SOOEW Chapter 249 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXVI

She controls her heart so well that he rarely hears what she says, which was not wrong. However, she also wears a mask on her face and controls it very carefully. Every expression and sentence were almost perfect as if rehearsed.

When she was almost there, she stopped, turned sideways and said, “I’ll wait for the prince’s Jade Ruyi on that day.” She looked away slightly, her cheeks flushed, as if she was ashamed to open her mouth.

However, there was no surprise or waves in her heart, and there was no echo in her peace.

He suddenly asked, “Why do you want to marry me?”

Wu Yuzhen was slightly stunned. She quickly responded and said, “The Crown Prince is dignified and elegant. Which lady doesn’t want to marry you?”

“If one day, I am no longer the Crown Prince, would you want to marry me?”

“The prince is the heir appointed by His Majesty. How can you have that day?”

“Forget about what if,” he said, while looking at her, “what if something happens and I die under the persecution of others?”

She finally understood what he wanted to ask. Wu Yuzhen said firmly, “I am willing to go with the prince and never live on in degradation.”

Yu Wenhong looked at her steadily. After a while, he said, “You’re fine.”

She smiled with a sigh of relief.

On the day of the final election, Chu Xiugong was very busy. The palace people came and went. The attendants who were waiting for the dispatch of each courtyard almost didn’t break their legs. They needed hot water, petals and other makeup. They also had to explore whether they were different and eye-catching. The noise was extraordinary.

As soon as the time came, they barely managed to finish cleaning up. The team was really like a hundred flowers blooming, each with their own merits. Many of them used the gold powder given by Wen Ying, which was shining under the light, much better than others, and attracted envious eyes.

“Why don’t you use it instead?” One of the Xiunv who had a good relationship with Wen Ying asked her.

Compared with others, Wen Ying was really much simpler this time. She was still as publicized as usual, but she had no unique ideas.

Before Wen Ying answered, someone next to her came up and said with a smile, “Doesn’t she have the sixth prince? Why should she compete with us again? He is still a prince in the end.” With traps in her words, Wen Ying didn’t respond, until she left due to boredom after a while.

When he was about to enter the hall, a small attendant accidentally bumped into the team of beauties. The beauties bumped into each other one by one. Their elaborate clothes were almost scattered by the people next to them. They couldn’t help blaming the small attendant one after another.

He was too busy trying to kneel down and kowtow to plead guilty, but Wen Ying helped him up.

“You are carrying the Jade Ruyi. Go quickly. They won’t blame you.” There seemed to be stars in her bent eyes, her red lips were naturally warped, and her smile was bright. She was naive and charming.

The attendant was stunned. In a moment, he blushed, lowered his head, thanked again and again and left.

At the corner of the corridor, the fans in the hands of the second prince, Yu Wenxuan fell to the ground. He turned his head excitedly and said to the attendant nearby: “……tell me, how can someone in this world be so beautiful! ?”

Her smile was so sweet that his heart would melt away! !

Sure enough, even if others used her gold powder, they were still not half as beautiful as her!

The attendant picked up the fan for His Highness and opened it to cover his face so as not to lose it.

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When they entered the main hall, they saw the tools on the table, and they knew that they had finally chosen to see needlework. There were people sitting up and down in the hall. The first was the Empress, and the next were the princes who had reached the age of marriage. At the moment of entering the hall, a tense atmosphere began to fill the air.

Wen Ying took a seat in front of a case under the guidance of the palace worker. Suddenly, she noticed that someone was looking in her direction with burning eyes. She raised her eyes a little and found that it was the second prince Yu Wenfeng. A question mark immediately appeared in her head. If it weren’t for the final election, she would almost forget this person. He was indeed a task object, but he was ranked at the bottom according to the primary and secondary level, so he was optional.

She obviously didn’t do anything. Why did he suddenly look at herself like this?

But very soon, she placed aside this concern and concentrated on the exam.

The final selection was also called the “Ruyi selection”. Each Prince had a handle of Jade Ruyi in their palms, which was given to those ladies they felt satisfied about.

As soon as the appointed time came, the eunuch standing on the high level announced loudly. They got up together and stood waiting in place. Beside each table, there were palace people holding their works on trays.

Several princes stepped down from the steps and walked one by one to the field. There were people who looked at the sachets on the plate, as well as people who observed the appearance and posture of beautiful women. However, the princes at the back of the row all focused on the crown prince and the second crown prince, ready to avoid the people chosen by them.

The ladies were all waiting with their breaths held. They didn’t dare to look around randomly. They could only focus on the front.

Seeing the prince walking in the direction of Wu Yuzhen, they all had an expected sigh and loss in their hearts.

Unexpectedly, the second prince’s Jade Ruyi was the first to be placed down. With a smile on his face, it seemed that it was not difficult for him to make a choice at all. He walked straight to Wen Ying since he went down the steps. Under the surprised eyes of Wen Ying, he placed the Jade Ruyi into the red lacquer wooden plate beside her and made a crisp sound.

Just as he was about to smile at her, he suddenly heard another crisp sound, subconsciously, he turned his head and met Yu Wenluo’s eyes.

At this time, Yu Wenluo’s hand had not been removed. It was obvious that he placed the Jade Ruyi in the tray of Wen Ying almost at the same time.

They looked at each other with a strong smell of gunpowder. Compared with Yu Wenfeng’s anger, Yu Wenluo’s eyes were extremely fierce for a moment, but it soon disappeared.

Such changes have attracted many people’s attention.

“Empress, what kind of girl is she that makes two of my two sons fall in love with her?” The emperor was not worried and actually joked about it.

The Empress looked over it and said, “It’s the third miss of the Wen family. If Your Majesty is curious, why don’t you let people show her work, she may be outstanding in needlework……”

She responded with a smile and stopped halfway.

Because she saw that it was clearly the Crown Prince who came to Wu Yuzhen. With a slight deflection of his steps, he turned from right to left. In Wu Yuzhen’s eyes, he put Jade Ruyi in front of Wen Ying.

Wu Yuzhen was always good at hiding her face. At this moment, she couldn’t help herself for the moment and exposed a look of shock.

Like everyone else, she involuntarily turned to Wen Ying and looked at the Jade Ruyi lined up in front of her, and even her breathing relaxed.

At this moment, even the sound of a needle falling down in the hall could be heard.

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