WFILTU Chapter 324 – College Entrance Exam III

In the evening, after Xue Jiao came home, she told Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong the whole story.

“So I chose to take the college entrance examination on our own and gave up on being escorted.” Xue Jiao said with a smile.

Li Sitong was stunned: “No, why……”

“Jiao Jiao, Dad supports you.” Cheng Shuo interrupted Li Sitong and smiled at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao smiled happily and said, “Thank you, Mom and Dad!”

Although he knew that Cheng Shuo would support her, Xue Jiao was still very moved when he smiled and supported her.

She smiled, ate something and went upstairs to study happily with her school bag on her back.

Li Sitong turned around and looked at Cheng Shuo: “Old Cheng, why doesn’t she change her school? Why hang herself on one tree?”

Cheng Shuo smiled at her, shook his head, and said: “Sitong, in fact, we don’t need Jiao Jiao to make more efforts to win out by ourselves, but it’s a good thing for children to strive for success and be willing to realize their dreams. On the contrary, I’m very happy about Xue Jiao’s decision. The child has grown up enough to choose the road that others don’t approve of. With this courage, I think it’s more important than following others. What’s more, she has confidence, Instead of randomly choosing the wrong path. This path is right, and she is firm and courageous. Why shouldn’t we support her? “

Li Sitong was stunned and nodded blankly.

As Xue Jiao grew up more and more, she gradually realized that she was really not good at teaching children.

Then, all that she could do, it seems, was to support……

“Sitong, it’s getting closer and closer to the college entrance examination. The relocation of the company is already under way. I’ll be very busy, and I’ll leave it to you. We’ll try to let her finish the college entrance examination this year and hold a coming of age ceremony in Beijing. Mingze is a boy, and 18 is at the critical time of the college entrance examination, so we couldn’t do much. But Jiao Jiao is a girl, and it’s just right at the end of the college entrance examination. We’ll celebrate it at that time. “Cheng Shuo laughed.

Probably, fathers all over the world would love their daughter more. Ever since taking Xue Jiao as his own daughter, Cheng Shuo’s love for her was far more than Cheng Mingze.

Li Sitong nodded seriously.

Following this, the family was very busy. As the female head, she must work hard!


After Xue Jiao returned to her room, she also sent a message to Lin Zhihua about it.

The other party’s reply was very simple——

【Lin Zhihua: Actually, this is very good, you just need to work harder.】

The heart of Xue Jiao warmed.

Her father and “mentor” always supported her decision.


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“Students! Students! Now there are only 100 days left from the college entrance examination! 100 days! Cheer up! It’s the sprint stage! Students who have reviewed should not be proud, but continue to gain knowledge! You can be even better! Those who haven’t reviewed well shouldn’t easily give up, there’s still a chance!”

“Students! The pace of the college entrance examination is approaching! There are only 100 days left!”

“Others are ahead of you. You must hurry and use that time wisely!”

“Check the gaps and fill in the gaps. If you don’t understand, there’s still a chance! Don’t give up the knowledge you don’t understand! The college entrance examination! May just be testing this!”

“Students! Let’s live up to our efforts for the more than ten years in our last 100 days!”

“Year three students! Work hard!”

“Go on——”


The distance from the college entrance exam was only one hundred days away, the third phase started, and then ended quickly.

After this ranking, the teacher analyzed the problems for almost every student.

This was when everyone was grasping hard.

But at the same time, it was also the most tired and uncomfortable time for many people.

Liu Jiaxue’s grades have been steadily improving ever since the beginning of this semester. She had a good foundation and rose quickly.

“Jiao Jiao……”

“En?” Xue Jiao did not even lift her head and continued to calculate.

“Sometimes I really wish to just take the college entrance examination tomorrow and be liberated after the exam.” Liu Jiaxue lay on the table with a weakened face.

She was really tired.

“I also want to.” Yi Tianyu spoke from behind.

He was also very tired. He couldn’t be more tired.

And recently, in order to get the national first-class athlete certificate, at this critical time, he should not only review, but also play basketball.

Xue Jiao touched Liu Jiaxue’s head: “Work hard, hold on, your grades haven’t returned to the peak, and you can’t take the college entrance examination yet.”

Her hand touched Liu Jiaxue’s head, and Liu Jiaxue came back to life with blood.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes brightened and he lifted his head up——

Touch me! Touch me!

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes and threw a book over.

“These are my recently reviewed notes. Read it quickly and give it back to me after reading it.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

In fact, Xue Jiao was not without trouble.

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