SOOEW Chapter 258 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXV

It was his turn to ask, “what did you guess?”

“I guess……en? How do you know I’m guessing?”

“En……” he pretended to ponder, “I not only know you’re guessing, but also know you’re thinking when you can have breakfast.”

She covered her mouth and looked at him strangely.

As soon as he was about to ask “what’s the matter”, he heard her say in her heart [A Luo and I often play this game. Where did he get it? No, he’s also the prince at least. I don’t think he’s so boring. He probably should have happened to run into it.]

Yu Wenhong paused and suddenly lost the mood of questioning.

Being the crown princess can be said to be much more comfortable than Wen Ying imagined, the change of Yu Wenhong’s attitude was one thing. She really admired his use of mind reading. He actually used it on animals. In addition to the cockatiel in the East Palace, there were all kinds of pets, but most of them are birds. They were good messengers. In addition, in the court, which should have been dead, the color was inexplicably happy, and she naturally lived happily.

But at the same time, there was always a gap between the two. There was her as a factor, but he also accounts for part of the reason.

Ever since she became the prince’s official wife, she often had to go to Zhongcui palace to say her greetings to the Empress. On this day, Yu Wenhong was called away by the Emperor, so she went alone, but she happened to meet Concubine Wan.

Concubine Wan was Yu Wenluo’s mother. She was originally a female official in front of the Empress. She became the Emperor’s concubine after the Empress’s recommendation. She was a person of peace and self-discipline, and the Empress often called her to speak. This was also the reason why Yu Wenhong leaped over her brothers and took special care of Yu Wenluo alone.

When she came this time, she also brought the little prince who was just half a year old, who was Yu Wenluo’s brother.

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When Yu Wenluo seized power in his last life, he was only a few years old and didn’t get other people’s attention. Wen Ying saw such a person at this time and only remembered him now.

The Empress was in a good mood today. When she saw her, she smiled and said, “You should go and hold the baby. Sooner or later, you should practice. It’s better to try it first.”

She didn’t dare not obey. She nodded towards Concubine Wan first, and learned the posture of holding the child with her. Then she carefully hugged the tenth prince over.

Strange to say, he was originally struggling and kicking. As soon as he entered her arms, he grabbed her skirt and wanted to talk.

When the Empress saw him, she spoke strangely, “it seems that the crown princess is very popular with children. The tenth prince always loved to make trouble. He can’t sleep well at night. He often cries and makes trouble. He also doesn’t like strangers holding him. He sure is close to you though.”

Wen Ying looked at him for a moment and spoke with a smile, “Maybe I have fate with him.”

While speaking, Yu Wenluo came in from the outside. When he saw her, he was stunned. Then he saluted and said “Elder sister-in-law”.

“Just in time.” Concubine Wan saw him, she smiled and said, “Go and bring your brother

back. It’s not good to tire out the Crown Princess.”


After saying this, his eyes naturally fell on Wen Ying. Compared with before, she seems to be a little more plump, which shows that her life is not bad, or even very good. Thinking about it, how can someone treat the Crown Princess badly……

“Elders sister in law, give me Little ten,” he whispered to her.

Wen Ying gave an “en”, without looking at him, and she sent the tenth prince to his arms. However, as soon as the child came to his arms, he suddenly burst into tears.

After a moment, Yu Wenluo was at a loss.

He also held his brother on the weekdays, but when Concubine Wan coaxed him, it was rare for him to express his dissatisfaction so fiercely.

Most people couldn’t stand to see a baby crying. Before Concubine Wan coaxed, Wen Ying couldn’t help passing her finger over, and then she was caught by the tenth prince.

She subconsciously looked up at Yu Wenluo, but found that he was also looking at herself.

When Yu Wenhong walked in, he saw such a scene. One was holding the child and the other was teasing the child, just like a warm family of three.

The strong stimulation made him dizzy and he couldn’t help holding his forehead.

In a trance, he thought of many things, many things he thought he was going to forget, because it was too humiliating for him to mention it again, but when he saw this scene, all his memories returned, forcing him to face it.

——In her last life, she was pregnant with Yu Wenluo’s child, just before he died.

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