WFILTU Chapter 332 – Finished Exam III

“She was taking the college entrance examination today.” Cheng Mingze’s words stunned the two doctors at the same time.

The child’s luck is really bad since she got sick before the college entrance examination.

Finally, the doctor only said, “her fever will be gone tonight, and she should be fine for the exam tomorrow morning.”

“That’s right, her fever should go down tonight according to her situation.” Another doctor nodded.

“It’s not should be, but definitely.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was cold.

The two doctors suddenly thought of the dean’s instructions, changed to a serious attitude, and then used a conservative statement.

“I’m sure we can get rid of her fever tonight. She can attend the exam tomorrow. As for her state, it depends on herself.”

At this time, two nurses came over holding several bottles of drip water.

Just as he was about to tie the bottle to Xue Jiao, Lin Zhihua reached out and stopped him.

“Doctor, this hanging water is too much. Let’s change her treatment.”

“Ah” they were surprised again.

Lin Zhihua looked at the girl in the hospital bed and spoke seriously, “As long as she can go to the exam tomorrow, there will certainly be no problem in her state, but if so much water is hung, it is likely to have a physiological impact. Hanging a bottle all night tonight will also have an impact on her sleep.”

So many bottles of water were equivalent to the body ingesting a lot of water.

Recently, Xue Jiao has been trying to restrain drinking water. She was afraid that she would want to go to the toilet during the exam, which will affect the exam.

Also, they have to change her drip bottle at night, and struggle about at night.

The doctor thought for a moment and said, “Dripping salt water has the most stable effect. She will be fine tomorrow. The effect of an injection and medication would be poor, and I’m worried about her continuing to have a fever tonight.”

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Cheng Mingze was stunned and looked at the doctor, “so the effect of a water drip is the best.”

The doctor nodded, “That’s right, an injection is fine, but if she has a fever again in the middle of the night and doesn’t deal with it in time, she may not be able to go to the exam tomorrow. You guys can decide.”

Cheng Mingze frowned and his face was tangled.

“Take an injection and eat some medicine.” Lin Zhihua inhaled deeply.

Cheng Mingze turned to look at him.

Lin Zhihua’s voice was very serious. “For her, the exam is the most important.”

Cheng Mingze was stunned. He didn’t expect that Lin Zhihua knew so much about Xue Jiao.

“What if she can’t take the exam tomorrow?”

“Impossible.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was very sure.

Cheng Mingze looked at him deeply and looked at Xue Jiao who was frowning on the bed.

After a moment, he slowly opened his mouth.

“Ok, thank you, doctor.”

When the doctor went out, Lin Zhihua approached, reached out and gently touched the forehead of Xue Jiao.

Then he took it back under Cheng Mingze’s needle-like eyes and left quickly.

Not long after he left, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong came in a panic.

“How’s it, how is she?”

“It’s just a cold and fever, and an injection was given immediately. Then she took some medicine and stayed in the hospital for observation overnight.” Cheng Mingze went up to explore the forehead of Xue Jiao.

Then he explained the situation in detail. He didn’t mention Lin Zhihua. Xue Jiao didn’t say it herself, so he also didn’t say it.

“Of course, the body is important, and the college entrance exam and others come second.” Cheng Shuo’s eyes widened.

Cheng Mingze sighed, “but Jiao Jiao cares very much about the college entrance examination.”

With this sentence, Cheng Shuo was silent.

Li Sitong looked around anxiously and spoke without energy “how did this happen?”

Cheng Shuo inhaled deeply and sat down. “It’s a blessing, not a curse, but curses cannot be avoided.”

A moment later, he said again, “Then, let’s just stay here tonight and book a hotel around here. Fortunately, you have booked a single room for Jiao Jiao, otherwise it will affect her sleep.”

Cheng Mingze was silent for a moment and said, “I’ve booked the one next door. Dad, I’ll live with you in the one next door tonight.”

Cheng Shuo glanced at him suspiciously. It’s not difficult to say that Cheng Mingze can book a single ward, but to book two……

And this was the best and quietest ward in this environment.

But now Xue Jiao was more important, and Cheng Shuo has no time to think more.

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