SOOEW Chapter 252 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXIX


The Emperor’s thunderous momentum was dispersed by this sound, and he was almost out of breath to laugh.

“Can I withdraw this Jade Ruyi?”


Yu Wenyu casually closed his folding fan, smiled lazily and said, “The hall is full of beauties, and this son can’t choose a girl. Seeing that sixth brother chose this girl, I thought she must be unique, so I chose her. She’s not so good to look at now that I viewed her closer.”

The Emperor didn’t expect him to have such words. He looked at him and said, “Whatever you want.”

“Thank you, Father Emperor.”

Wen Ying’s heart moved, she looked up to see Yu Wenyu, but saw him rubbing the bones of his fan and looking at her with some regret.

“What about Xiao Liu?” the Emperor’s dark eyes turned to Yu Wenluo. “What do you say about this Jade Ruyi?”

Wen Ying’s heart tightened.

Yu Wenluo hasn’t made a sound since he started. He just looked at Wen Ying and his eyes seemed to freeze on her. He didn’t move. His eyes were full of emotions, which made his expression a little indifferent.

Under the cover of the table, Wen Ying quietly grabbed his cuff, and then shook it gently, like a plea. His hand was next to her, as if it could be grasped at the slightest touch——

He finally turned around.

“……this son minister also felt that she was not so good.” Yu Wenluo spoke again, his voice was slightly hoarse, and spoke with his eyes, “this son also doesn’t like this daughter. Let’s talk about it next time.”


The Emperor rebuked him.

He bowed his head and said, “What Father Emperor taught is right.”

The Emperor paused and couldn’t say anything. After a moment, the atmosphere was stagnant.

At this point, the Empress came out to mediate. She first looked at the Crown Prince, and then turned to Wen Ying. After a deep look, she continued to host the draft.

The result of this final election was beyond everyone’s expectation.

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Wen Ying became the biggest winner. The xiunv who had been around Wu Yuzhen turned to her side.

They like to play with Wu Yuzhen. It was originally not just for the Wu family, or they think she’s really approachable and just plotting for the future. Wu Yuzhen was not bad. She was selected by the third prince and will soon become the imperial consorts of the third prince. However, compared with the Crown Prince of the country, there was a great gap.

As for the thrilling scene in the hall, no one dared to mention it.

After the selection, Chu Xiugong could no longer be lived in. The young lady who was not selected picked up their things and left early. In addition to the Crown prince’s imperial consort and side imperial concubine, the other members of the royal clan also married their consorts. After they make a good relationship with Wen Ying, they also left the palace in a hurry and were ready to tell the family the information here as soon as possible. At least their attitude towards Wu and Wen needs to be clear and they had to make minor adjustments at home.

Wen Ying was not in a hurry and cleaned up slowly. No palace person dared to urge her.

Snowflakes were falling again in the sky. They were like rubbing cotton and pulling catkins. They floated down one after another and decorated the green tiles and red walls.

In the room, Bi Yue, who was packing up, said, “Take this and that. The silver given by Madam is still in surplus. It needs to be placed away……”

Wen Ying followed her for a while, threw away her hand and sat by the window with her chin in a daze.

When she suddenly heard her put down the clothes, and asked incredulously, “Miss, did I hear you right? Are you going to become the Crown Princess? The Crown Prince is not……alas, this maidservant is going to faint.” She fainted for a while. When Wen Ying didn’t answer, she smiled happily. “If Madam knows, she must be very happy! In the future, who dares to underestimate you?”

Wen Ying didn’t counter her words, when suddenly, she stood up.

“Miss?” Bi Yue looked at her suspiciously. “Miss, where are you going——”

She didn’t return, but hurried to the door and opened the door with a squeak.

Outside the door, Yu Wenluo stood there. He seemed to come without an umbrella. His black hair and shoulders were covered with snow, and his face was stiff and cold. Her eyes seemed frozen. Her dark pupils were wet, but she was very focused, just like when she was in the hall that day.

She went down the steps, breathed out a mouthful of white fog and smiled in the white fog: “I was just thinking, maybe you came……”

“Why?” he stared at her and asked, “Why choose him instead of me?”

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