SOOEW Chapter 247 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXIV

Yu Wenluo subconsciously looked back at the cabin. The heavy cotton curtain in winter was so tightly knit that he didn’t know how the other party found out.

In front, Yu Wenhong’s dark eyes were looking straight at him. In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, he suddenly smiled with two points of the youth’s unique shyness, “Brother actually guessed it……” He didn’t seem to notice the other party’s slightly sluggish expression, so he turned sideways and asked Wen Ying to come out.

At this time, it was not good for Wen Ying to continue hiding. She opened the curtain and came out. She saluted Yu Wenhong, “Greetings to Your Highness the prince.”

Yu Wenhong’s eyes turned to her, stared for a moment, and he didn’t speak.

The atmosphere suddenly calmed down. The attendants on the ship didn’t know what had happened, but they didn’t dare to make a sound. They all hung their hands and buried their heads. Everyone could see that the prince was in a bad mood.

During this period, only the cold wind blew across the lake, bringing a whistle.

Wen Ying kept her saluting posture. Yu Wenluo clenched his hand. As soon as he was about to open his mouth with a smile, he heard Yu Wenhong cough twice, interrupt him and say, “I see.” he glanced at Yu Wenluo, “You’d better be careful not to damage others’ reputation before the selection.”

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“This is natural.” Yu Wenluo pretended not to know the meaning of his words. He acted very closely and blinked his eyes and said, “Brother, I want you to keep this a secret for me.”

Yu Wenhong coughed again and responded “En”. It seemed that he had agreed.

While they were talking, Wen Ying stood by and played with her fingers while bored.

Yu Wenluo didn’t call her over until they had to change ships. The ice wouldn’t disperse the entire time. It wasn’t good to stay until dark. Yu Wenhong proposed for them to head over to his ship. Yu Wenluo gave his thanks. He let Wen Ying go first, and he protected her behind him.

The ship lurched and reeled under the undulation of the water. As soon as she stood on the steps one floor above the bow, she couldn’t stop shaking.

Yu Wenluo placed one hand at her elbow to help her stabilize. She just needed to take a step forward.

But she looked at the small waves that kept turning and surging, and then looked at the boat opposite. Her legs seemed frozen and she hesitated.

【The boat is shaking so badly. If I don’t stand firm, would I fall off……】

Yu Wenhong, who was preparing to enter the cabin, suddenly looked up at her. Then he walked back to the position he had just taken and handed his hand over, “Be careful.”

She breathed out a sigh of relief, placed her hand into his palm, stepped over in one breath, and soon stood firm after a slight shake. “Thank you, your highness!” A sweet smile appeared on her face. However, soon, she found that the temperature in her hand was wrong and she gave a light “Yi”.

He had already taken his hand back, but he could still hear what was in her heart.

【It’s so hot, wasn’t it supposed to be a minor illness?】

Yu Wenhong caught her sight. They looked at each other in a daze. Then he saw that she blocked in the direction wind and urged him, “Your Highness, you should go in first.”

His fingers twitched unconsciously, as if something came out of his heart.

Wen Ying finished urging people. As soon as she turned her head, she saw Yu Wenluo jump from the opposite side. It happened that the two ships collided and shook hard. He followed a fierce shake, as if he would fall into the ice lake in the next second.

She grabbed his sleeve. “Hey, slow down——”

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