SOOEW Chapter 246 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXIV

Speaking of it, she and Yu Wenluo were very interesting at this stage.

At first, she approached him through his interest in herself. Later, even she couldn’t help but admit that there were some tacit understandings between them. The explanation could only be that their personalities complement each other, so it would be more relaxed and pleasant to get along. But this man was undoubtedly very difficult to move. On the surface, he has clearly shown his love for her, but he has never said anything about wanting to marry her, and there was no explicit statement. It seems that one was in an ambiguous stage, which leads to both of them hide a lot of words and not speaking to each other.

Yu Wenluo didn’t force her, and in order to apologize for last time, he took her to the lake.

The lake was still frozen last time Wen Ying visited. This time, a large area has been chiseled in a thin place for people to visit the lake and enjoy the scenery. During the day, there was another open scene in the Taiyin Lake. The top of the boat was covered by black tiles. There were mahogany windows on the left and right, inlaid with rare glass. She sat inside with a warmer in her arms, but she was also very safe and comfortable.

After a while, however, she found that the boat had stopped moving.

It was Yu Wenluo who insisted on rowing by himself. The picture was fun. As a result, a large piece of broken ice floated to block the road. He rowed for a long time without moving forward.

Wen Ying picked up the curtain at the bow of the boat and looked at him in a hurry and sweating. She laughed nonstop.

“You’re smiling now. If you don’t go back in the evening, everyone will know that you’re with me.” He raised his eyebrows at her. She was in a good mood and talked back to him with a smile.

Just as she was speaking, suddenly, Yu Wenluo seemed to see something. He stopped his action and shouted not far away, “Big brother!”

As soon as Wen Ying heard it, she loosened her hand and placed down the curtain.

The sound of two people talking soon sounded outside.

Compared with Yu Wenluo’s young and clear voice, Yu Wenhong’s was lower and heavier. In addition, he seemed to be ill, so it was sometimes mixed with a cough or two.

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“Elder brother, why are you still visiting the lake when you are ill? When the lake wind blows, it will be more difficult for you to get well.” Yu Wenluo worried.

“No harm, it’s not a serious disease. I’m just busy and tired. I’ve come out to enjoy the scenery and go back in a minute.” Yu Wenhong responded. He had his own attendants on board, as well as specialized boaters, but he could also do nothing with the ice float for the moment. So he said, “In that case, you go back in my boat first.”

Yu Wenluo was a little embarrassed, “This.…..”

“What?” He seldom saw such an expression on the other side. Just when he exposed a puzzled expression, he suddenly heard a woman’s voice that he hadn’t heard for a long time.

[… A Luo, this fool, if he doesn’t refuse, I can’t stop from showing up!]

He was suddenly stunned, suddenly coughed and a flush was on his face.

She’s actually here? !

The situation from many days ago came to his mind uncontrollably. On that day, the eye he placed on Yu Wenluo’s side told him the scene. After he learned about it, his mood fluctuated. In the twinkling of an eye, he pinched the pen in his hand and calmed down after a while.

Of course they would be together. There’s nothing strange about it. Needless to say, he knows it all.

He scolded his informer, so that he did not have to pay attention to such a small affair of love between men and women, and drove him out. After that, he realized what he had done before. He even began to pay attention to a woman who was destined to betray him.

After much reflection, he withdrew the people placed in Chu Xiu palace and concentrated on his work.

However, he did not expect that he would see them together with his own eyes.

Seeing that Yu Wenluo wanted to push off, he didn’t know why, but suddenly, he asked him in a low voice, “Are there others on your ship?”


Small theater:

Prince: Do you choose his boat or mine?

Wen Ying: I……

Sixth Prince: Stay on my boat! It’ll leave soon——

Prince: Don’t force it if you can’t drive it.

Sixth Prince: Hehe, there is no one on your ship. Drive by yourself.

Wen Ying: What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

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