SOOEW Chapter 244- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXI

Wen Ying returned to Chu Xiu palace and vaguely noticed that her little tail appeared again.

According to the information that she knows, it’s not that she doesn’t know that the Crown Prince has arranged for people in Chu Xiu palace, but in the original track, this person usually followed Wu Yuzhen. In addition to listening, she also means to guard against others for her, and plays a protective role for the time being. He was usually dispatched after listening in various courtyards. His identity is relatively free, and it was not suspicious for him to float around.

But recently she found that this man loves to walk around behind her suddenly, which seemed to be a message. At least Yu Wenhong’s attitude is gentle. Her previous practice touched his temper. However, after Yu Wenluo’s move, she doesn’t know what it will become.

She frowned involuntarily.

When Bi Yue saw her coming back, she quietly asked, “Miss, have you gone to play with the Sixth Prince again?” Seeing that Wen Ying nodded, she spoke anxiously, “How could this be? The master and wife mean to let you marry the Crown Prince.…..”

“Nine times out of ten, the Crown Princess will be Wu Yuzhen. Do I just force him to marry me?” Wen Ying asked.

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Bi Yue looked at her carefully, “You know, the Crown Prince can not only marry an imperial concubine, but also a side imperial concubine. If you have the heart, you must.… the future, when your majesty ascends the throne a hundred years later, you will have the position of imperial concubine. Isn’t it more noble than a princess consort?”

Wen Ying observed her with a look. “What are you trying to say?”

“It’s not what this maid wants to say.…..” Bi Yue murmured vaguely, unable to hold her master’s sight, and said, “It’s the lady who sent a message saying that since you have nothing to do, she has found the Wu family over there. You just need to patiently wait.”

Hearing this, Wen Ying was stunned. This was truly unexpected.

Speaking of, there were many sisters in Wen Ying’s family. Her mother alone gave birth to five women, and before finally giving birth to a boy. Therefore, in Wen Ying’s family, the status of the girls was not high. The original owner would not be valued and cultivated like Wu Yuzhen. It can be seen from all aspects of mind and bearing. She also has two sisters who have married into the imperial clan. As the third daughter, she has no affiliations to either side. Her greatest use was that she coincided with the prince’s wedding age. Needless to say, she also has a strong desire to fight for one breath.

Therefore, Yu Wenhong didn’t wrong the original owner. In her previous life, Ruan Linger tripped her. When she fell into Yu Wenhong’s arms, she was willing. Seeing that Yu Wenhong didn’t reject it, she took advantage of the victory and pursued him, which garnered his favor for a long time.

“This is quite troublesome.”

Wen Ying leaned her forehead against the bed post and kneaded the tassel hanging on the curtain, looking like she had a headache.

She couldn’t leave the palace. Far water can’t save the fire nearby. She couldn’t stop what the couple wanted to do. Was the Wu family willing? She knew from her previous life that aristocratic families restrain and help each other. The Wu family has occupied the majority. Naturally, they were willing to share some broth for others to drink.

She couldn’t help smiling and pursed her lips again when she found that she thought of the Crown prince as the flesh of a Tang Dynasty monk.

According to her idea, if the Crown Prince could be moved by her, then marrying him is also a good choice. However, she found in their contact that it was very difficult for her to create meeting opportunities based on the limitations of identity and place. It was a lot of effort to improve his views like this. So she made another preparation——to marry the sixth Prince Yu Wenluo.

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