WFILTU Chapter 336 – Finished Exam VII

Graduating from the college entrance examination was like lifting a ban. There were several beer boxes on the side.

Xue Jiao ate something while it was still hot, then sat there with Liu Jiaxue and looked at the other students with a smile.

From opposite Gu Xuejiao, a boy with a red face came over.

It wasn’t long before the start. It was obviously intentional to drink more.

Xue Jiao shook her head, smiled and said, “I have a cold and dare not drink.”

As soon as her words fell to the ground, the boy scratched his head in embarrassment.

Then he said, “That, Gu Xuejiao, I I”

He stammered and wanted to say something that everyone knew.

“Confess, confess” the others chanted.

“Be together, be together” they all fooled around.

Yi Tianyu, who was sitting next to Xue Jiao, put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and pulled the person over, “What are you? Don’t talk when you drink.”

“Hahaha” everyone laughed.

Someone joked, “Brother Yu, do you like straight-A students?”

Yi Tianyu glared at him, but his face turned red, “Don’t speak.”


Teacher Yin and several teachers also smiled and laughed. Teacher Yuan suddenly said, “Yi Tianyu, just wait for the other to finish.”

Yi Tianyu didn’t speak yet, but the other person was embarrassed instead and went back to his seat.

Obviously, he’s not going to say it.

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Teacher Yuan smiled and shook his head.

Children of this age think that the future is very long, and their life is a long life, year by year, day by day.

They won’t know that if they don’t say something, they won’t have a chance to say it again.

Some people who spoke their farewells really won’t see the others again.

There are no student reunions that could gather all the people, and no wedding where all the invited people become guests.

These ignorant feelings in their youths can only become memories at the bottom of their hearts without the opportunity to say them.

In the dead of night, a person’s memory.

No one understood him or his beating heart when talking to her.

After that, other people came to look for Xue Jiao. From class 1 to class 2, she picked up water and the others would hold wine.

Some didn’t say anything and drank it one gulp. Some lowered their voices, and softly spoke, Gu Xuejiao, I like you.

Yi Tianyu didn’t prevent it.

Although he was drinking on the side with people with a blackened face, he didn’t stop it in the end.

Maybe because Xue Jiao always smiled and drank water, and then spoke “thank you” which reassured him, or he was confident, but he didn’t stop it.

To Xue Jiao’s surprise, Yu Fangfang, a girl, rushed over after drinking two glasses of beer.

She used to be Cheng Mingjiao’s friend who really despised Xue Jiao.

“Gu Xuejiao”

Xue Jiao raised her brows “En”

Yu Fangfang inhaled deeply, “Thank you.”

Xue Jiao was stunned. She thought that this girl would come and say something provocative.

Yu Fangfang looked at her with complicated eyes. “After Mingjiao quit school, I thought you would cause trouble for me, but you didn’t.”

Xue Jiao smiled. “I didn’t cause trouble for you because when you don’t appear in front of me, I can’t remember you.”

Yu Fangfang was stunned, then took a deep breath and drank the wine in one gulp.

“Anyways, I thought you would embarrass me, but you actually didn’t. Then, every time I saw you get good grades, I was very angry and jealous. Later, you became better and better, and it was difficult for me to even be jealous of you.”

“Because I can never become you, thank you for teaching me that people’s eyes can’t always focus on others,” Yu Fangfang said and left in a hurry.

She probably knew that Xue Jiao didn’t want to see her.

Xue Jiao really doesn’t want to see her. She’s not a Virgin Mary. She could ignore the past, but she wouldn’t want the people who hurt her in the past to appear in front of her again.

These people were just strangers to her.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!!
    I saw it coming. It would probably be better if he confessed soon and then go his own way, but there is still a possibility he would just think she doesn’t want or isn’t ready for a relationship yet.

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  3. NGL, YTY is becoming progressively more annoying. If you don’t have the guts to confess don’t hold others back to do it either… The MC isn’t his belonging.

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