WFILTU Chapter 328 – College Entrance Exam VII

Closer to the college entrance examination, Xue Jiao had some insomnia.

Very soon, it would be approaching the time she died in her last life……

She didn’t do well on the exam in her last life and didn’t receive her results either.

In her life, she thought she had learned very well, but it was a pity that those who had helped her could not see it.

Grandpa, do you know yet?

Granddaughter has so much luck, that she can start over in this life. Now she has a.……very warm family.

That night, Xue Jiao had some insomnia. The next day, she got up and caught a cold.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong suddenly died of anxiety.

It was really hard in the south in June. It’s easy to catch a cold when you turn on the air conditioner, and it’s easy to catch a cold when you don’t turn on the air conditioner.

On such a muggy day, many people easily catch colds. Xue Jiao was not the only one.

It was the day before the college entrance examination. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong took her to the hospital for an injection, and then came back to eat medicine.

“Why did you catch a cold? I didn’t turn on the air conditioner last night!” Li Sitong was so anxious that her mouth blistered.

Unexpected situations were always worrying.

“It’s fine!” Cheng Shuo forced himself to calm down, and then looked at Xue Jiao, “Jiao Jiao, how is your state?”

Xue Jiao nodded: “I’m fine. I don’t have a fever. My head is very clear. I can take the exam tomorrow.”

Cheng Shuo nodded, hid all his emotions from Xue Jiao, and finally said, “Your body is the most important.”

They were very worried about Xue Jiao, but they did not dare to show it.

Fortunately, on the day of the official college entrance examination, Xue Jiao’s situation did not get better, but it did not get worse.

She had no fever, but had a stuffy nose and a cough.

Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo were particularly worried. Cheng Mingze could only comfort them: “Fortunately, it’s just a stuffy nose rather than a runny nose, otherwise there will be no paper, and it will be very uncomfortable at that time.”

Xue Jiao smiled and nodded, trying not to worry her parents.

“Jiao Jiao, check whether everything is complete, pencil, signing pen, admission card, ruler, compass, replacement core.……” Cheng Shuo checked everything and confirmed that there was no problem, then said, “Go in quickly.”

Xue Jiao nodded, “Then I’ll head in now.”

Nearby, there was almost no difference from previous years. The parents were much more excited than the students.

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“Son! Work hard, don’t forget to fill in the scantron! !”

“Watch the time! Watch the time! !”

“Daughter! Come, write a name on this golden paper! Succeed in the college examination! !”

“Aiya, son, remember to go to the bathroom first!”

“Work hard, work hard! ! Mom and dad are waiting for you outside! We are your spiritual pillar! !”


Xue Jiao turned back to the three people who were squeezed in the crowd and clenched their fists to cheer her on.

“Jiao Jiao! Your body is the most important! ! !” Cheng Shuo didn’t forget to explain.

He was worried that Xue Jiao, the girl who studied the most, was only focused on the exam, regardless of her body’s ability.

“Ok——” Xue Jiao waved and turned away.

The college entrance examination, the students of this year, are coming.


After passing the fingerprint scan, Xue Jiao sat on her own seat.

She didn’t look around, just calmed herself down.

Today was her most important day. It was the beginning for her to make up for her regret and realize her dream.

The cold still had a little effect on her.

But in June, few students were calm inside.

The hot sun outside and Xue Jiao breathing deeply would minimize the impact.

Very soon, as the bell rang, invigilators came in with the test papers.

Then checked in front of them, unpacked and sent it to them.

Then checked them one by one and stuck on the bar code.

It wasn’t until the bell rang again that they began to answer the question.

Xue Jiao held a pen in one hand, pressed one hand on the test paper, and then took a deep breath.

She opened her eyes again, and then there was a bright light inside.

She burst out with unprecedented strength.

She started writing and finished question after question.

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