WFILTU Chapter 347 – Arrived II

She looked at the person squatting in front of her. His face was very cold, but his eyes were very serious and his actions were as light as possible.

The exquisite suit had been wet, and as he was carrying her, the folds on his suit were clear, which looked a little awkward.

She wanted to get caught in the rain and made Lin Zhihua follow her.

“Sorry, thank you.” Xue Jiao looked at him with red eyes and a hoarse voice, but the six words were very serious.

She doesn’t seem to know how many thanks she had said.

Guilt and gratitude, complex emotions lingered.

This man has been around her to help him.

It really was an accident that she saved him at the beginning, but his return was far beyond.

Lin Zhihua’s hands paused, he looked up and looked at her.

“Jiao Jiao, have you seen the little prince?”

Xue Jiao was stunned and nodded immediately.

The first book Lin Zhihua sent her was The Little Prince.

“The fox taught the little prince what love is. The little prince left the world for his rose. Do you think the little prince really loves the rose that hurt him?” Lin Zhihua stopped his movement and put away the medicine.

Xue Jiao was stunned and shook her head blankly.

Lin Zhihua smiled. “You see, you don’t even understand what love is. What’s there to be sad about?”

His eyes looked at her seriously. “Have you ever thought about his life if he accepted the smart fox he was willing to tame?”

Lin Zhihua read the fox’s words word by word, “If you tame me, we will need each other. For me, you will be the only one in the universe; for you, I am also the only one in the world.”

He tried to pull out a smile from the corner of his mouth. “The little prince may not like the rose that makes him unhappy, but his planet. It’s like what appeared on his planet at the beginning. If it wasn’t a rose with thorns, it was a rose, the little prince might like roses.”

“So you see, the important thing is not the rose, but the flower that happened to appear on his planet at the right time. Jiao Jiao, your sad youth troubles now are only a small part of the scenery on your growth path. He is not the person who will accompany you in the future or the person you love. Take a step back, you are just friends and former classmates.

Lin Zhihua looked at Xue Jiao. He hoped to teach her love. Then she falls in love with himself.

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And not that, immature rose.

You are just friends…… and former classmates……

Xue Jiao repeated this sentence, her eyes were a little dull.

Lin Zhihua stood up and said, “Hurry to take a bath, otherwise you will catch a cold.”

He took her to the bathroom, turned on the heat, took another shirt and pointed to the dryer next to her.

“Throw it in after taking off your clothes. Clothes in summer will dry in 20 minutes. You wash them and wear mine first. When they are dry, you can put them on. You should shower quickly to avoid catching a cold.” After a pause, Lin Zhihua held up his shirt, “Newly washed.”

He finished speaking and put his clothes aside.

“You shower first——” Xue Jiao held onto him and looked worried.

The gloom between Lin Zhihua’s eyebrows and eyes dispersed a little. Even at the most uncomfortable time, she still thought of others first.

“Silly girl, there’s another bathroom.”

When Xue Jiao heard this, she immediately released his hand with some embarrassment.

Lin Zhihua backhandedly brought her to the door and urged “Shower quickly.”

His footsteps fade away.

Xue Jiao looked at the clothes next to her and was stunned for a moment.

In fact, it’s very dangerous to come to a single man’s home alone, which is known in Xue Jiao’s two-life education.

But Xue Jiao has an unusual trust in Lin Zhihua.

She reached out and turned on the hot water.

After taking a bath, you’d better leave quickly. It’s enough trouble for him today.

Thirty minutes later, Xue Jiao opened the door with her wet hair.

The living room was empty. Xue Jiao looked at it and found no one.

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