WFILTU Chapter 343 – Number One VI

Tuesday, June 25.

Xue Jiao was in a good mood. She wore a pair of denim shorts and a simple T-shirt on her upper body. Li Sitong pulled her hair into a bun. She looked very clever and obedient.

When she went out, Xue Jiao looked up at the gloomy sky. It was a little muggy.

This is……is it going to rain?

“Jiao Jiao, do I need to pick you up?”

“No, no need.” Xue Jiao spoke as she changed her shoes.

Cheng Shuo nodded, thinking that she might have dinner with her classmates today, so he didn’t say anything anymore.

When Xue Jiao closed the door, Li Sitong shouted, “Don’t stay out too long at night!”


Xue Jiao replied and took the car to school.

In fact, she could not go today. Many students won’t go.

Xue Jiao had a purpose to go……

She looked out of the window and was distracted. After a while, the car drove to the school gate.

As soon as she got off the bus, she saw two banners hanging in the distance.

The first article said: Congratulations to Gu Xuejiao, who scored 731 points and won the first prize in the province!

The second article wrote: Congratulations to Chu Sheng of our school for obtaining 726 points and the second best achievement in the province!

It was rare for Xue Jiao who was usually calm. Looking at the banner hanging at the door, she was also a little embarrassed.

With reddish cheeks, she walked in quickly.

Before she got close to the front of the third grade teaching building, she heard a reporter question——

“How is Gu Xuejiao doing at school?”

Then came the headmaster’s excited voice: “This is our classmate Gu Xuejiao’s headteacher and English teacher! Teacher Yin knows that our school has always been excellent in cultivating students, especially……”

Xue Jiao stopped her footsteps. At this time, a person came to her.

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“Shh——” Xue Jiao leaned against the wall and placed a finger on his lips.

Yi Tianyu calmed down, slightly lowered his head and looked at the girl in front of him with an accelerated heartbeat.

——This was the girl in his heart, the driving force of his struggle and efforts, and the vision of the rest of his life.

Xue Jiao continued to listen for a while and heard the reporter ask, “Will Gu Xuejiao come back today? This classmate has not been interviewed. The media are very curious about her and society is also very concerned about her.”

Yin Fang frowned slightly and hesitated: “Today is the time to receive the notice, but our school doesn’t know whether she will come. You see……”

She really doesn’t know whether Xue Jiao would come today.

“Let’s talk first. I’ll wait here by the way.” The reporter frowned.

They must find a way to interview Gu Xuejiao! Currently, the online attention on her is very strong!

Xue Jiao heard it and frowned.

Yi Tianyu lowered his head and lowered his voice: “Are you going to be interviewed?”

Xue Jiao wanted to leave, so she lowered her voice: “I’m ready to withdraw.”

“Alright!” He originally came to see Xue Jiao. Since she was leaving, then why would he stay.

They didn’t walk far and they met Liu Jiaxue.


“Jiao Jiao——” Liu Jiaxue’s voice was also very surprised.

She ran over, threw herself on Xue Jiao and hugged her.

“I miss you so much! !”

“Haven’t we just met a few days ago?” Xue Jiao was helpless.

“I want to see you too!” Liu Jiaxue’s voice was pleasantly surprised.

A moment later, she spoke again, “Jiao Jiao, I’m going to apply to Nanjing University. We won’t be in the same city in the future!”

Xue Jiao reached out and touched her head: “It’s very close. You can come over at the weekend.”

“That’s true! Hahaha!” Liu Jiaxue laughed.

She knew that Xue Jiao must have reported to Tsinghua University.

She looked at Yi Tianyu and raised her brows: “Which school did you report to?”

Yi Tianyu looked at Xue Jiao and smiled while holding his lips: “Beijing University of technology or Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications.”

Liu Jiaxue also looked at Xue Jiao, and her eyes swept between them: “Oh——it’s also good. Beijing Science and technology is better. Beijing post and telecommunications are also close to Tsinghua University. It mainly depends on what your major is.”

Then she noticed that they were facing the outside of the school side by side. She pretended to have a meaningful face: “Oh, I won’t disturb you two, I’ll go collect the notice!”

Liu Jiaxue finished speaking and ran away quickly, leaving only Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu behind.

Xue Jiao shook her head and looked helpless.

Yi Tianyu spoke softly, “Let’s take a walk?”

Xue Jiao nodded.

They didn’t speak all the way. They kept a distance of half a meter and walked all the way to the artificial lake.

Before getting on the bridge, there was a drop of rain in the air, which neither of them noticed.

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