SOOEW Chapter 264 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLI

The more he said this, the more strange it became. Simply because he had unlimited tolerance for beauty, he replied, “You are the Crown Princess. Where could you be if you are not in the East Palace?”

“Crown Princess, how could I……” She raised her eyes and saw his face clearly, and suddenly stopped, “Yu Wenyu? Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for your Highness,” He spoke up to this point. His eyes fell down. He saw her holding her hand between his arms. Her fingernails turned white with force. He stopped, but he didn’t say anything. He turned his sight away. Just then, he saw Yu Wenhong coming here from a distance.

He waved with a folding fan, “Elder brother came just in time, imperial elder sister-in-law, this is……”

Before he finished speaking, he heard Wen Ying first asked the other party, “Why is Yu Wenyu still alive?” Her tone was even more surprised than his.

Yu Wenyu: “……”

As soon as Yu Wenhong arrived, he took the person back beside himself and spoke quietly, “Your elder imperial sister-in-law hasn’t recovered from her illness. I’m afraid her head is confused currently. Don’t mind her talking nonsense.”

“I see……” Yu Wenzhen was suddenly stabbed by his beloved goddess. He didn’t slow down for a moment. He just said, “Eldest brother should take elder imperial sister-in-law back quickly to avoid aggravating her illness by the wind.”

Wen Ying looked at this and looked at that, and suddenly became silent, as if she was aware of her situation.

If the cold palace could be arranged, married people could be found back, and people could become young under makeup, then what is resurrection from the dead……

Yu Wenhong seemed to hear her voice and glanced at her.

After he took the person away, only Yu Wenyu still stood where he was at. He looked down at his arm again, as if the temperature of her palm remained on it. He smiled, shook his head, raised his feet and left.

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Once again, they sat down and talked. They both calmed down a lot. They seemed to find out the current situation, and they were confused. They sat at two ends like confrontation and looked at each other.

Yu Wenhong spoke first.

“I’m afraid the place where you live is different from here. I want to know how you came here?”

Wen Ying sank into silence.

Generally speaking, according to Yu Wenhong’s vigilance towards others, he would not easily believe that the other party was also a reborn person, but because of his mind reading skills, as long as he induces her to recall, he could naturally get many details from their heart. He will not doubt such information.

At first, Wen Ying was still in an abnormally alert state, but after he analyzed the situation for her, she seemed to have to compromise and gradually revealed her situation one by one.

She said: “Now I remember, you once came to the cold palace and said a lot of things to me, many things you couldn’t say to others……I had a bad hunch at that time. The night before I came here, I seemed to have a feeling of suffocation in my sleep……”

Yu Wenhong stared at her. “You mean, I killed you?”

She nodded slowly.

He was thoughtful. Rebirth after death, just like him.

This explained why she was frightened when she first saw him, because she already knew who killed her and was afraid that he wanted to hurt her again.

If he really became an Emperor in that life, there were too many secrets that can not be told to the living, which was indeed in line with his mode of thinking. But hearing that he ordered to kill Wen Ying, he still felt a little uncomfortable and squeezed the cup in his hand.

He asked, “What did I say when I went to the cold palace to see you?”

【What did you say? After all the calculations, I killed countless people, but in the end I didn’t get anything……】

“About the imperial court, the harem, the power minister and the favorite imperial concubine, everything was said .” She smiled lightly. “Who would have expected that the Emperor sitting on top of the world was a lonely man. In the end, he will have to talk to me, a person you hate very much.”

Since he owned the world, why does he get nothing?

Yu Wenhong frowned.

But gradually, he came to a conclusion from the little information she gave.

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