SOOEW Chapter 248 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXV

“What’s the hurry?” He quickly stood firm, flicked her forehead, and was staring at her and laughing again. Then he saw that Yu Wenhong was still standing there, so he restrained himself a little. The corners of his mouth were still tilted. He glanced at her and said, “Excuse me, big brother. She has a bad temper and may be noisy. Big brother should be more tolerant……hiss——”

Behind him was the movement of the flesh of his arm being twisted. He lowered his head. He only saw Wen Ying smile brightly at him. Then she gave a light “hum” and entered the hatch without looking back. He followed in.

Yu Wenhong only stared, and his face was faint, as if there was no emotion.

“What do you think of this, your highness?”

Yu Wenhong was caught off guard and returned to his mind. His disordered mood was slightly fixed, so he went to see the Empress first..

“What matters does Empress mother have?”

The Empress looked at him angrily and smiled helplessly towards Wu Yuzhen: “He was ill again a few days ago. He originally had a weakened body and even went to view the lake at night with all the wind. I don’t know what to say about him. Look, his spirit is not good at the moment. Please don’t view it in a bad light.”

“How could it be?” Wu Yuzhen said with a gentle smile. “The prince is busy with his official business. We must be more considerate.”

“I knew you were a sensible child. In the future……you have to take care of him more.”

Any daughter’s face is thin in the end. As soon as the Empress said this, she had some blushes on her face.

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The Empress was also satisfied with it. However, she sighed from the corners when she saw that her son still had a deep brows. When Wu Yuzhen left, she left him to talk, “If you are not satisfied with Yuzhen, bring it up as soon as possible, and this Empress mother can change her to someone else for you. Otherwise, for who are you showing your absent-minded appearance to? It really annoys me.”

In front of her son, the Empress spoke a lot more casually and finally lost her temper.

“……Son is not dissatisfied.” Yu Wenhong was used to it, rubbed his eyebrows, and suddenly asked, “If there was one, would mother really change her for me?”

“This naturally……”【Naturally will not.】

“I see.”

The Empress looked at him strangely and spoke after a moment, “Speaking of it, the daughter of the Wu family intends to be your side imperial concubine.”

Yu Wenhong’s expression changed slightly.

“You should have seen her too. The child looks beautiful. If you like her, I’ll ask someone to speak to her and keep her for you.” Marrying a wife and a virtuous woman. Although the side imperial concubine has a good name, she is only a concubine in front of the actual imperial consort. Therefore, the Empress first ordered the appearance of Wen Ying.

He didn’t answer in time for the moment.

If he nodded in agreement, she would become his concubine again. If he heard such a suggestion at the beginning of his rebirth, he would definitely refuse it, or sneer and satirize. But now——

He closed his eyes and couldn’t say “no” for a long time.

“It’s alright. Since you don’t like her very much, I’ll go back there.“ The Empress spoke, “just right, if the proper consort had just entered the door and the side princess had also been accepted, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be too comfortable for Yuzhen. The Wu family mentioned that she doesn’t care, but I think it’s inappropriate.”

It’s strange. Hearing this sentence, Yu Wenhong first thought of her comfortable appearance with Yu Wenluo. Each of them had asked, but they didn’t ask Wen Ying whether she would like it or not.

However, such an idea just flashed away, and he didn’t say anything after all.

On the day of the final election, Yu Wenhong sent Wu Yuzhen out of Zhongcui Palace at the request of the Empress.

The long corridor was quiet and depressing, which made Yu Wenhong unconsciously think of the time he went with Wen Ying. She seemed respectful, but her words in her heart came out one by one. She was unrestrained and had no scruples. Even those who had prejudices against her, after seeing such childishness, it would be hard for them to be hardhearted.

Again, Wu Yuzhen was different.

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