WFILTU Chapter 325 – College Entrance Exam IV

There are still 100 days to go before the college entrance examination, but it is obvious that people’s hearts are severely floating.

Originally, Xue Jiao was peculiar. She had never received a love letter. Recently, every day the drawers are full.

The first thing she does after arriving every day is to clean up her love letters.

Xue Jiao has never opened them, they are all directly thrown away. At this time, we can’t let anything distract us.

She was slightly upset, which had some influence on her learning, so her third mock test results lost to Chu Sheng by one point.

Until one day Yi Tianyu came back and ran into her and was very angry.

But now he didn’t have time to clean up every day, so he went directly to Yin Fang.

This ignited the bomb.

Xue Jiao is now Yin Fang’s baby and is the student she placed all expectations on from the college entrance examination!

Therefore, Yin Fang held a meeting for the teachers of the whole grade and prohibited other classes from sending love letters to class one, with class one having various prohibitions.

Finally, Xue Jiao got rid of the event of cleaning up love letters.


“Students!! There are only 50 days left before the college entrance examination! Everyone cheer up!”

“We are now the generals who are about to go to the battlefield. It depends on this time whether we make great achievements or be mediocre!”

“Everyone’s mind must be steady! All our school leaders and teachers will serve you! If you have any problems and difficulties, you should talk to the teacher!! Everyone don’t worry! Especially don’t do bad things!”

“Students! Year three students! There are only 50 days! Persistence is victory!”

“Those starting to catch up desperately now, there is still a chance!”

“College entrance examination! One point is a whole playground of students!”

“We must calm down and study! There is still time! Check the deficiencies and make up for the mistakes. We must seize the time!”

“I hope all the year three students in our school can be on the top of the list! Admitted to the university they want to go to most!”


With only 50 days left, Yi Tianyu got the first-class athlete certificate.

At this time, no students in class 1 and class 2 are doing anything else. They are all working hard studying.

Later, many students recalled that time as very uncomfortable.

Everyday they wake up at five o’clock, and continuously carry out boring reviews, exam, lecture, examination, lecture… on a repeated cycle.

On such tedious and painful days, with the number in the upper right corner of the blackboard getting smaller and smaller, it becomes more and more depressing.

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Sometimes, if you can’t solve a problem, you will cry out anxiously.

Every day on the road, familiar students don’t say hello. He may be endorsing, thinking about problems, or in a daze.

Every teacher is seizing time. There is no PE class, no practice class, and no exercises between classes……

There’s nothing but the main course.

Before the teacher of the last class leaves, the teacher of the next class comes.

“Teacher Yin, come out quickly. I need to start class now!”

“Teacher Yuan, wait a minute, right away now! Students! Have you remembered clearly? This long sentence must be broken into three sentences, after the attribute!”


“Delayed Li Tianwang! Why are you delaying again!”

“There’s no class yet. Don’t worry, don’t worry!”


The number is getting smaller and smaller, the teachers are becoming grumpy, and some students have begun to abandon themselves.

Class one and two are still fine. Many students in the parallel class dropped out and one student ran away.

The police, parents and school are looking for it, but few people in other classes know about it.

Because they have only one thing left now……study.

They know less and less information. Weekends change from one day to eight hours, and finally to six hours.

In the end, six hours was just enough to sit in the classroom and finish all the papers.

Repetitive and boring topics, numbing and depressing life.

“What day is it today?”

“There are 50 days before the college entrance examination.”

“What montha and date is it today?”

“There are 50 days before the college entrance examination.”

Some teachers jokingly call such a life “the darkness before dawn”.

With smaller and smaller numbers, they will go through this unforgettable time in their life.

This “darkness before dawn” is like a bud of hope, sprouting quietly.

Then striving to grow up for our dreams and future.

This may be the most impressive period of someone’s life, or it may be the most hard-working period of his life.

Five thirty in the morning and eleven thirty in the evening.

Now, there are 50 days before the college entrance examination.


“Students! Students!! It’s only 30 days from the college entrance examination!! 30 days! There’s only one month left!”

“What can you do in a month? Can you work hard? Is there still time?”

“It’s not too late! There are still 30 days left! We can work harder! Listen to me! The results of more than ten years of hard study depend on this time!”

“It’s hot! I know some students’ hearts are not quiet! But please remember! Calm down! Do your best!”

“Remember these four words firmly! It doesn’t matter whether you can be worthy of the teacher! But you must be worthy of your parents! Worthy of yourself!”

“College entrance examination! Why encounter twice if you can pass it once?”

“So! The last thirty days! Everyone at full speech!”

“Students! Come on! Go!!”


In fact, in 30 days, many things have been fixed. Some people work hard and can kill them like a dark horse.

He can go from 300 to 500, from 500 to 600.

But he can’t go from five hundred to seven hundred.

Seven hundred, that’s a threshold.

In the two-year examination of the whole year three group, only Gu Xuejiao and Chu Sheng were stable at more than 700 every time.

At the last minute, many people will begin to ask them questions, one after another, and even imitate their work, rest and study.

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    • My college professor once said that if all of us was to study as hard as we do in college as during our exam period, we would have a degree by the end of the trimester. In fact, most student burned out after the exam and the entire first trimester of college is just to calm down.

      There’s a reason people talk about the stereotype “Asian study better”.

  2. I’m so glad I was born in the U.S if this is truly what the educational environment of China is. In the U.S we have the S.A.T and the A.C.T and I only took both of them once and honestly the SAT is the one that really matters in Texas where I’m at. I didn’t really study for it and I still got into an okay school. Regions have their own tests to determine if you graduate or not and we would learn more towards that than the SATs that were needed for college. Besides you could take the SATs 7 times during a school year if you really wanted to. It all didn’t come down to one day only like I understand from most Chinese novels. I only remembered to even take the test because my friend asked me when I was going to take mine.🙃 It was very individualized in my school at the time. I personally chose a college that wasn’t too far from home so I could drive back every other weekend.

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