WFILTU Chapter 333 – Finished Exam IV

After seven o’clock, a nurse respectfully brought in an older doctor. He didn’t wear a white coat and looked like he came from somewhere else.

After the doctor came, he looked at the situation of Xue Jiao, and then prescribed some medicine again.

“Her fever will definitely drop tonight. Don’t worry. Now give her this medicine and try to let her eat it.” The doctor handed the new medicine to Cheng Shuo.

“Thank you, doctor.” Cheng Shuo looked moved. This doctor did not seem average at first sight.

The doctor shook his head and only said, “Don’t worry. Her fever will drop by ten o’clock at the latest. At that time, she should eat something, have a good sleep and attend the exam properly tomorrow.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong, could only say this.

The doctor smiled and said, “Year three students ah, we should all try our best to help.”

As he finished speaking, he shook his head with a smile and left.

Cheng Mingze looked deeply at his back and didn’t speak.

Outside, the doctor went straight to the stairs.

“Boss Lin, you dragged me from home today just to see someone with a cold.”

Lin Zhihua pulled on the corners of his mouth and said, “Thank you, Uncle Liao. How is her situation?”

Dr. Liao placed his hands behind his back and looked arrogant. “What do you think? I was the one who moved.”

Lin Zhihua smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was already 9:00 p.m. when Xue Jiao woke up. Li Sitong hurriedly fed her medicine, which was to be taken again tonight.

And Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze were asking this and that with concern.

“Jiao Jiao, is there anywhere that’s uncomfortable?”

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“Jiao Jiao”

At this time, someone knocked at the door.

Cheng Shuo went to open the door.

“Hello, this is the takeout you1 *formal form of you ordered.” It was delivered to Cheng Shuo’s hand. The man turned around and left.

Cheng Shuo was stunned for a moment, and then carried it into the room.

He spoke while dismantling, “Mingze, you are thinking quite comprehensively today, and the meal has already been ordered.”

Once again, it was all dishes that were suitable for patients, and Cheng Shuo’s smile was a little more obvious.

Cheng Mingze didn’t speak, but looked at Jiao Jiao with concern.

He had been worried about Jiao Jiao and didn’t even remember to order a meal.

This was more likely the handiwork of Lin Zhihua.

That night, Xue Jiao stayed in the hospital all night.

Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong and Cheng Mingze tried their best to give her a quiet environment. After ten o’clock, the doctor checked her over once again and said that her fever had receded. After that, no one bothered her.

She slept until seven in the morning and was taken to the examination by Cheng Shuo.

“Jiao Jiao, are you all right?” Madam Qin just sent Chu Sheng in and turned her head to see that Xue Jiao had just come.

“I’m fine.” Xue Jiao’s face was a little white, but she smiled and looked fine.

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“That’s good, that’s good, hurry in. Work hard! ” Mrs. Qin waved her fist.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Shuo spoke their farewells and she went straight to her exam room.

She came a little late. Fortunately, the exam hasn’t officially started yet.

As soon as she left, Madam Qin spoke anxiously, “How did she catch a cold during the college entrance examination. Sitong, that is on you as a mother, who didn’t take care of her well during this time.”

Li Sitong was also very guilty. She pulled on her mouth and smiled. “I never went to see how she slept at night. I didn’t do this well. I really didn’t take good care of her.”

Xue Jiao worked so hard, but there was such a mistake when it came to the time of the college entrance examination.

“Mom, it shouldn’t be blamed on you.” Cheng Mingze looked at Li Sitong and remembered what Lin Zhihua said. “As long as Jiao Jiao has entered the examination room, she won’t let her body affect herself.”

Lin Zhihua, a man who, unknowingly has met Jiao Jiao, understood her very well.

But he won’t let Lin Zhihua get close to Jiao Jiao again.

His situation was too complicated and his age was too old to be suitable for Jiao Jiao.

In the distance, Lin Zhihua, who watched Xue Jiao enter the examination room, was slightly relieved.

Next to him, Chen Yan took a look at him.

“Boss, take a break.”

Lin Zhihua nodded and closed his eyes to sleep.

Chen Yan knew that this man was in the ward on the other side of Gu Xuejiao last night and stayed worried all night.

Lin Zhihua was right. As long as she entered the examination room, she would never let her body affect herself.

In the morning, she took the English exam. After yesterday’s math test, one of them didn’t come today.

There were people who didn’t come to many exam rooms. It may be that they didn’t arrive for various reasons, or there was too much pressure after the mathematics exam, so they don’t take the exams today.

Most candidates were part of the latter.

Before starting to answer the questions, Xue Jiao still closed her eyes slightly.

She forgot all her physical discomfort before she picked up her pen and devoted herself to the exam.

She spent three years in her last life, two years in this life and five years altogether.

Xue Jiao doesn’t know how many papers she has already done.

Countless and countless papers were piled up into her proficiency today.

Compared with yesterday’s math exam, the English exam in the morning was very simple. Xue Jiao finished it easily. She checked it twice and handed in the paper ten minutes in advance.

But the comprehensive exam in the afternoon was difficult, though it was not as difficult as yesterday’s math exam, but it was still a little harder than the first mock exam.

This time, it was not easy for Xue Jiao to finish the exam. Although she could do it all, the time was also a constraining factor. Just as she finished the last question, there were only two minutes left.

She only had enough time to check whether her answers were filled in correctly, such as location, machine card, test number, etc., and then she straightened out the paper, and the bell rang.

“Stop writing.”

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  1. It’s just that this decision is not up to you, Mingze.
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    • Exactly. Especially considering their past that Mingze has no clue about. Lin Zhihua is so much closer to Xue Jiao compared to the rest of her family. I mean, all the tutoring, advising, analyzing, accompanying during the rough moments (especially in the beginning when everyone was against her. Including Mingze himself), oh, and not to mention the Life. Saving. Grace. I wonder how he’d react if he came to know all of this?

      • I guess, he doesn’t know anything yet and has an understanding of the Lin family (which we know how “lovable” is), so he may not be in favour? There’s also the angle where Zhihua’s supposed social/financial standing is way way higher than them (which is a factor in many Asian marriages) because later on in case of a tentative conflict, Xuejiao would have a weaker background.

        Again, these are just his thoughts. How Zhihua’s & Xuejiao’s relationship develops is on them

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