SAPPS Chapter 8

Wei San bit her teeth and rushed forward. She wanted to stay, not just for the sake of the nutrient solution, but the tuition couldn’t be wasted. Only by staying here could she have the opportunity to learn about the mecha engineering division, so she must finish 20 laps.

“Thirty, twenty-nine……there are the last ten remaining. The people behind work hard.” The teacher spoke leisurely.

Wei San’s temple was jumping. There were twelve people in front of her. As long as she pass the two people and kept going, she could get the last nutrient solution.


“There are three more……”The teacher had just spoken, when another student rushed over, “This is the last one.”

Wei San was still 50 meters away from the person in front. As the person was about to reach the teacher, she wiped her sweat, gritted her teeth and rushed over. Finally, she surpassed the person in front and got the last nutrient solution.

As she ran, she poured the nutrient solution into her mouth. As soon as she drank it, Wei San found that the nutrient solution was different from the problematic nutrient solution she picked up from the dump. As soon as the nutrient solution was eaten, the feeling of energy filled her entire body.

Wei San thought she could run another ten laps.

The 50 students who grabbed the nutrient solution were basically the first to complete the task, but they ran 20 laps so they collapsed directly on the ground.

Wei San couldn’t help lamenting that survival caused others to be strong. In her original world, after working, she wouldn’t stand if she could sit, if she could lie down, she would never sit. Now she was only seven years old and could run so far.1*RELATABLE HAHAHA, this female lead is literally too relatable

The first day of school was spent running. Many students didn’t complete 20 laps by the end of the school day. The teacher just waved: “After class, those who haven’t finished can go.”

Wei San looked at the time. It was just after five o’clock, she had just missed the bus.

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In this world, she could also take a taxi or a flying car. The price was a little expensive. Wei San thought about it and decided to go to the material market first to take a look.

As the name suggests, the material market was naturally a place to sell all kinds of materials. Wei San originally wanted to buy some materials and make an electric bike. That way, she could go back and forth freely. As a result, she saw that it was all materials she didn’t know.

After looking at several stores, Wei San finally found out what the world’s energy was——gray crystal.

Gray crystal was a kind of energy mined by the federal government, which could be directly used to supply mecha. Ordinary families couldn’t use it. They could only use something called a crystal card. The interior was grey crystal that was already treated.

A thin card contained energy, which could supply various tools. After the energy in the crystal card was used up, it could also be recharged, which was a bit like the electricity in the original world of Wei San.

Wei San spent 600 star coins to buy a crystal card with a balance of 500 yuan. She planned to use this to provide energy for her electric bike. She also bought a welding gun. She used it left by the old man before, and its performance is not good enough.

After wandering the whole material street and recognizing all kinds of novel materials, it was 10 p.m. when Wei San walked out of the alley. She discovered a shop selling mecha so she couldn’t help walking in.

The decoration in the store was very magnificent, but there were only three mecha in it. Wei San looked around carefully. The three mecha types were different and they were very good-looking, but……according to the data she found in her brain, mecha was used for fighting. It couldn’t be seen where these three mecha could be used to attack zergs.

She spoke what she thought, and the guest who was watching the mecha on the side smiled: “Child, this is an ornamental mecha, not a combat mecha. The military mecha will not be sold on the market.”

So it was like this.

Wei San stayed in the shop for a while. One mecha was more expensive than the other. The cheapest one was five million star coins. However, the price of youjin itself was expensive. One gram needed 100000 star coins. It’s not surprising that the mecha was so expensive.

After coming out of the store, Wei San spent 50 star dollars to take a taxi back. She didn’t sleep all night. Finally, she made a simple version of the “electric bike”. She rode it to school early the next morning.

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