WFILTU Chapter 320 – Crazy VII

The next morning, Xue Jiao felt a red envelope under her pillow.

It was a little thick. It said: Dad wishes Jiao Jiao a happy life.

She smiled, rubbed her eyes, reached out and felt another one.

It was a little thinner than the last one. It said: A gift for mom’s baby, I wish baby health and happiness forever.

Xue Jiao smiled more brightly and stretched out her hand again. Sure enough, she touched another one.

“This brother is not too bad!”

But this thickness……

And it said at top: At the strong request of my sister, brother reluctantly give one.

Xue Jiao: ? ? ?

She quickly opened it. There was only a pig and a dime in it.

Xue Jiao: ? ? ? ! ! !

Humiliation! Naked humiliation! !

Xue Jiao got angry. She stood up and rushed to the opposite room in her pajamas.

The opposite room was closed, and a red envelope was pasted on the door. Xue Jiao was stunned.

It said: please don’t knock on the door. Let me sleep for the new year.

Xue Jiao took it down. On the back, it was written: I’m afraid my sister will knock on the door, so let me send another big red envelope! Happy New Year to my sister! Always be a happy baby!

The thickness was considerable, and Xue Jiao laughed.

She actually didn’t care whether there was a lot of money in the red envelope. Cheng Shuo gave her a lot of allowance, and she would receive prize money every time she ranked first. Last time, by ranking first on the mock exam, she received a large prize money, and she also received money from last time’s math competition.

Therefore, she actually has a lot of money in her small treasury.

But the nature of lucky money was completely different, so Xue Jiao was very happy.

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She looked at the closed door and waved her fist: “For the sake of such a thick red envelope, I’ll let you go today! Hng”

Then she went back to her room and continued to study after washing up.

Year three, they really can’t relax all day.

In the morning, after getting up, Cheng Mingze knocked on Xue Jiao’s door with a smile.

“What’s the matter?” Xue Jiao was surprised.

Cheng Mingze smiled and exposed two rows of teeth: “Thank you for your kindness in the

morning for not waking me up. Although the red envelope money is small, it is also the intentions of brother.”

With that, he left quickly.

Xue Jiao was stunned. Was there less? It was so thick.

She always felt that Cheng Mingze’s “bad heart” would not be so simple!

Hence, Xue Jiao hurried back to the table, took out the red envelope and opened it——

“Cheng Mingze! ! You are so bad! ! !”

Cheng Shuo, reading the newspaper downstairs, was stunned and looked at Cheng Mingze: “How did you bully your sister?”

Cheng Mingze shrugged and said with a smile, “I gave her a red envelope full of dimes.”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

“……it’s really hard for you to go to the bank and change for a dime.”

Cheng Mingze smiled: “It’s what I should.”

Cheng Shuo: “……”


On the fifth day of the first month, Xue Jiao went to school with her schoolbag on her back amid Li Sitong’s complaints.

Year three, it was already good for them to give the students an end of the year leave. It’s impossible to expect a longer holiday.

Almost every classmate who met them said Happy New Year.

Xue Jiao scratched her head. The questions for the second mock exam were very difficult, but Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao both were in the top 700s, and both were tied again.

When their report card came to his parents, it was also followed by a report card of the entire grade.

There were more than 680 grades in year three, so it can be seen how terrible these two terrible scores were.

Xue Jiao estimated that because of this score, many students will have less lucky money this year……

She is really……not a bit embarrassed, haha.

When Xue Jiao arrived in the classroom, many people had come, especially those living on campus. They came yesterday afternoon.

Liu Jiaxue was also there.

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