WFILTU Chapter 344 – Number One VII

Yi Tianyu approached Xue Jiao. Xue Jiao didn’t avoid it. The distance between them went from half a meter to ten centimeters.

Yi Tianyu clenched his fist. He was a little nervous, and his heart beat faster. He was ready to confess to Xue Jiao now!


“You.….. “

They spoke together and stopped again.

“You speak first.” Yi Tianyu grinned.

Xue Jiao’s expression was a little stern and especially serious: “Yiyu, do you really want to report to Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications?”

Yi Tianyu nodded embarrassingly.

Xue Jiao looked up at him and said, “Why?”

Because of you!

Yi Tianyu thought, but he was embarrassed to say it, and his feet were rubbing into the ground.

Finally, he just said, “I want to go.”

Xue Jiao stared at him with a serious expression: “With your scores, if you take the road of extra long life, you can go to Fudan University.”

Yi Tianyu was stunned and said, “But Fudan University is in Shanghai.”

“What about it?” Xue Jiao frowned. “Your best choice is Fudan. The major you want to read is also very good at Fudan.”

Yi Tianyu was stunned and looked at her foolishly.

Her eyes were very serious, with a serious look that made him sad.

After a long time, Yi Tianyu opened his mouth: “You don’t want me to go to Beijing?”

Xue Jiao pinched her palm with her fingers, looked at him and spoke word by word: “It’s most appropriate for you to go to Fudan.”

“Appropriate?” Yi Tianyu suddenly seemed to have a fire burning from his heart. “Don’t you know why I went to Beijing? Don’t you know why I chose Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications?”

“I don’t know.” Xue Jiao raised her head and looked colder.

Yi Tianyu stepped forward and was a little worried: “I’ll tell you.…..”

“I don’t want to know!” Xue Jiao’s expression became so cold that Yi Tianyu was afraid.

He subconsciously took a step back, looked at her and moved his upper and lower lips: “There are more than 1000 kilometers between Shanghai and Beijing.…..”

“What about it?” Xue Jiao looked at him. “Can you stop being so naive and make fun of your future?”

Her fingers pulled tightly into a fist. If it was Cheng Mingze or Lin Zhihua, they would be able to see that she was very angry now.

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Xue Jiao was angry.

But Yi Tianyu didn’t see it.

Young people’s warmth was to give everything. It was only you in my world.

Everything I do is for you.

But Xue Jiao was not like this. Girls of the same age are more mature than boys. Xue Jiao’s psychological age was actually two years older than him.

There was an uncomfortable misunderstanding between her and him.

Yi Tianyu trembled a little. Looking at Xue Jiao, his eyes were a little red.

At this moment, the sky began to rain intensively.

“I’m childish? So where am I? How far am I from you? It doesn’t matter to you?!” Yi Tianyu asked continuously, his eyes getting redder and redder.

Xue Jiao looked at him with no expression on her face.

“That’s right.”

“Gu Xuejiao, do you have a heart? !”

The rain began to get heavier. Yi Tianyu felt something coming out of his eyes.

He shouted this sentence, like shouting all his strength.

Xue Jiao didn’t speak and looked at him stubbornly.

She really doesn’t care about him at all……

He studied hard and tried to catch up with her. He took the college entrance examination. He looked from school to school on the map. He just wanted to be closer to her……

But she doesn’t care at all!

Yi Tianyu looked at her and couldn’t hide the hot things in his eyes. They kept rushing down.

He shook his head and ran away in despair.

He felt that his heart was broken. He even felt that he couldn’t stay there for a second more. Staying there made him feel uncomfortable.

Hence, he ran away and left the heartless girl who made him sad.

However, Yi Tianyu in this period did not expect that if the girl in his heart really didn’t care about him, would she know that Fudan was the most suitable for his score?

The girl he liked also turned over the volunteer filling guide she didn’t need to read at night and looked at it from university to university.

If the girl had no feelings for him, would she always help him study? Would she write down all those knowledge points she doesn’t need to write, and then hand them to him for him to see?

Yi Tianyu didn’t know about all these. The immature love of the young man made him childish and stubborn.

Cognition will become clear with the passage of time. The like that he assumed and his reckless youth and recklessness, with the passage of time, he’ll realize that in fact, he never thought of her.

And she always wanted him to be better.

He felt that his heart was empty and he ran away.

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  1. Well… It’s is better that way.
    Thanks for the chapters!!!!

  2. Omg I rolled my eyes so hard I think I stained them. Ahem. Oh youth. They have only lived for so long.
    Many thanks

  3. Well she does have feelings for him but it is more platonic rather than romantic but if he was not second Ml he could have had smth with her. Anyway our MC have platonic love for Ml as well

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  5. foolish himbo T-T if you only took notice you would maybe not win but stay in the ML race alot longer

  6. She gives no fuck about anything other than education. All her brain space is full of that. Too bad for you YT. You can find someone else. She’s into that pedo-man

    • Anybody would appreciate the ‘pedo-man’ more who can respects her limits and wishes and doesn’t treat her like they owe him their one sided feelings.

    • Pedophilia is the interest in prepubescent children. Her body’s age when they met was 16 not 13.. so please find a proper argument.

    • That’s a bit unfair, considering we are told she put in effort to help him with his exam and even consider his prospects, that shows care. It’s just that she does not share these feelings and I don’t think she has the highest EQ in terms of dealing with other people’s feelings, there were probably better ways to convey what she meant to him. They could not never be together considering how more immature and gunho he is, but I also don’t think the FL sees the ML that way either currently, I hope the author takes time into introducing this aspect into the story.

    • In her POV, education is important so caring for YT’s education also meant that he cares alot for him…she may lacked EQ but girlie proved many times that she cared for YT as friend in her “own ways”.

      YT also got his own fault, he didn’t convey his feelings and tsundere with his treatment of her…with MC being dense and full of study in mind, she will not know his feelings (at least even she rejected him, she can acknowledge it)

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