WFILTU Chapter 342 – Number One V

His line of sight was directed a little far away, and his eyes were also a little confused.

After a long time, Lin Zhihua rang the bell and Tan Qi came in immediately.

“Arrange a trip to Qizhong school tomorrow morning.”

The next day after she knew her grades, Xue Jiao had a very restless life. There were many phone calls alone.

Some colleges and universities called Xue Jiao, and some colleges and universities called Cheng Shuo. Anyway, they must contact Xue Jiao using any means.

Over the years, the competition of fighting for students has not stopped.

Xue Jiao got a record high score and was destined to attract the attention of all colleges and universities.

After all……she got full marks on the math exam……and she was the first prize in the last math competition!

Among the several colleges and universities, Fudan Enrollment Office was the first to call, and the call was to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao politely refused them. Her goal was clear, so she no longer tangled.

Of course, the other party offered some scholarships and even other preferential treatment, but Xue Jiao refused.

Obviously, the other party also heard that she had a goal, so they regretfully hung up the phone and went to recruit other excellent students.

After that, several universities called, and Xue Jiao politely refused them one after another.

“Wei, hello, who 1 *formal form of you are you looking for?” It was another strange phone number.

“Is this student Gu Xuejiao?”

“It’s me. You 2 *formal form of you are?”

“We are from the Admissions Office of Peking University……”

At the other end of the phone, the voice was polite, and Xue Jiao also replied politely to her.

In fact, Peking University had an impression on this student. After all, she was the first prize on the mathematics competition last year. When they were making recommendations before, they wanted to put this girl in their pocket. In fact, in mathematics, girls sometimes have stronger advantages.

But, obviously, the other party refused them.

This time, she refused them again.

At the end, there was a pause and they asked, “May I know which major you want to apply for?”

She’s always rejected them, so she probably doesn’t want to major in mathematics.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Shuo heard the sound of the phone and looked at each other immediately.

Xue Jiao said with a smile, “Mathematics major.”

The other end of the phone: “……”

Are you fucking kidding me? You don’t apply for Peking University when you major in mathematics? ? ?

“Our math major is the strongest in the country.” The other side said this after a long time.

Xue Jiao just smiled and didn’t speak.

The other end: “……”

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Fine, you can go to other schools if you like. If you don’t come to our good mathematics department, you’re on the losing end yourself!

Peking University hung up.

Of course, Peking University in this period did not know that what happened in the next few years would make them want to go back on their words to today.

No matter what, they had to dig Gu Xuejiao!

Cheng Shuo asked her, “Would you regret it? The Mathematics Department of Peking University is the best. Although Tsinghua has had good momentum in the past two years, in the end, it is still not the strongest?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and looked at the phone, but her eyes were firm: “I won’t regret it.”

Of course she won’t regret it. It’s her obsession and the school she wants to go to anyway.

Cheng Shuo nodded and stopped talking.

Their family didn’t expect Xue Jiao to do anything. It’s enough for her to go to the school she wanted to attend and live the life she wants.

Xue Jiao has been waiting for a phone call from the school she wanted to attend.

If she wanted to study with Professor Tan in the future, she must go to that school. That’s what she wanted most.

Tsinghua’s call came at almost five o’clock in the afternoon and reached Cheng Shuo.

Because of the relocation of the company, Cheng Shuo has been packing up at home recently and has not gone to the company in the city.

“Wei, who is this?”

“Hello 3 *formal form of you , is this Gu Xuejiao’s father? We’re from the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University.”

Cheng Shuo glanced at Xue Jiao, opened the speaker, then opened his mouth and mouthed silently: Tsinghua.

After a moment, he laughed to the other end of the phone and said, “Hello hello 4 *formal form of you , I’m Gu Xuejiao’s father.”

At the other end of the phone, they also did not beat around the bush: “It’s like this, we saw Gu Xuejiao’s achievements. Would you like to ask her if she would like to attend our school? Our school warmly welcomes such excellent students such as Gu Xuejiao.”

A smile overflowed from the corner of Xue Jiao’s mouth, which was the joy of achieving one’s wish.

But Cheng Shuo slightly raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh, really? My daughter wanted to be recommended to Tsinghua, but there was no place……”


There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and the sound of breathing became heavier and heavier.

He doesn’t know how they missed such a good seedling!

It was probably the default that the first prize in mathematics would attend Peking University?


The admissions officer smiled.

Gu Xuejiao wanted to be escorted to Tsinghua, yet she didn’t accept the escort to Peking University. What does that mean?

It displayed that the other person was thinking about Tsinghua!

Following, the two sides had a friendly and cordial conversation. When they hung up, there were already “brothers” repeatedly said by the other end of the phone.

“Jiao Jiao, don’t be too happy. Hurry to pack up and go to school to get the notice tomorrow. We’ll leave the day after tomorrow. You’ll also say goodbye to your teachers. I don’t know how many chances you’ll have to come back in the future.” Cheng Shuo exhorted.

Xue Jiao nodded and went upstairs to pack up.

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    • Yes and I really don’t like it. People keep bashing the mom, the teacher, the ml and second ml but nobody points to the MC. They all work on improving their character while all she works on is math.

      There’s no character development. She was 18 when she transmigrated and while that is still young he character is described inconsistently. One moment she’s this naive student incapable of noticing YiYu’s feelings or recognising the underlying attitude of Mingze’s roommate and the next she’s capable to stop a suicide attempt and talk Mingjiao out of a yearlong depression.

      I’m not saying she needs to accept YiYu or even continue being friends with him but ghosting him is super cruel. Forget his one-sided feelings for her it’s like she doesn’t acknowledge him as a friend to begin with. Again there’s no need to force yourself to be friends just because the other side wants to but they’ve been helping each other if she doesn’t want to acknowledge him as a friend she needs to make it clear.

      • I get what you mean, it does seem mean that he actively contacts her but she does not bother to even respond with a no. She doesn’t owe him anything like romantic feelings or even friendship, but she herself has said she considers him a friend, which is the weird part. Honestly her interpersonal relationship seem rather week or hollow, with the few friends she has(ML, the girl and the 2nd ML). We don’t really see her want to spend that much time with them. The few examples we do have were extra circumstances – ML got lucky he was rather helpful and resourceful, so she felt somewhat indebted to him(he also managed to squeeze in at the right time and ingrained herself into her routine, so he has more weight in her mind) and that’d why she thinks of inviting him to dinner, the girl had suicide thoughts and her emphaty didn’t allow her to ignore it, while with TianYu, he was sitting next to her and since he stood up for her, she started helping him. It might be that she never had the time because of studying, but even when she is bored after the big exam so does not think of them as options to hang out… ah well we will see

      • I agree on some parts…but I think MC also got character development tho. She’s more open to others now than before.

        As you said, she didn’t owe YT.. but you can see how she and YT got this special bond as friend even tho they fight and won’t talk. They prob act like they ain’t separated long when they saw each other again like many friends lol

        Also, this is better than MC giving 2nd ML false hope in other novels.

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