SOOEW Chapter 251 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXVIII

When he came back to his senses, he had already sent his Jade Ruyi to Wen Ying.

He looked at his slowly withdrawn hand and the “talking sounds” around him, which suddenly exploded like boiling oil. He was surprised by what he had just done.

Three Jade Ruyi handles were placed in front of her. Wen Ying was speechless and couldn’t say a single word.

As early as when Yu Wenyu gave the Jade Ruyi to her, she already had a bad feeling in her heart. When the prince inserted a bar and really took out his Jade Ruyi, her heart was muttering: I’m really going to die this time.

To be fair, if she had three sons who liked the same woman, she must subjectively think that this woman was a disaster!

Now, how to save her life has become the most difficult problem ever since she did the task.

Sure enough, seeing that the three sons had chosen the same xiunv, the expression on the emperor’s face had changed subtly, and he was still smiling, but people familiar with him could see the difference. He stared at the people below and slowly opened his mouth. His voice was thick and dignified: “It seems……”

“Your Majesty!” Before he finished speaking, Wen Ying knelt down, “This minister daughter has something to say.”

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She wouldn’t let him go on. No matter what solution the Emperor comes up with, it must not be beneficial to her.

“Oh?” He raised his hand as if he had not been interrupted. “Rise up and talk.”

Everyone stood, but she knelt on the ground and looked particularly petite and pitiable.

Wen Ying’s heart was apprehensive, she knew that his Majesty was introverted and observed deeply. She didn’t dare to relax at all. She slowly grasped the rhythm and said in a helpless and calm voice: “The princes gave a gift to this minister daughter. This minister daughter is very grateful. She also has a gift to give.”

She deliberately described the meaningful Jade Ruyi as an ordinary gift, just to be less harsh on the ear.

The Emperor spoke meaningfully, “How can this king remember that you are not allowed to carry anything before entering the hall, otherwise it will be regarded as fraud and disqualification.”

“I dare not violate the rules of the palace. The gift this minister’s daughter refers to, is this,” she said. She took out the sachet from the tray.

Ever since the draft of the past dynasties, they haven’t seen a palace woman give the final selection as a gift. Her quick wisdom makes the Emperor look over. At least she spoke very well and expressed her affection with a sachet, which won’t embarrass people.

The Emperor smiled, “Then tell me, the three princes gave you a gift, but you have only one sachet. Who are you going to give it to?”

“This minister’s daughter wants to give it to——”

All the people in the hall held their breath. The atmosphere of the three people standing in front of her was even more subtle. The same dark eyes were all invested in her.

She spoke softly, “I’ll give it to……your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Yu Wenhong was stunned. After a moment, an unbelievable look crossed his eyes. Maybe even he didn’t expect that she would choose him.

“But my three sons all admire you, and you only give the Crown Prince——” the Emperor spoke sharply.

This was the Emperor’s deliberate quandary, she knew. Everyone could see her intention to send out the sachets. Can she choose three at a time?

He couldn’t just let any son be chosen by her or be given up on. However, she can’t refuse to choose. If she doesn’t choose, it means that her attitude swings. The person who has never wavered in the middle dies the fastest. As for why she chose the Crown Prince……she took a deep breath and was ready to kneel down again.

But at this time, Yu Wenyu took the lead in interrupting the Emperor’s words.

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