WFILTU Chapter 339 – Number One II

Xue Jiao was stunned for a moment, and then her eyes lit up. Ignoring the books on the ground, she rushed to the sofa and picked up her phone.

【Are you an immortal! ! ! Why do you even know when I’m bored? ? ?】

The opposite side was obviously busy. It took them a few minutes to reply——

【I’m not an immortal, I’m a snail.】

Xue Jiao stuck her head in the sofa and then hit it.

What should she do? She thought her debt of gratitude to Lin Zhihua had exceeded the standard!

Seeing that she didn’t reply, a moment later, a sentence was sent from the other end——

【Not because of kindness or repayment, but because you are my……friend.】

Xue Jiao read the message twice, and then hit it again with her forehead on the sofa.

【You are also my friend! ! Although I can do little for you now! ! I will repay you in the future!】

Lin Zhihua replied to her——

【Ok ok ok, I’ll wait for you to repay me.】

This sentence was full of helplessness. Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed and hurriedly replied——

【I’m not speaking anymore!!I’m going to read!!】

Then she went back to her room with a heavy box.

She hasn’t read many of these books. In her last life, she studied seriously at all times except when she was working. She hasn’t had time to read extracurricular books in her two lives.

Xue Jiao sat in front of the desk and picked up the top one——The Little Prince.

The time when Xue Jiao waited for her grades at home was also the time when she fell into all kinds of novels.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong didn’t ask about her grades. She went to the examination room with an illness. Obviously, both of them were worried that she didn’t do well on the exam.

Sometimes when she was still reading at home, Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo would pull her out to buy her clothes and beautiful jewelry.

Every time Xue Jiao refuses, Cheng Shuo would say——

“Before, you had to prepare for the college entrance examination. Everything was simple. Your mother bought it and brought it to you, but now it’s different. Jiao Jiao is a big girl and can choose what she likes.”

Li Sitong would also smile and nod, and then take her into those stores that suit her.

At this time, Xue Jiao will look at Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong and smile. She was really lucky!

Liu Jiaxue also came to her several times, each time with all kinds of snacks and delicious things.

Yi Tianyu also sent her messages every day and wanted to ask her out to see a movie.

Xue Jiao didn’t respond once.

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He knew Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong’s attitude towards him, so he didn’t dare come to the door.

The time arrived steadily until the evening of June 23.

At the time of the college entrance examination results.

“What time does it come out, Jiao Jiao?” Li Sitong was very nervous.

Xue Jiao was helpless: “Mom, it has been said that you can check at 12 o’clock.”

Cheng Shuo was next to Li Sitong and comforted her by rubbing her back: “It’s okay, Sitong, don’t worry.”

He said it was no hurry, but his other hand kept rubbing on his knee, and then he took it back, placed it back on, took it back, and placed it back.

Cheng Mingze took the college entrance examination last year, but they didn’t pay attention to his grades at all!

How was it like this time, one was more nervous than the other.

Cheng Mingze was escorted. He has a bottom line in his heart, but Xuejiao could fill in her recommendation only by depending on her score this time.

Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo naturally panicked.

In addition, Xue Jiao went to the examination room with an illness. They were afraid that she didn’t do well on the exam, and her mood would be badly hurt.

They all knew how much Xue Jiao cared about learning.

When the time hit 11:55, the three people almost kept looking at the time.

Even though Xue Jiao knew in her heart that the dust would settle after the exam, and she had no choice whether her results were good or bad, she was still a little nervous.

In her last life, she came to this world before she had time to look at her achievements.

So even after two high schools and two college entrance exams, this was actually the first time she got her grade.

Every second passed slowly, and every day was like a year.

As soon as 12 o’clock arrived, Xue Jiao logged in immediately.

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  2. It was the same for me back then. After the exam is over, me and other student was very relaxed. But our parent keep on worry until they see the score.

    It not like we can do anything about it anymore so there is no point, but parent will always be parent.

    As a side note, there is almost no way you can check your score on the day it came out. As soon as it is time for the score to be release, the site will be so overwhelmed by traffic that it will most likely be lagging for hour and hour on without end. Over a billion people logging in at the same time is basically like a DDOS attack.

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