SOOEW Chapter 259 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXVI

Ever since Wen Ying held the tenth prince, Yu Wenhong’s attitude has changed significantly. The original connivance and care were like a thin layer of ice. If there was a slight difference, it would crack a huge gap.

After two days, the palace attendants began to talk about this. Therefore, Bi Yue said to Wen Ying with worry: “did you quarrel with your Highness the prince? If so, it’s better to take a soft stance with your highness. If this goes on, it would spread all over the palace, and one day it would spread outside.……”

Wen Ying fed the little cockatiel in the corridor. Hearing this, she only said, “He was the one who married me back and not a punching bag. When he likes me, he speaks a few words and when he doesn’t like me, he just throws me aside. If he quarreled with me, it’s fine, at least I know what he’s thinking. He didn’t even quarrel with me, yet he became angry on his own. Where can I soften to show him?” After that, she threw away her things and went back to her room angrily, but this gave Bi Yue quite a scare.

Thinking about it carefully, she follows her master all day. She really hasn’t seen them quarreling. It seems that his Royal Highness has deliberately ignored them.

After thinking for a long time, she only felt a headache come on. At first, she thought his highness didn’t like her master, so she didn’t stop her from communicating with the sixth prince. Who knows what went wrong on the day of the selection, but her master suddenly became the Crown Princess. She thought that since his Highness chose her himself, she had misunderstood it before. In fact, he liked her master. But now, not long after she got married, there was an unexplained contradiction.……at this moment, what was the Crown Prince thinking? She was really confused as a little maid.

What was Yu Wenhong thinking?

Wen Ying also didn’t know. When she reviewed what happened that day again, and later when she coaxed the tenth prince to play as a child, she found that he looked particularly ugly, she vaguely realized the truth. Instead, she breathed a sigh of relief.

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It’s finally this day.

This time, she really wanted to thank the tenth prince——her prize panda, for creating this opportunity for her.

She had read the whole memory of the original owner and was deeply impressed by the paragraph about the child. It was precisely because she knew that this would be a thorn in Yu Wenhong’s heart that she gave up the idea of marrying him in the process. After accidentally marrying him, she didn’t feel secure. Instead, she felt that it was a mine and would explode sooner or later.

The reason why she still carried an attitude of liking Yu Wenluo was that once she shows that she likes him immediately after marriage, she’s afraid that he would settle accounts after autumn and think that she was hypocritical and destroy his original impression.

Now, he finally stopped lying to himself and realized the existence of the thorn in his heart, so she had a chance to remove it.

It’s just that to do what she wants to do, she needs an opportunity……

The Royal winter activities were inseparable from ice play, in which ice hockey was the main activity, which could most ignite people’s enthusiasm. Taking advantage of the ice and snow in winter, another game was going on in the imperial city on this day. The princes bear the brunt. The second prince and the son of an aristocratic family each lead a team respectively, and many noble children also actively participate. Both sides come and go in the cold winter. Stands were set up around. The women’s family members and the daughters of senior officials and aristocratic families sat on them to watch the excitement, and Wen Ying was among them.

Her background was dignified. When the Empress was away, she was situated in the middle.

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