SOOEW Chapter 261 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXVIII

The Fourth Prince Consort couldn’t help but be happy when she received the flowers. Wu Yuzhen’s expression was faint instead. She just smiled when she saw Wen Ying sitting there alone, seemingly embarrassed.

Just then, Yu Wenluo came from the other end. Everywhere he passed, the girls whispered excitedly. Their eyes flashed frequently, hoping that he could stop in front of them, but he seemed not to notice and walked all the way in the direction of Wen Ying.

She naturally noticed and quietly shook her head at him.

But he still came to her and stopped. Then he handed her the plum branch in his hand.

Snow particles were left on the blooming red plum, which was beautiful and covered with red and white.

Because the others were all gifting to their women, his gift made no sense. The line of sight on the field and the stand gathered together. The Fourth Prince Consort even took a breath and looked at Yu Wenluo in shock.

Suddenly, she remembered something!

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She and Wen Ying were both xiunv. Others don’t know what happened during the selection, but they know it clearly. The Sixth Prince selected Wen Ying first and the Crown Prince robbed him later. Therefore, seeing such a scene, they couldn’t help but have something hanging in their heart.

Wen Ying, who was beside her, sat in her seat and looked at Yu Wenluo.

He finally whispered, “Today, my elder brother is not here, and I have no family members to give, so I give this flower to my sister-in-law……” he paused. “It’s hard work for you to take care of my brother. This is my thanks to you as the younger brother.”

These words were respectful and reasonable. Others don’t think it’s wrong. On the contrary, the Sixth Prince and the Crown Prince were really brothers. The previous words about their discord were just rumors. Even the Fourth Prince Consort had some doubts after listening to it, and thought that they had thought too much.

Wen Ying hesitated until she saw the color of supplication in his dark eyes, and then hesitated to stretch out her hand.

The Second Prince on the other side suddenly chuckled: “Xiao Liu is so sensible, that in comparison, us elder brothers are failing. What he said is accurate, so this one in my hand will also be given to sister-in-law to express gratitude.“ He also handed the plum branch to Yu Wenluo.

His quarrel inevitably made the princes nearby spit in their hearts. Damn the Second and Sixth, they all flattered the Crown Prince and lined up the rest of the brothers like they did nothing. They thought so in their heart, but they had to smile on their face and say beautiful words one after another while sending the flowers to Wen Ying’s hand.

When the muddy water was stirred, Wen Ying finally smiled. Her smile was bright and moving, which stunned the little princes who were unwillingly sent to the door.

At present, if she still didn’t receive the flowers, she would seem not generous enough, so she took all the flowers under the envious eyes of everyone.

Wu Yuzhen was so impetuous that she simply threw away her flower branches.

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