WFILTU Chapter 334 – Finished Exam V

As soon as the invigilator’s words fell to the ground, the two teachers quickly came down and took away the papers.

In the “ah wu” examination room, a girl wailed.

The others just looked at it and were attracted by the sound outside.

“Ah ah ah ah ah” they screamed.

“Liberated” they cried.

“I’ve finally finished my fucking exam” they howled.

“Graduated” they cheered.

Xue Jiao walked out of the examination room, and her eyes gradually moist.

Her three years plus two years, full five years of hard work and efforts, finally ended today.

There was no pain and no imaginary cheers. Xue Jiao just reddened her eyes and felt a little lonely in her heart.

Her eyes looked down at the group of students who were laughing, crying and wondering about the answers.

This group of children and her youth ended today.

Their hard yet full of memories from their high school career was completely over.

The world covered by people has opened the door. In the future, they will have to break through the boundless world outside.

Was it to stop, or hold the sword to the ends of the world, or climb the peak bravely.

What will the future look like? The teachers who were responsible for everything in high school and the parents who arranged for us can no longer arrange and be responsible.

Xue Jiao was hugged by Liu Jiaxue when she came downstairs.

“Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao, I heard that you had a cold, which scared me to death.”

“I’m fine.” Xue Jiao smiled, exposing a row of teeth and looking a little pale.

“That’s good,” Liu Jiaxue said with a sigh of relief. “How did you do on the exam? Did it affect your performance?”

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“I think I have played all my strength, and I only have this strength.”

Liu Jiaxue was completely relieved and said, “That’s good. You must have no problem if you were to give full play to your strength.”

“And you?”

“I already tried my best. Anyways, I’m finished now.”

Liu Jiaxue smiled.

Most people were like this. When they leave the examination room, no matter how they did, they are more immersed in the excitement of liberation.

No one knows how much joy and loneliness accounted for this excitement.

When Xue Jiao went outside, she saw Cheng Shuo and they squished in the crowd.

Not far away were Qian Yu and Liu Jun.

Xue Jiao and Liu Jiaxue went to their parents respectively.

“Jiao Jiao, how does your body feel?” Cheng Shuo and them were most concerned about this.

Xue Jiao replied with a smile, “It’s very good.”

“You will probably go out to dinner in the evening. Remember not to drink or eat cold food.” Cheng Mingze warned.

Xue Jiao nodded obediently.

He couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing the head of Xue Jiao.

Li Sitong took out the medicine and water and handed it to Xue Jiao, “Take some medicine first and call us when you come back in the evening. Don’t spend the night outside, do not.”

Cheng Shuo pulled her. “Alright, Xue Jiao has a sense of propriety.”

Li Sitong stopped talking. Cheng Shuo looked at Xue Jiao and said with a smile, “Pay attention to your safety at night. Remember to call us if you need something. We’ll go back first.”

“Ok, thank you, mom and dad. Brother, I’ll go home early in the evening.” Xue Jiao waved her paws and Cheng Shuo left.

“Nerd,” Xue Jiao has just met with Liu Jiaxue, and Yi Tianyu rushes out.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes at him, “go back to the classroom.”

“Together together.” Yi Tianyu has skin thicker than the city wall.

In the distance, Lin Zhihua waved “let’s go back.”

“Are you not going to greet her?”

Chen Yan was not a fool. How much the boss cared for the little girl, he could see it as long as he had eyes.

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak. After a moment, he said four words.

“The future is long.”

When they came to the third teaching building in senior high school, some students were standing by the window throwing papers.

From below, the director shouted “don’t throw the paper!”

But no one listened to him.

A moment later, the director shouted.

“Throw it over there. There’s someone here.”

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