SOOEW Chapter 256 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXIII

Wen Ying received Yu Wenhong’s sight and asked him back instead, “What’s the matter?”

Yu Wenhong shook his head, “It’s nothing.”

Mind reading was not omnipotent. He often failed to listen carefully because of distance and other reasons. He was used to it. Just thinking of the paragraph she just said, it must not be good, but it made him think hard to know what she said.

In this regard, Wen Ying tilted her head and smiled triumphantly.

As early as after the change of plan, she considered that when she was with the prince, she would encounter the crisis of 24-hour snooping and mind reading.

So she combed all the information and came to a conclusion——just follow her heart’s wishes. Other than needing to be careful about Yu Wenluo, at other times, what she needs to play is a cheerful and honest girl. She smiles when she sees what she likes, throws away when she sees what she doesn’t like, and whatever she wants is the best performance.

Anyway, all the information about the outside world will be blocked, and she doesn’t have to restrain her thoughts with fear.

After a while, the wonton was brought up to the table. She was really tired of tossing and eating several. She seemed to remember something, bit the spoon and asked him, “Are you really not eating?”

Yu Wenhong watched her eat for the first time, or for the first time in this life. Previously, his memories about her had been blurred. It seemed that there was not much difference between her and other women. It seemed that she was full after a few bites. Then he stared at her and watched all the time, so she didn’t want to eat much. But tonight she ate very deliciously. She fed it into her mouth one by one. Her movements were still very delicate. When she blew the soup, her red lips were really beautiful.

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He looked hungrily at it before he knew it.

Seeing that he hesitated, Wen Ying scooped one to feed him, put the other hand in the empty pocket below, saw that he really ate, and smiled at him.

The moment he ate it, he remembered that it was the spoon she had used, but strangely, he didn’t reject it. Looking at her rare smile, he ate it in silence.

When the palace attendant took all the things away, they washed and then went to bed.

It was late. She ate and washed herself with hot water. Now she was sleepy. She sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed a corner of the bedding and almost knocked on the bed post without nodding. The prince was also sleepy after drinking wine. Seeing her like this, he couldn’t help laughing and pinched her neck.

This pinch made her shake suddenly, and she half woke up and stared at him with beautiful eyes.

His heart quivered and he bent down to kiss her. She took off her makeup and didn’t have on anything like rouge, but her cheeks were like powder lotus, which was more tender than usual. When he pressed her into the soft quilt, he suddenly asked, “What’s your nickname?”

“.……Zhi Zhi.” she replied vaguely.

She originally didn’t have a nickname, and it would be the original owner’s if she did.

“Sesame from ganodorma?”

“Sesame from sesame dumplings.”

He smiled again, and with that smile he kissed her all the way down from her cheek.

The light in the room has been extinguished, and the light of dragon and Phoenix candles sprinkled the room full of dim yellow, adding an ambiguous haze. But when her skirt was half open and the person was dizzy, Yu Wenhong suddenly heard her voice.

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