WFILTU Chapter 318 – Crazy V

Xue Jiao……

Her mother’s eyes are really good. Fortunately, she has a smart father and brother.

It was about 8 p.m. and everyone was ready to leave.

Bai Xiumei repeatedly asked them to stay, but they still had to go home.

At this time, Liu Yazhen also pulled Cheng Mingjiao down. They were upstairs all night. The Cheng family was used to it. Xue Jiao knew they should be talking.

At this moment, their eyes were red and swollen. They all looked like they had cried, but no one cared.

“Say goodbye to your grandparents.”

Cheng Mingze: “Bye, Grandpa and grandma!”

Xue Jiao: “Bye bye, Grandpa and grandma.”

Cheng Mingyu: “Goodbye, Grandpa and grandma!”

After a moment, followed a very light but normal sound——

“Grandpa and grandma……bye……”

Suddenly, everyone was stunned.

It was Cheng Mingjiao.

Bai Xiumei had cared for her for so many years. She threw away her crutch and took a few steps to hug Cheng Mingjiao——

“Grandma’s Jiao Jiao ah, you are finally well! !”

Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze looked at each other and left with Xue Jiao and Li Sitong instead of interrupting.

At this time, they should be allowed to talk alone. Li Sitong and Xue Jiao are too lazy to join the fun.

After getting in the car, Cheng Shuo drove away.

He looked at Xue Jiao in the rearview mirror and asked her, “Jiao Jiao, was Mingjiao’s recovery because of you? Did you go upstairs to find Mingjiao?”

Xue Jiao shook her head: “I don’t know how she got better. I just went up and spoke a few words to her.”

“What did you guys speak about?” Li Sitong asked.

Xue Jiao nodded and spoke about the process.

Cheng Shuo smiled from the corners of his mouth and his eyes were slightly red.

“Dad’s Jiao Jiao, good, good, good job!”

Not everyone can keep their heart and keep their innocence.

Cheng Shuo was really glad that God had given him such a good daughter. He will guard his lovely daughter forever in this life of his.

Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed.

Cheng Mingze sat next to Xue Jiao, stretched out his hand and pressed her down.

Then he rubbed her hair with joy and excitement. He didn’t let go because he wanted to rub it all the time.

“Brother! Brother! Show mercy! Save some face for my hair!!”


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After returning to the Cheng house, Cheng Shuo opened a bottle of champagne and Li Sitong turned on the TV.

“Come and watch TV. Let’s go to the river to set off fireworks at 12 o’clock later.” Cheng Shuo spoke with a smile. At the moment, he was obviously in a very good mood.

“Dad! Did you buy fireworks?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Cheng Mingze smiled from the corners of his mouth: “I bought it. It’s in the sundry room.”

Xue Jiao immediately ran to see it, and then was stunned——

“Brother! ! How did you buy so many?! Where did you get the money from!”

After Cheng Mingze went to college, Cheng Shuo didn’t pay for his living expenses except for the hundreds of thousands of start-up funds originally given.

And his start-up funds seem to be in placed into a project. Last time she heard Cheng Shuo say with a smile that Cheng Mingze has become a poor man.

The fireworks in this half room cost a lot of money!

Xue Jiao joked, “Brother, did you sell your kidney?”

Cheng Mingze glared at her: “This is the bonus for helping the mentor do the project.”

“You still have a bonus! Brother! Distribute red envelopes! Red envelope!”

“Your imagination is so beautiful.” Cheng Mingze glanced at her with a smile.

Xue Jiao bared her teeth and shook her head: “Ai~”

She had a face covered in the expression “stingy”.

The Spring Festival Gala was like a symbol of the New Year. Li Sitong cooked a small hot pot on an electric stove nearby.

It was still a long time to stay awake. If they were hungry, they could eat some hot pot.

In the southwest, on New Year’s Eve, they often guard the stove to eat hot pot, coupled with the Spring Festival Gala.

With the dazzling variety of entertainment programs coming out, the Spring Festival Gala has long since become unattractive. But although they scold the Spring Festival Gala is not good, every year, they still watch the Spring Festival Gala year after year, especially when they are with their parents.

What they were watching was not the Spring Festival Gala, but the reunion. It was the warmth of the whole family watching the program together.

Tonight’s sketch was still praising this and that, tonight’s crosstalk was still educating this and that, tonight’s singing program was still popular, and the stars were singing festive songs.

But Xue Jiao and Li Sitong both took it seriously and gossiped from time to time.

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  2. While Mingjiao might get better she’s not cured. Sorry that’s illusory at most the issue is getting pressed down.

    • I guess it’s more portrayed as a start point for dealing with her depression. Xuejiao just said out loud the words that put Mingjiao in the road to recovery “You are not crazy”, “I don’t hate you” and a convoluted way of “Don’t give up on yourself, there is still your mother here for you”.

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