SOOEW Chapter 254 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXI

A moment later, she turned back and looked at his cheek, but laughed loudly.

Under his puzzled eyes, she pointed her finger at the tip of his eyebrow, which was covered with a layer of floating white snow, “Old husband….…..” her hand turned and twisted his hair tip, “white hair and white eyebrows, A Luo is old, you’ll look like that.”

“En.…..” he said.

She touched the snow from his hair, used his eyes as a mirror, painted it on her eyebrows bit by bit, and then smiled brightly at him: “A Luo, remember, this is how I’ll look old.”

Yu Wenluo’s heart was like being clenched hard, painful and beating quickly. He narrowed his eyes, held her face and kissed her under her smile.

It’s not like a kiss on her lips on a rockery. This time, he pried open her lips and teeth and kissed her deeply. He tossed between her lips and tangled fiercely and wantonly, but she seemed to feel his hopeless struggle. The sour meaning spread from the tip of her nose to her eyes, and she kissed him gently. He paused and didn’t let go of her, but his action slowed down and began to become gentle bit by bit And the lingering sucking kiss reveals his infinite nostalgia.

The snowflakes all over the sky fell on them and melted under this desperate enthusiasm.

After a long time, he stepped back and they looked at each other.

“You’ll never find someone like me again,” She asked while sipping. “You’ll never forget me in your life, will you?”

He slowly kissed her snow-white eyebrows, hid his deep palpitation in the depths, and nodded gently.

When Wen Ying returned to Wen’s house, she received a warm welcome. There was no need to mention her parents’ satisfaction. Her cheap mother pulled on her with tears from time to time, saying she was promising and earned her face. Her cheap father was a little more restrained. He just touched his beard and nodded at her frequently, but smiled at her. She saw that they were also very fresh.

The relationship with the sisters of the family used to be general , but now they don’t dare to visit her again. They can’t say many words. As for the others, they were all from distinguished families, and they don’t flock to see the new, but they have the same attitude of curiosity. Some people bring gifts and send invitations. However, the days in the house were not as free as those in the palace. She wandered in the garden in a circle. Some people were afraid of the wind and the “Crown Princess” falling ill, following step by step, holding the stove, holding an umbrella and picking up a skirt. The battle was so big that she didn’t want to come back. She felt that the bride to be married still had to be honest and not go out.

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She was like porcelain hidden in a treasure house. She was offered food on the table and wiped every day. She had a dull life.

It was a great event for the Crown Prince to establish the imperial consort, and the Emperor must choose a good day. It happens that the double spring of this year is an excellent omen. There were many auspicious days, and they were soon settled.

During this period, the Imperial Palace often sends courteous streams to Wen’s house in the name of the Empress. When outsiders see it, they only think that the Empress is very satisfied with the future Crown Princess. But Wen Ying looks at it, it’s a bit like the handwriting of the Crown Prince. Coupled with the scene of the palace election, it’s good the Empress just doesn’t complain. She really doesn’t dare to think about putting gold on her face.

Although the original plan had changed, when Wen Ying opened the light source map for a rare time, she suddenly found that there had been pretty small progress on both sides. However, she hasn’t seen the others for such a long time, and the progress naturally stagnated.

Finally, on the wedding day, the etiquette of establishing the Crown Princess was much more than that of the original owner when she was a side concubine in her previous life. After all, she was the future mother of the country and had to accept the worship of all officials. Fortunately, this was Yu Wenhong’s second time after all. He knows the segments well and has arranged them for her. She walks down from department to department without making any mistakes. In the evening, there was a regular banquet and a bridal chamber night.

Wen Ying sat on the happy bed covered with peanuts, red dates, longan and lotus seeds and listened to many noisy voices pouring into the wedding room. It can be said to be very lively.

She looked under the red veil. Several princes arched a person in front of her and said with a smile: “The bridegroom’s official has come to uncover the red veil!”

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