WFILTU Chapter 346 – Arrived I

Lin Zhihua walked in the same direction with Xue Jiao on his back. For more than 20 years, he had always been very rational.

Get wet in the rain?

Such a thing would not exist in his dictionary.

But today, because of the girl on his back, he was willing to get wet.

Only when the cold rain hit his face could he feel alive.

Lin Zhihua told himself not to feel bad. It’s common for boys and girls to stay together every day and produce a little ignorant feelings.

She doesn’t necessarily have deep feelings for him. At best, it was smoke borne from a teenager.

He knew and he also understood that such feelings would not last long.

She was still young. This could not even count as love.


He’s still suffering.

It’s hard to cut his heart piece by piece with a knife.

She was crying and lying on his back. It was so light, but Lin Zhihua seemed to be carrying a mountain on his back and pressed on heavily in his heart.

Jiao Jiao……

You finally grew up, but in your eyes, the first one you see, was not me.

Xue Jiao laid on Lin Zhihua’s back, and something in her eyes flowed out with the rain.

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She felt a little uncomfortable, but she also knew that she and Yi Tianyu were not suitable at all. He was emotional and impulsive, but he was also particularly serious.

She herself was rational and restrained, and even tied her hands and feet.

Xue Jiao stood in the rain, shedding tears, and then let this relationship end before it began, like her cold in the past.

During her tail end of high school, she became sick.

Then, the serious illness healed.

Currently, Xue Jiao feels very uncomfortable, but a long time later, when she recalls today, she just exposes a smile.

Because she understood that it was not love.

Puberty sprouts, because with its departure, it seems particularly pure and precious.

If she couldn’t meet the person she really loved for the rest of her life, this first sprout hidden in the depths of their memories would be the memory they miss most and long for the most. Longing for this feeling was like longing for youth that doesn’t end.

But if she could meet a true lover for the rest of her life, she could understand that such a small bud was not worth mentioning compared with love.

And love was always by her side.

Lin Zhihua carries Xue Jiao to his apartment, which is at the city center, but there was a road on the side of Qizhong school. They could go straight through it and walk two blocks to the back door of his apartment.

His apartment was very consistent with his characteristics, cold and hard, mechanical: gray white walls and European styled decoration style.

There was nothing but practical things, cabinets, tables, sharp edges and corners.

Everywhere was empty, lonely and desolate.

It’s hard to imagine how he felt when he sat at home alone.

Lin Zhihua placed Xue Jiao on the sofa, then went to the next cabinet and took out the medicine box.

He squatted down in front of her, holding her foot in one hand.

Xue Jiao’s feet were frozen, but Lin Zhihua’s hands were very hot.

“Ai——” Xue Jiao, who was still in a daze, suddenly exclaimed. Obviously, his action was unexpected to her.

Lin Zhihua gently took off her shoes, and her small white feet were exposed. The rain came into her shoes, making them seem whiter and whiter.

His eyes deepened, his left hand held her calf as his right hand opened the medicine box and took the ointment.

“I’ll do it myself…..” Xue Jiao’s voice is still a little hoarse, with urgency and embarrassment.

Lin Zhihua shook his head, and in a flat voice, he said, “I’ll rub it for you first. Your ankle is twisted. If you don’t rub it, it will be swollen.”

As he spoke, he took out the medicine, and then gently rubbed it up.

Xue Jiao’s feet shrank back. It hurt a little.

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    • my school romance was fangirling and shipping…… my college romance remains fangirling and shipping….. The fact I rather binge read a novel than go on a date makes me think my middle age romance will still be fangirling and shipping

      • Same my friend. Well i did have a puppy love, my best friend from middle and high school, i liked him for 6 years ( high school and a part of the College), i never told him and we dont speak anymore.

    • lol, i always wonder were people actually living out a whole romcom in high school and i was just blinded by manga to notice

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  2. I like how they don’t just rush to make LZ the male lead, he was only in a mentor’s role. YTY and GXJ were possible. She also had half a mind to date him (“She would say – I’ll think about it”), but she couldn’t see him squander his career over love.
    Love isn’t just supposed to be your feelings, it is also supposed to be your partner’s feelings. Just like YTY didn’t consider GXJ’s thoughts (his career), she also didn’t understand him (since she’s supposed to be two years older). She feels hurt cuz he doesn’t understand her efforts for him and still has the same boyish temperament that she tried to bring him out of.

    • Down the line, if it went really according to YTY’s wishes, their future would be even harder. The chances when they fight, and he brings the argument that everything he does is for her even though she never had asked for it, would be high. He isn’t doing what he does because he loves it and it’ll hurt him and her in the end, and he’d end up blaming those feelings on her in the heat of the moment.

    • Yes to all of that but this chapter once again says if she didn’t find a proper lover she’d look back with regret for life. Combined with the last one the author basically said that she moved on but YiYu never met someone else. I’ve not been rooting for YiYu and I don’t need to see him get together with some random side character either. Life is long anything may happen but the author went and declared him lonely & regretting for decades.

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