and then they continued to chat.

Xue Jiao looked at Cheng Kai, who was talking to the old man himself, and said silently in her heart——

She finally knew why Cheng Mingjiao and Cheng Mingze were so different.

Between Cheng Shuo and Cheng Kai, their IQ has already been shunted.

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    • I was thinking the same thing! Depression still needs treatment and for some it’s a temporary psychological condition. If she had gotten treatment earlier, she might not have gotten to this state.

      • That and the treatment options Liu Yazhen refused so vehemently would assess their patients to help them, so they’d confirm that she’s depressed not crazy. 🤦

        Even if Xue Jiao‘s word pulled her out of her stupor without proper support she might not get better and go from fixating on how people see her to fixating on the time she lost… that with the whole college entrance exam hype..

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  3. Weird for MC to downplay depression like that when she just made a friend who suffered severely from it and nearly committed suicide from depression…

    • Rather than downplaying depression, it just shows how shallow their understanding/concern about mental health is. Or it might be because how bad the image of mental institution there is. So, they would choose to solve the depression (trauma, phobia, and the other “light” mental issues) by themselves instead of to get professional help.

  4. I think MC didn’t downplay depression. She just differentiating it from negative stigma that psychological problem already equated to “craziness” by many.

    In my understanding, she acknowledged that CMJ needs professional help… but not same view of Chengs and Uncle who giving up CMJ and wanting her to go asylum.

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