WFILTU Chapter 327 – College Entrance Exam VI

“There are only seven days left for the college entrance examination. Everyone should be more relieved. Ha ha, it doesn’t matter. Believe in yourself.”

“Do the questions you can do, and for the questions you don’t understand, skip them, and then come back to check when everything is finished.”

“Don’t get stuck on a problem, and then waste the scores of the whole set of papers for a few points!”

“The handwriting should be as neat as possible. If the graders don’t understand, how can they give you the points?”

“You must remember to fill in the scantron. Every year, students forget or it’s too late.”

“What’s the most regrettable thing about the college entrance examination? You obviously could do it, but did it wrong! You obviously did it right and forgot to write it on the answer sheet!”

“Also, after writing, you must set aside time for inspection to check whether there are detailed errors. The most important thing is to check whether you have filled in the machine-readable card!”

“When you write each question on the answer sheet, you should check the serial number and don’t write it in the wrong position. Otherwise, how would you have the time to write it again?”

“Finally, take everything with you during the exam. Make a backup of everything. Don’t miss anything. Go to the examination room in advance, you must go to the examination room in advance.”

“Ha ha, everyone shouldn’t have pressure, the dawn is ahead!”


Xue Jiao looked up at the smiling man on the podium——the headmaster.

It’s hard to imagine that before, he was still standing on it, shouting for everyone to work hard! Put up a fight!

All teachers in this period were no longer racing against time, because they know——it’s too late.

It’s too late.

Four words, how simple and terrible.

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“Hahaha, students, our arrangement today is to go for an outing in South Park! The whole grade will go! After coming back, we will have a holiday for three days. Let’s go home and have a good rest!” Yin Fang smiled softly.

The students below looked indifferent.

Four days before the college entrance examination……En……many students are beginning to become…Buddhists.

After going out.

“Jiao Jiao, I’m still a little afraid.” Liu Jiaxue took the hand of Jiao Jiao and sandwiched it in the advancing group.

Xue Jiao smiled: “You’ve prepared well. Don’t worry.”

Liu Jiaxue sighed slightly and said that she was not afraid, but how could she not be afraid.

Walking at the end, Yi Tianyu rushed over and rubbed against Xue Jiao.

“Hey, hey, what are you holding hands for on such a hot day!”

Liu Jiaxue glared at him: “Our feelings are good, it’s none of your business!”

Yi Tianyu also stared at her and looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao turned her head and looked at Yi Tianyu: “Yiyu——”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes lit up and he got closer.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

Xue Jiao said, “Don’t forget to recite the Chinese text when you go home.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

“Those walking in front should walk slower and don’t catch a cold. In this last critical period, don’t get sick or catch a cold!” Yin Fang shouted from the back.

The fast-paced students in front slowed down.

Liu Jiaxue pulled Xue Jiao around Yi Tianyu, and then whispered, “I think you are very fierce to Yi Tianyu.”

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “because he is stupid.”

“Hahaha! ! That’s true!”

“What are you talking about?” Yi Tianyu came over again.

Liu Jiaxue replied with a smile: “We’re saying you’re stupid! Haha! !”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

For this outing, they did not dare to go far, and did not dare to take too long, so they went out to play for two hours, and Teacher Yin brought them back.

“This is the last time you sit in the classroom to listen to me before the college entrance examination. You don’t have to review any more when you go home. Just take care of your body! Remember to back up the things needed for the college entrance examination and bring them with you at that time. If you have parents to accompany you, hand in a copy to your parents. Also, the most important thing is that there may be a traffic jam at that time, so you must arrive in advance!”


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  2. I had been wondering why she doesn’t clearly draw a line for YTY to stay away from her, but I guess in a way that’s how she does it, if it works, it works xD YTY can be a bit too annoying, he acts way too controlling and often tries to touch her in a way that’s either irritating or hurting her.

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