WFILTU Chapter 335 – Finished Exam VI

The group of people left the window with a smile and looked up. They could also see the group of happy students in the classroom.

Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu chuckled and waited until the behavior of throwing books stopped before they entered the classroom of class 1.

Many people have come back. As soon as they entered, they saw the sky full of paper fragments, and the ground was also covered with papers.

“Shit, I’ll also go throw it away”

Liu Jiaxue glanced at him and said deeply, “Why are you throwing it away so soon. What if it’s still used next year?”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Many students who were having fun also heard it and gave it a hand.

Thinking about their messy math test, they silently picked it up again.

At this time, Teacher Yin came in.

This was probably the first time she smiled so easily and happily. She didn’t frown or swear when she saw the messy classroom.

Because of the influence over the year, the students subconsciously sat in their own positions when they saw her.

At this time, the people in the classroom were basically almost all here.

Yin Fang smiled. “You are all completely liberated. Why are you still sitting so obediently waiting for me to give a lecture.”

This sentence was a joke, and suddenly someone’s eyes were red.

“Congratulations on your graduation.” Yin Fang smiled again.

Then she picked up the chalk and wrote a line of words on the blackboard.

“Since you all are sitting so obediently, the teacher will say a few more words. In the future, your life will be colorful, you may engage in various majors, and you may become famous. The teacher hopes that you will not forget your goals no matter how far and where you go in the future. Move forward bravely in one direction. In high school, the college entrance examination is your goal. I hope after graduation , you can all have new goals and dreams. Don’t let go and become completely useless. “

Her words fell to the ground, and the sentence on the blackboard had been written. In the future, the mountains are high and the water is far, the road of life is long, rain or shine.

Yin Fang looked at the children below. Some people said that the teacher sent away one session after another without emotion.

In fact, it’s not. Over the past two years, she has spent more effort on them than her children, and the feelings generated were also strong.

But these children have a better future. She was just a temporary sentry box. Now that they are leaving, she can only send her best wishes.

Yin Fang’s eyes turned red and she looked at the students one by one. “Children, no matter where you will be in the future, please remember your mood and dreams sitting in the classroom today.”

“Only yourself and your dreams can never be let down.”

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Next, they burst into tears. When they were together, they looked forward to parting, but it was more uncomfortable to be apart.

Xue Jiao’s eyes also reddened.

“Alright, everyone will liberate year three class one, and have a final holiday.”

With Yin Fang’s cry, the students in class 1 cried and laughed, and their mood was complex.

June was a season of parting.

After Yin Fang left, the class monitor stood up and said, “We have a lot of cash bonuses left in our class. Let’s call the teacher to have dinner in the evening.”

As soon as the class monitor’s words fell to the ground, someone threw the paper and said angrily, “We are not breaking up our year three class one.”

The class monitor scratched his head. “Then are we going or not?”

“Go go go and pick a good restaurant. I’ll make up for it if there’s a lack of money.” Yi Tianyu stood up and shouted from his chair.

“Brother Yu” the boys cheered and rushed to carry him.

They said they wanted to slaughter Yi Tianyu, but in fact there was no shop around the school that could kill his wallet.

Finally, they decided to have dinner with class two at a restaurant at seven o’clock. Although they sat in different private rooms, they could call all the teachers at least.

After all, the teachers in class one and class two were almost the same.

When they left, they packed up in the classroom. The boarding students still had to stay, but they could go home.

Just do what they need to do and come back to school after.

After they packed up their things, the girls in the class put on beautiful clothes one by one.

The boys also took off their school uniforms and washed their hair clean.

Uncle Xing came to help her take her things first, and then she and Liu Jiaxue went to the restaurant hand in hand with the group.

“Jiao Jiao, why don’t you change your clothes.” Liu Jiaxue was slightly surprised. Xue Jiao was still wearing her school uniform.

Xue Jiao looked at her, smiled and shook her head. “We won’t be wearing it for much longer.”

This is probably the last time they would wear the school uniform of Qizhong school.

When they were a student, they tried their best to take off their school uniform every day and dreamed of wearing beautiful clothes every day.

After a long time, they began to miss the time of wearing school uniforms, and then they hoped they could go back to the present, put on their school uniforms again, and even choose their lives again.

What they missed may not be school uniforms, but their youth.

Liu Jiaxue thought it was the same. She pulled Xue Jiao and walked happily to the restaurant.

In the evening, class 1 and class 2 were distributed in two private rooms, and the teachers sat evenly in the two private rooms.

Yin Fang was over here, Li Ping was over there, Teacher Yuan was over here and Teacher Chen was over there.

This was a balanced separation.

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