SOOEW Chapter 257 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXIV

[Do not……]

He was in a trance for a moment, and his hand untied her skirt, and the voice became clearer and clearer again and again. He stood up drunk and looked at her while holding his forehead. She didn’t speak, and even her eyes were closed. Obviously, she was very tired and sleepy. She could only half open her eyes to look at him occasionally.

But her rejection was so obvious inside her that he woke up halfway from his drunken stupor.

Yu Wenhong recalled what he had just done and suddenly laughed at himself.

In fact, from the day he put the jade ruyi in front of her and she chose him, he decided to treat her well.

When he was born again, he was very angry. He thought that he had seen through all the people’s hearts by living one more life, so he only wanted revenge.

But just at that moment, he obtained the mind reading skills.

The more you know something, the clearer you think about it. When he was reborn, he thought Wu Yuzhen was very good. Anyway, she was dedicated to him, but after several events, he found that the truth he thought he knew was not so thorough. It’s not unreasonable that he didn’t like to get along with her in his last life. He grew up in a conspiracy. The only word he learned was “fight”. He fought with his brothers, with his ministers, and even with the Emperor. Everything was added with conspiracy, so he hoped that the people around him would be simpler. What Wu Yuzhen asks is not what he wants to give, and what she gives is not what he asks, so even if they do it again, they are still not suitable. So much that after reading her heart, he couldn’t bear to get along with her day and night.

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And yet because Wen Ying betrayed him, he thought she should be bad. However, she attracted him again without any of her memory. Later, he figured out that if he hadn’t deliberately let go and let her know Yu Wenluo earlier than in her previous life, maybe she could stay with him more purely in this life.

But obviously, he understood a little too late.

Once he thought that she still had Yu Wenluo in her heart today, things seemed to continue along the track of the previous life, and he suddenly became afraid. Perhaps, even if she was not reluctant, he could not overcome his own hurdle.

From start to finish, he could never forget that after his death, she threw herself into Yu Wenluo’s arms with joy.

In such a short time, Wen Ying has completely slept and turned over comfortably. He looked at her with a complicated look, but unconsciously stretched out his hand and covered the quilt for her. When she was uneasy and ready to move, he patted on the quilt, allowing her to fall into a sweet dream.

The next day, Wen Ying woke up from bed and there was no figure next to her.

When she dressed up and walked out of the door, she saw Yu Wenhong teasing birds in the corridor, a cockatiel, with a lovely rouge orange on its cheeks. She was attracted at a glance.

He waved to her, and she ran over with a small step and almost stepped on the silk of soft satin. Bi Yue was behind her hurriedly trying to wrap her cloak. Yu Wenhong asked her to step aside and personally took over to help her tie the lace of her cloak, which made her look at him again.

She added food to the cockatiel’s bowl and teased it to eat, but the little cockatiel with its blush proudly cast aside her head.

She teased for a long time but didn’t see it eat. Suddenly she heard Yu Wenhong, “it wants to drink water, add water to it.”

“How do you know?”

Unconvinced, she took the small teapot handed by the attendant and added a little to its tray. Unexpectedly, it immediately lowered its arrogant head!

Spineless bird!

“How do you know?” she asked again, but this time she asked for advice with an open mind.

Yu Wenhong smiled and didn’t speak.

Wen Ying suddenly remembered that maybe it was because of mind reading……

Because “mind reading” involves secrets, Yu Wenhong’s ears turn it into [is it because of [beep -].]

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