WFILTU Chapter 345 – Number One VIII

At that time, Yi Tianyu felt hurt, so he hid temporarily.

At the position where he left, Xue Jiao was stunned and turned around. She took a few steps in the direction he had left in.

The rain gradually began to rain heavily. It was hazy in front of her eyes. Her foot deviated and she fell to the ground.

Xue Jiao was lying flat stupidly. Her feet hurt, and her eyes were staring at the lake.

She blinked, and something came out.

Yi Tianyu was childish, and Yi Tianyu was also very stupid.

He always makes things funny by mistake, and he always makes funny jokes in front of her.

He wanted to take her to have noodles, but he froze her badly.

He didn’t want her to walk in the cold wind, so he picked her up……

Such a young man, but he let Xue Jiao occasionally unconsciously place her eyes on him.

Everyone would have the tiny sprouts growing in the heart of youth, but most of them can’t grow up.

When Xue Jiao went out, she told herself that if Yi Tianyu said——I like you.

She’ll reply: I’ll think about it.

But it seems……nothing needs to be considered.

The rain was getting heavier. She hid her tears in the rain and couldn’t see anything.

After a moment, the rain overhead was covered.

Xue Jiao opened her eyes and saw a pair of exquisite leather shoes in front of her.

Lin Zhihua looked at her, his eyes mixed with various complex emotions, and finally just stretched out his hand with a hoarse voice: “Your foot is hurt……I’ll carry you……”

His hand reached out, grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

Then he threw down his umbrella, squatted and carried the person up.

Xue Jiao was still stunned. Lin Zhihua left his umbrella in place.

“Do you want to get caught in the rain and cry? Cry when you’re sad. After crying, you won’t be sad.”

Lin Zhihua finished speaking, and carried her away in the opposite direction.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Yi Tianyu ran away, but he felt the rain on his body……

Did Xue Jiao bring an umbrella?

Would she catch a cold?

She just got over her cold……

Yi Tianyu stopped, turned around and ran back.

“Jiao Jiao——”

In place, there was nothing but an umbrella.

Yi Tianyu covered his heart tightly, as if something had been dug away and felt empty.

He was half kneeling on the ground and was so sad that he panicked, but he always felt that it was just a small contradiction, that they didn’t understand each other.

She was not soft hearted enough for him. He would try to warm her later.

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But Yi Tianyu didn’t know that this summer, at the end of his high school career, he left with his youth. She was his favorite girl in his youth.

He was left with only the heavy rain and decades of regret for the rest of his life.

There were so many coincidences and mistakes, but those missed are missed.

That was a lifetime of time and effort that could not be exchanged back.

When they were young, they didn’t understand why the boys and girls they liked couldn’t get together. It was like when they were young, they didn’t understand why Shen Jiayi didn’t want to choose Ke Jingteng. They scolded Giddens Ko, scolded Chai Zhiping, and even scolded Ke Jingteng.

But in the end, Shen Jiayi chose another person.

We don’t know if she is sad and regretful for missing Ke Jingteng, but we know that what she missed was the person who was not suitable for her. In the future, she will spend the rest of her life with the person who was most suitable for her and her favorite.

When they were young, they couldn’t control the sprouting buds, but in the dead of night, they occasionally think of our memories.

Later, when Yi Tianyu accidentally saw a movie, he smashed the TV angrily and cried.

He was sad and unwilling, but most was regret.

He spent a lot of money to summon all the actors. He found them one by one, as if he had found his youth and the girl who used to be around him……

When everyone got together, the director asked him what to do next.

Yi Tianyu was stunned.

How should it be shot?

He held his face and cried. Then he let the others act the same thing, just in the middle of the rainy night.

Ke Jingteng, standing in front of Shen Jiayi, said with a smile——

Sorry, I’ll listen to you.

I like you!

I know. You like me, too.

That’s enough for the story. The film made here has no follow-up and ending.

It’s like he really stopped everything here.

The film, which has only changed three sentences, was not on the market. Yi Tianyu held a black-and-white notebook and sat in an empty cinema.

Crying over and over again.

He watched it again and cried again.

Then he closed his eyes. In his dream, he can go back to his youth and hug a young girl who doesn’t belong to others.

He would say those three words, he said to himself all his life.

Sorry, I’ll listen to you.

I like you!

I know. You like me, too.

Then with a smile, he spent the rest of his youth, looking forward to countless times.

But it’s just a dream.

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  1. Wow so much drama. Btw I did not think that the next chapter would be slapping my face. I thought MC only had platonic love for him, but she also liked him a little bit. However, Ml would win in the end. I don’t know what to feel right now or who to pity

  2. It just shows that at that time things couldn’t end differently because he was still too young, impulsive, and immature. If there weren’t any better options, maybe they could have made it work with time, but it obviously isn’t the case.
    And sorry Yi Tianyu, but I still prefer things to go this way.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  3. Oh I also didn’t think she liked him. I kinda thought that she had enjoyed his presence since she tolerated so much and invited him out. But I didn’t think she had liked him and was considering him. My my. The author fooled me. Must because the end game couple was always there I didn’t even consider
    Many thanks

  4. Honestly, same.
    Since there was the mental age gap, I also didn’t expect Xue Jiao to be interested in someone so immature, inexperienced impulsive and… young. But although I prefer the main couple, I don’t/didn’t want Yi Tianyu to experience decades of loneliness and sadness. Mistakes were made in his youth yes, but he was still just a grown up kid. I wish he would move on in the future.

    • Yeah, although it can happen, it’s pretty sad that the author has him never get over it.

      • Im going to chose to believe that he has his own cute story later and he eventually lets go of his white moonlight. even if he is 50 when it happens.

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  6. Jeeez i don’t get why the author cannot give him a happy ending too? Because he’s the second ml, so only the ml deserves happiness?

  7. I suppose he was so sincere that she was willing to give it a try. He was undoubtedly someone who had stood up for her when others wouldn’t. One of her early supporters. Even though it was clumsy and uncomfortable at times, it came out of a good place. They met too soon though, he needed a few more years of mental growth.

  8. Wtf. The author sucks for deliberately going into future view to make it certain that he suffers. It’s one thing to have him looking back with regrets in the future but this description basically declared him lovesick for life. I can accept that for the ML in case she turns him down because he was handicapped from the start but YiYu isn’t — and MC isn’t that great (sorry, not sorry).

    The author keeps bringing up regrets like: if you fail your college entrance exams and you’ll regret for the rest of your life. If you fail to confess you’ll regret for life.

  9. Let’s be honest, this misunderstanding and missed opportunity are realistic esp in young age.

    Showing YT’s future preview doesn’t mean he got sad life…adults can cry on regrets in their life esp him just freshly knowing it and having no chance bc GXJ prob got a partner already. But after crying, people will choose to move on and I imagine him having good life after.

  10. Dang, I’m more curious why their story is reenacted on cinema/television? Will FL be popular scientist and having biography?

  11. Ah, this chapter hurts so deep. It’s so realistic…sometimes this is how the real world works. Because of missed opportunities and miscommunication it can lead to a whole different path. Often times, the person you have in your heart and you care about aren’t suitable for you, which can sometimes destroy a relationship despite the love each side has for one another. The sometimes the person you never thought of or even dare to think about, turns out to be the one that can become your whole lifetime and make your life so worthwhile. I feel and can relate to this so much…

  12. Now I’m getting 2nd ML Syndrome. Yi Tianyu does not deserve spending decades of his life suffering so much! The Author really did him dirty. It would’ve been better if it was simply shown that he looked fondly back on his youth and that he moved on, maybe even happier and grateful that Xuejiao suggested him to go to Fudan because he found someone who he loved more and that thanks to those misunderstandings and miscommunications con Jia Jiao he learnt to cherish his partner better. That would’ve been perfect for such good Yi Tianyu whose only fault was being more childish and impulsive than Jiao Jiao.

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