WFILTU Chapter 326 – College Entrance Exam V

Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng were not people who sacrificed themselves for others. Sometimes they talk, but sometimes they think it’s a waste of time, and they won’t talk.

During this period, Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao began to discuss with each other, and then exchanged review notes to check deficiencies and fill their gaps in knowledge.

During this period, people began to borrow the notes of Xue Jiao.

As long as she wasn’t using it, she was willing to lend it to others, but when she wants to use it, they must return it immediately.

“Jiao Jiao, don’t you care if others take away the fruits of your labor?” Liu Jiaxue asked curiously.

Xue Jiao smiled: “This information is only information. The most important thing is here.”

She nodded towards her head.

Liu Jiaxue was stunned for a moment and then smiled enviously.

Behind their backs, Yi Tianyu excitedly pulled on Xue Jiao——

“Nerd! I seem to have read this question before. Why can’t I do it again?!”

Xue Jiao looked back and spoke indifferently——

“Page 73 of Volume II, turn to it by yourself.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”


21 days before the college entrance examination, a student in No. 1 school jumped from a building to commit suicide.

They were rescued back to life, but it gave a heavy hammer to other schools.

The words of the school leaders began to change little by little……

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“Students!! The college entrance examination is a gate in our life! But this is not the only gate! All roads lead to Rome, if this one can’t be used, there would be another!”

“As long as you try your best, students, no one would blame you!”

“Everyone, don’t let go! You’re still young, you haven’t really grown up, and you haven’t taken a serious look at the outside world!”

“So don’t be extreme! Think about your parents before making any decisions!”

“Everyone is in the prime of life. You shouldn’t do bad things on impulse!”

“The school psychological counseling room is upstairs of the academic affairs office. You can go and have a look when you are uncomfortable or depressed, or even when you are under great pressure! There are two teachers there who are professionals to serve you!”

“Finally, I hope the students will study hard and grasp the last 21 days while taking care of their bodies!”

“I wish you all excellent results!”


After this incident, teachers often held meetings, one today and one tomorrow. The focus was——

Pay attention to learning under the condition of ensuring the safety of students.

After that, all the teachers became relaxed in class and tried not to give everyone pressure.

“We just have to do our best. The rest depends on fate.”

“The college entrance examination is not so terrible. Haven’t you guys tested a lot in recent years?”

“Mentality is the most important. What can be more important than living?”

“If there’s something wrong with you, or the people around you seem wrong, you must tell this teacher!”


The weather became hot, and electric mosquito repellent incense was plugged in the classrooms.

Teachers were trying to give year three students a better living environment as much as possible, even with the food they ate. Originally, year three ate before year one and year two, and now it was with all kinds of extra meals.

At school, the teachers became gentle like water. At home, Li Sitong took care of everything for her with a smile every day.

During this period, the fourth session was carried out, which seemed to be afraid of attacking everyone’s self-confidence. The problems on the fourth portion were so simple that it was heinous.

Seven hundred points in class one and two were a dime a dozen.

Even Yi Tianyu got a high score of more than 690 for the first time!

Then the teachers boasted for fear that the students would lose their self-confidence.

Currently, there are still 20 days before the college entrance examination.

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