SOOEW Chapter 245- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXII

As the saying goes, distance produces beauty. After all, she used to be his woman. Sometimes, on the surface, they would generously offer it, but still remember it in their hearts. If she was still around him, then she was the mosquito blood on the account, which reminds him of her betrayal every day. If she was far away, she may become a cinnabar mole when he sees the other side of her.

Of course, there was also a disadvantage, that is, the opportunity to meet was even harder than now.

But if he was forced to take her as his concubine once again, it was probably the worst situation.

Just as she thought of this, someone knocked at the door.

Bi Yue opened the door and Wu Yuzhen came in. The handmaid behind her held the gift box in her arms. She opened it, sent it to Wen Ying, smiling brightly: “There seems to be a gap between me and Miss Wen. This time I came for reconciliation. This gift should be right to make amends with Miss Wen.”

As she spoke, she took out the jade comb from inside. Three flying swallows were carved on the comb handle, which was extremely exquisite and attracted one’s gaze.

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Wen Ying sat by the bed and didn’t get up. She lazily raised her eyes. “You accepted it rather quickly.”

Needless to say, with her coming here, she should’ve also received a letter from her family and condescended to greet her as the main room in the future.

“What kind of words are you speaking? I wanted to become friends with Miss Wen way earlier. I just couldn’t spare time. It’s just perfect right now.”

“Originally, you were afraid that I would contact the Crown Prince in private and rob you of your position as the Crown Princess Consort. Now you can rest assured that my request is just a side imperial concubine?” Wen Ying picked at her words. When the other party thought she was going to be angry, she spoke again: “Bi Yue, put away the gifts.”

“It’s good that you can accept the gift.” Wu Yuzhen didn’t blame her. Instead, she changed her face and smiled. Her goal was achieved. Seeing that this matter was implemented, she went back to her residence.

As soon as the person left, Bi Yue saw that Miss Wu was still worried. She couldn’t help persuading her: “Miss, if it’s agreed over there, you can’t make the decision even if you don’t want to. You should just think openly and don’t associate with the sixth prince any more. I’m afraid Miss Wu should create a good relationships early on.”

“Who are you talking to?” Wen Ying poked her forehead.

Seriously, the final choice depends on Yu Wenhong’s own meaning. Wu Yuzhen hasn’t become the Princess Consort yet. Even if she becomes the Princess Consort, she can’t decide on the choice of the side imperial concubine, let alone the Wu family. Instead, she wanted Yu Wenhong to hate herself more right now. Don’t look at the pot and think about the bowl. Let her settle the situation first.

Although the words were spoken like that, but Yu Wenluo came to find her, she didn’t give him a good look.

Before they met, he always sent a message to someone, said the time and place, and she went whenever she wanted. But since he kissed her, she ignored the other. As soon as she saw the person he arranged approaching, she turned around and left. The person couldn’t cry or laugh, and had to tell his master the truth.

So this day, Yu Wenluo took advantage of the early morning when everyone went to the classroom and entered Wen Ying’s small room.

Wen Ying returned to her room to have a rest at noon and found that there was an extra person in her room.

She immediately flipped her face, “The Sixth Prince is worthy of being the Sixth Prince. He is good at scheming and plotting. Why don’t you shout again and ask everyone to see what the relationship between us is?”

“If you like it, I can shout.”

He spoke while clearing his throat.

Wen Ying rushed to cover his mouth and said, “You can’t understand the human language, can you?”

He took advantage of the situation and grabbed her hand. There was a smile in the bottom of his eyes. He pretended to be ignorant. “Isn’t that what you said?” Seeing that she became more angry, he noticed a trace of error. “Besides me, someone else made you angry?”

“En?” Wen Ying was stunned and took back her hand, “Wu.…..It’s nothing.”

She didn’t expect him to be so sharp, but she couldn’t say anything.

He didn’t grasp tightly, but his eyes kept moving with her movements. He made a light “Oh” sound and didn’t ask.

Wen Ying glanced at him.

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