WFILTU Chapter 329 – College Entrance Exam VIII

Li Sitong took out Cheng Mingze’s familiar three piece set, the so-called enlightened college entrance examination equipment.

It was the same last year, but at that time, Cheng Mingze went in for the exam, and then Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong and Xuejiao were watching outside.

“Mingze did so well in the exam last year. It can be seen that this thing is still useful. We all wear it!”

When Li Sitong finished, Cheng Shuo picked it up and put it on.

Cheng Mingze: “……”

With no way out, he’d better pick it up and put it on.

Each of them had a flag in his hand and sat down in the shade of the tree.

“You are also a child’s parent!” Someone nearby struck up the conversation.

“Yes, yes, my daughter’s college entrance examination is this year.” Li Sitong replied with a smile.

“My son is also in today’s college entrance examination, and he is also in No. 7 middle school. Alas, he has finally endured to today.”

Li Sitong nodded in agreement: “It certainly is. The children are suffering, and the parents are also suffering.”

Someone nearby interrupted: “We can’t breathe a sigh of relief until we get the admission notice.”

Cheng Shuo took out his newspaper and read it. Next to him, Cheng Mingze took out his computer and began to tap furiously.

For a moment, Cheng Shuo looked at Li Sitong, who was chatting with others, and at Cheng Mingze, who was serious next to his eyes.

This picture……Why is it so familiar?

After a while, Li Sitong suddenly stood up and waved——

“Sister Qin!! this way!”

“Si Tong!” Mrs. Qin also brightened her eyes, and then pulled Chu Sheng’s father over.

“Come come come, there are seats here.” Li Sitong squeezed out a seat.

Seeing this, Cheng Mingze stood up and said, “please sit down, uncle and aunt.”

Cheng Shuo handed him a newspaper. Cheng Mingze spread it out and sat on the ground.

“No, no! I can just sit on the ground!” Chu Sheng’s father was worried.

Cheng Shuo grabbed him: “It’s all right. He’s young. Let him sit on the ground.”

Chu Sheng’s parents couldn’t refuse, so they sat down.

Mrs. Qin looked at Cheng Mingze and said with envy, “I really envy that you have a pair of powerful children!”

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Li Sitong sighed: “I envy your Chu Sheng ah. I’m worried to death now.”

“Xuejiao’s grades are so good. What are you worried about!” Mrs. Qin said with a smile.

“She caught a cold.” Li Sitong smiled bitterly.

“What?!” Mrs. Qin stared in shock.

Then he said anxiously, “Then how is Xue Jiao’s situation? Is it serious? Oh no, why did she catch a cold?”

Li Sitong shook her head bitterly: “It may be that it was too hot. Fortunately, it’s not very serious.”

“That’s not bad. After the first exam, remember to give her some medicine. Also note that some cold medicine will make people doze off. It’s easy to be sleepy in the afternoon. You must be careful……” Mrs. Qin began to explain.

Li Sitong nodded and took her hand: “En, we’ve prepared everything.”

Those medicines were paid special attention for fear of affecting Xue Jiao’s college entrance examination.

“Chu Sheng didn’t catch a cold, but he wouldn’t say how he was prepared. It’s also very worrying!”

“That must be very good. There’s no need to worry with Chu Sheng’s achievements.”

Finally, the parents next to them interrupted——

“Are the two of you Gu Xuejiao and Chu Sheng’s mother?”

The voice was slightly shocked.

There were several mock exams throughout year three. Parents receive more than just their children’s scores.

Xuejiao and Chu Sheng’s unreachable scores have added a lot of pressure to parents!

“Yes!” their voices appeared very plain, but their chin raised slightly.

This is the proudest moment as a parent.

At this time, a couple arrived.

“Xue Jiao’s mom! Xue Jiao’s dad!” the man is a little fat and looks a little naive, but his eyes are clear.

The woman looks very capable and looks very harmonious walking next to the man.

“Oh…… tt’s Yi Tianyu’s father and mother……” Li Sitong felt low-spirited.

Cheng Shuo just smiled and shook hands.

It’s strange if he has a good attitude towards those who thinks about his daughter.

Yi Dafa is also not angry. If Xuejiao is his daughter and someone else cares, he will beat him away directly!

Therefore, Yi Dafa and Yi’s mother still talk to them with a smile.

For a time, it was very lively under the shade of the tree.


In the distance, inside a car.

Lin Zhihua sat quietly, looking through the glass at the examination room.

“Boss…… do you need water?” Chen Yan said respectfully.

Lin Zhihua waved expressing no.

His line of sight was out of the window. Chen Yan didn’t know what he was thinking.

In fact, Lin Zhihua just wants to guard Xue Jiao.

The college entrance examination was the most important thing Xue Jiao cared about before today. He wanted to accompany her.

At the same time, today is also a very important day for Lin Zhihua.

It means that his girl is about to grow up and that his girl is about to go to his city.

At the same time……

It means he doesn’t have to be overcautious anymore.

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