WFILTU Chapter 340 – Number One III

However, there are probably too many people checking the results, and they can’t log in at the time.

“My God, our home network is too bad!” Li Sitong stared at the computer and said viciously.

Cheng Shuo also gritted his teeth and said, “When we go to Beijing, we must change our net provider!”


Probably because it heard that the network was to be changed, the computer refreshed.

The above results were clear, and the three went silent for a while.

Li Sitong held Cheng Shuo’s hand, with daze and shock on her face. After a moment, her voice shook and she asked, “Ah Shuo……What’s the full……What’s the full……score?”

Cheng Shuo’s voice was also tight——

“The full score is 75……”

Then they looked at Xue Jiao together.

Holy crap!


Seven hundred thirty one! ! !

Full marks in math! !

It was that one that was vomited on the internet a few days ago for being the most difficult math section in recent years! The average score may be 50 in mathematics!

Xue Jiao scored 150!

For a moment, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong suspected that they saw incorrectly.


Their daughter really got this score! !

At this time, the phone rang.

Cheng Shuo shivered and picked it up: “Wei……”

“Dad, how did Jiao Jiao do on the test?” It was Cheng Mingze.


You said how!

Last year, you were the number one with just a score of 710!

What do you say about Xue Jiao and 731? !

Xue Jiao herself was shocked. She was able to test 731 under this difficulty, which was absolutely over development!

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She was a little in disbelief herself.

It has to be known that according to the evaluation in her heart……her score would only be about around 720.

This score……

“731……” Cheng Shuo spoke, and the other end of the phone went silent.

Then soon, there was laughter, and Cheng Mingze’s voice carried joy——

“Jiao Jiao! You’re really powerful! This score is going to break the record! !”

Every year, the number one in their province was more than 710. Unless the question was simple, there may be a score more than 720.

Xue Jiao’s score was really shocking because of the difficulty this time!

It seems that the cold really didn’t affect her!

Cheng Mingze spoke a few more words and hung up.

His roommate Zhan Yichen closed the book and asked with a smile, “What is Mingze talking about breaking the record? Your sister’s grades?”

Ever since Cheng Mingze started his phone call, he listened with his ears up.

Over the past year, Cheng Mingze has become famous in school.

He was jealous and helpless, but he always paid attention to him and paid special attention to everything related to him.

Just now he heard “Jiao Jiao……Record breaking……”

He still remembered Xue Jiao’s college entrance examination this year. Did her total score on the college entrance examination break the record? It’s impossible. It should be a single subject.

Cheng Mingze took a deep look at him. He knew the man’s messy mind, but at this time, he didn’t mind stimulating him.

“That’s right, Xue Jiao’s college entrance examination score.”

“How much did she score to let you be so surprised?”

Cheng Mingze smiled: “731.”

Zhan Yichen raised his voice: “Which exam?!”

“National exam.”

Suddenly, there were only three big exposed mouths left.

Zhan Yichen, in particular, didn’t even discover the missing book after it dropped.

Xue Jiao was not the only one who paid attention to her grades. At this time, the office of Qizhong school was full. Everyone was holding a form with the student’s admission card number on it.

Yin Fang first checked Gu Xuejiao’s score, but obviously, she didn’t squeeze up.

On the contrary, Li Ping squeezed to the top and shouted after a moment——

“Ah! Chu Sheng broke the record! !”

“How many points? How many points?” The teachers nearby immediately asked.


“Holy shit!” there were only a bunch of shocked faces.

“The question was so difficult yet he could actually score 726. He is definitely the number one in the province!”

“God, Chu Sheng did very well on the exam!”

“He has always been great, serious and talented!”

“Many of those with good grades may not play stably on the college entrance examination. Chu Sheng has even displayed his peak strength!”

“What a shock! Congratulations to Teacher Li!”

“Hahaha, Congratulations!”

“By the way, how much did Gu Xuejiao score?”

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