SOOEW Chapter 255 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXII

The boots stood in front of her without moving. She knew it wasn’t Yu Wenhong.

Suddenly, the person was pushed forward by someone and his hand shook under the cover. Unexpectedly, he really inadvertently lifted the red cover. There was a “wow” surprise in the room. She shook when she heard the man that had quickly blocked the cover for her.

“Don’t be afraid, they’re just playing.” A familiar breath poured into his nose, and he comforted her.

She gave a low “en”.

Just then, Yu Wenhong walked into the room.

In the bustling wedding room, no matter whether it was the mouth or it was the heart, countless voices poured into his ears, but he clearly heard a female voice from his bride and his crown princess.

【A Luo ……】

His breath stagnated and he looked in the direction of the happy bed. At this time, Yu Wenluo had withdrawn his eyes and walked back. When he met eyes with him, he nodded and shouted, “Big brother.”

Yu Wenhong looked at Wen Ying, “Just now……”

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Before he could answer, the princes all laughed happily: “Big brother! We want to see if the sister-in-law is beautiful for brother in advance, so let brother six uncover the bride’s veil. If Big Brother wants to fight, hit the sixth brother! He uncovered the veil, which has nothing to do with us!”

Yu Wenluo said, “I was only just pushed over. Don’t worry, big brother.” He looked down at him and said, “By the way, I wish big brother and……sister-in-law to be forever united and have a happy marriage.”

“Thank you.”

He finally looked away, and then, under the reminder of the woman attendant, he went to uncover Wen Ying’s veil.

As soon as the red veil was gone, her face was exposed. Her phoenix crown and gown was more grand than usual. He heard her say【It’s unknown if a few kilograms of powders can be wiped away. What’s good to look at, don’t look anymore!】. Looking at her pretending to be shy, he couldn’t help laughing. The mood that had just settled in his heart became lighter.

At this time, the other party heard a little looseness from Yu Wenluo’s unbreakable heart, but he didn’t know what the other was talking about.

When all the dust settled, everything was quiet, leaving only the candles in the wedding room.

Wen Ying sat up with her stiff neck. She was about to twist it open, but Yu Wenhong suddenly said, “don’t move.” Then a pair of warm hands stretched out and pinched her neck. After a moment, the hairs on her neck stood upright and the meaning of crispness came. She bit her lips and held back her laughter, but she couldn’t help shrinking back.

“Ticklish?” he stopped his movements and asked.

“En, I can only move myself, but no one else can.” She explained for fear of his misunderstanding.

“I know.” He asked someone to come in and take her phoenix coronet, and robes of rank. When the palace girl was about to leave, he said, “Let the kitchen cook a bowl of wonton…….” He glanced at her, “shrimp and pork, don’t put in ginger.”

The maid in waiting heard the prince put forward such a trivial request. She was stunned. She answered and retreated.

Wen Ying’s expression was full of longing. It seemed that she wanted to open her mouth and say “two bowls”, but she held back. Seeing this, he chuckled and said, “I ate a lot during dinner, and wonton was ordered for you.” After eating the wine, he had a touch of drunken red in the corners of his eyes, and his face was much more gentle.

She was not surprised and peeped at him.

That’s not right, has the prince also transmigrated? Didn’t he receive the wrong script?

But Yu Wenhong only heard her say【did the prince also get [beep——], didn’t he take the wrong [beep——]】, and couldn’t help looking at her in doubt.

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